Colorful Christmas Decor – 10 Ways to Brighten Your Home

Brighten up your holidays with colorful Christmas decor! If you’ve bene on the fence about doing a lot of bright colors in your holiday decor, this is the year to do it. We could all use some bright and happy colors this year!

I’ve rounded up 11 fun colorful Christmas products to help get you started!

Colorful Christmas Decor

10 pieces of colorful Christmas decor

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1. Multicolor Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Multicolor bottle brush Christmas trees

You can’t go wrong with bottle brush Christmas trees and these Multicolor Bottle Brush Christmas Trees are perfect for adding color to your Christmas decor! These are small enough to put a couple on a shelf, bathroom counter, or next to your plants!

I have tons of ways to use bottle brush trees on this post.

2. Colorful Shatterproof Ornaments

Bright pink shatterproof ornaments

These Colorful Shatterproof Ornaments are perfect for adding a pop of color to your holiday decor. Place these in a vase or string them up to create some beautiful garland to place along your staircase mantle.

I personally and love these!

3. Colorful Tree Pillows

Pillow cover with colorful Christmas trees

This fun throw pillow adds color and whimsy to your home. Adding a fun pillow to your bedroom (or kids bedroom!) is an easy way to bring Christmas cheer to any room!

4. Leaf Felt Wreath

Multicolored felt leaf wreath

I love this felt wreath for several reasons. It is soft and lightweight so you can literally hang it anywhere – front door, cabinets, or your bedroom door. Add this wreath to your holiday decor and leave it up until the spring weather brings us outdoor color!

5. Merry and Bright Banner

Banner that says Merry Bright

Your days will be merry and bright with this fun holiday sign! This would be lovely over a fireplace mantle or even in an entryway.

6. Pom Pom Stocking

White stocking with colorful pom poms on it

Bring out the child in you with this pom pom stocking! The colors and texture on this stocking are so fun. You will love having this bright and cheery stocking as part of your Christmas decor.

7. Pom Pom Christmas Trees

Colorful pom pom Christmas tree

Pom Pom Christmas Trees are so fun! These are another easy way to add some bright and cheerful decor to your home. Kids will love having one or two of these in their room!

You can also make your own DIY pom pom wreath!

8. Colorful Tree Skirt

Tree with pink, white and blue tree skirt with tassels

Think outside the box and consider getting a bright and colorful tree skirt! I love that this one has tassels (maybe not the best option if you have a cat!).

9. Taper Candle

Rainbow of taper candles

Have you considered decorating with tapered candles? I love using candles as part of my decor – and you can get colors that match with your theme! Be sure to actually burn the candles – they will add a magical ambiance and it is one less thing to pack up in January!

10. Merry & Bright Doormat

Red Merry & Bright doormat

Welcome your neighbors, family, and even the mailman with this merry and bright welcome mat! This fun doormat will bring a smile to everyone who steps foot in your home.

I own this and love it! You can see it on this post.

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