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13 Stunning Glitter French Nail Designs

Life is always better with a little bit of sparkle! Sure, you can go with a classic French manicure, but why not add a modern twist? Mix up your manicure with a glitter French tip.  

I’ve rounded 13 different unique ways to create a Glitter French Tip nail design! Keep reading for some glitter filled inspiration for your manicure.

13 Glitter French Nail Designs

glitter french tip nails

1. Glitter Gradient Tips

glitter tips

image via paintbynaptime

Polish is Bold (base) and After Party (pink glitter) by @ellamila

This one reminds me of bubbles rising in a flute of champagne. Feels like a special occasion! Paint the glitter polish thicker at the tip of your nail and do less as you move toward the cuticle. You can use a solid glitter, like a silver or gold glitter, or whatever color you love.

2. Green Glitter Tips

Green Glitter Tips

Image via @nailsby.hails

For maximum glitter, you’ve gotta try reflective fingernails. The glitter in the polish reflects super bright when a light is shone on it, giving it more of a wow factor than regular glitter nail polish. I love the way these long nails look — you really get some bang for your glitter buck!

3. Black French Tip

black french tip

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

These glitter French tip nail designs would be great for Halloween, or just to wear with your little black dress! The black French tips give it a bit of an edge, but the pearl at the base of the nail ups the level of sophistication. 

4. Blue Glitter Tip Nails

blue glitter tip nails

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

This glittery mani gives major winter wonderland vibes and is perfect for a special occasion or for the holiday season. The ombre glitter is a great option whether you’re an expert or a beginner at doing nails. You don’t need a steady hand because you don’t need to worry about a perfectly straight line of the classic French manicure design.

5. Subculture French Tips

subculture french tip

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

I love a glitter polish that provides really good coverage and an amazing shine. This silver holographic polish (Subculture from Cirque Colors) gives a prismatic rainbow effect under direct light.

6. Silver Sparkles

silver sparkles

Image via @illustrated_nails

If painting the tips isn’t enough sparkle for you, outline manicures are an easy way to take your French manicure up a notch. This works best with a reflective polish or at the very least, a glitter polish with good solid coverage. The negative space really draws the eye, making this a fun overall look.

7. Glitter Gold Tips

glitter gold tips

Image via @illustrated_nails

Silver isn’t the only glitter option out there! Go with a gold, rose gold or bronze for the same sparkle that just hits a little different. Make the glitter accent stand out from the base coat even more with a thin white line between the two.

8. French Tip with Silver Glitter

glitter french tips with olive and june beb
image via paintbynaptime

Short nails girlies don’t need to miss out on French tips — and you don’t need to paint half of your fingernail to get the effect. This glitter manicure is subtle with glittery silver lines at the tip. It’s a fun way to mix up a classic look!

Colors from Olive and June: two coats CCT plus one coat BEB with Exclamation Point

9. Butterfly Tips

butterfly tips

Image via @tessa.lyn.nails

You don’t have to follow the straight lines of the French tip classic style. These wavy glitter designs on the tips of the nails go perfectly with the floaty butterfly stickers. Use all your favorite different colors of glitter polish for a colorful spring or summertime look (or really any time of year!).

Polish (pinky to thumb): @ilnp Clover, Fairy Dust, Enchantment, Pixie Party, Fawn, Glass Candy Top Coat
🦋 Stickers: @deco.beauty

10. Gold Winter Tips

Gold winter tips

Image via @tessa.lyn.nails

This is such a simple but gorgeous look for the holiday season. Let the gold glittery tips dry and then add little holly berries on some or all of the nail tips. Use nail tools, a nail art pen or even toothpicks.

@ilnp Empire (gifted), Glass Candy
@orly Cran-Barely Believe It, Rose-Colored Glasses
@hellomaniology Pine, Pasture

11. Green Tips + Gold Star

green tips

Image via @tessa.lyn.nails

Dress up your French glitter nails with a simple sticker in some accent nails. It’s a great way for even beginners to take their manicures up a level.

@loudlacquer Tree Topper, Key Party
@orly Rose-Colored Glasses
@deco.miami Zodiac

12. Rainbow Glitter Drip Nails

rainbow glitter drip nails

Image via @tessa.lyn.nails

Have glitter polish in a rainbow of different colors? Try this unique look of dripping paint. It’s got a lot of personality and is easy to pull off.

@kbshimmer Sol Blue, He Slimed Me, Living My Zest Life, Anything Is Popsicle, Coulda Had a Bad Witch
@glistenandglow1 Glitter Grabber
@sechenails Seche Vite

13. Gold Tips

Gold Tips
Image via @emjpolished

A thin French tip is a perfect way to give a nude mani just a little extra oomph. This fine gold shimmer polish adds a special touch.

Colors from Olive and June: 4 coats of BEB
OJSM gold tips

Many of these nail designs are created using Olive and June’s nail polish. Check out my full review of Olive & June complete with discount code!

Heading to the nail salon soon? I’ve got more ideas for your next manicure:

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