anthropologie mirror

18 Best Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes (2024)

Everywhere you look — Pinterest, social media, magazines — you’ll see the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror. And it makes sense! It’s absolutely beautiful, fits almost any vibe and is a showstopper. The famous Anthropologie Primrose Mirror comes in a few different sizes — the smallest size is 3′ at $548, 5′ at $898, 6′ floor … Read the full article

memorial day sales

Memorial Day Sales 2023

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! There’s lots of amazing sales happening this weekend so I wanted to share a simple post with some of top picks as well as some of my favorite retailers links and what their sales are. Hope this helps! 1. Adidas – 40% off I bought these before my Disney trip and … Read the full article

How to Organize Your Purses: 29 Best Ideas

There’s no such thing as too many purses! You need different sizes and styles for different occasions, so you can’t get away with having just one. But if you find that your purses are taking up tons of space or you have trouble finding a certain purse that you’re looking for, it might be time … Read the full article

44 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Men

A new home is worth celebrating! Whether it’s a family member or a friend that has just moved, it’s nice to give them a housewarming gift as they settle into their new home. But we all know men are notoriously hard to shop for! No matter your budget, there are all kinds of great options … Read the full article

How to Organize Hair Products

Ok ladies, this post is for all my hair product junkies out there trying to figure out how to organize hair products. If you follow me on Instagram there’s a chance you saw this on my stories! I had so many comments on it that I wanted to share it here for everyone to learn … Read the full article

11 Perfect Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

Looking for some neutral Christmas decor to deck the halls with this Christmas? One of the best things about sticking with neutrals is they can easily be used again and agin even if you decide to switch up your holiday colors! Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas 1. Neutral Bottle Brush Christmas Trees Create a fun winter … Read the full article

7 Genius Home Organization Hacks

I am a huge nerd when it comes to organizing. Organizing is seriously therapeutic for me! I’ve discovered my fair share of home organization hacks along the way that I wanted to share with you! Here are a bunch of my favorite organization hacks and products that I personally use. I’ve found these useful in … Read the full article

Adults Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2022

50 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

On Christmas morning, I know your kids’ stockings will be overflowing with candy and goodies. But don’t let Santa forget about the adults! Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas for your husband or wife or you stuff your own stocking (no judgment there!), here are 50 ideas of useful gadgets or items, fun games … Read the full article

Easy Pom Pom Wreath DIY

Looking to make a super simple pom pom wreath DIY? These gorgeous handmade wreaths make quite the statement no matter if it’s in your home or on your door! It’s no secret I love Anthropologie. When I spotted the gorgeous pom pom wreath they came out with a couple years ago I wanted it but … Read the full article

barefoot dreams dupes

Top 10 Barefoot Dreams Inspired Blankets Options

If you’re on Instagram or follow any celebrities, you’ve probably heard of Barefoot Dreams blankets. They appear on gift guides each year, people love to grab them when they’re on sale, and they’re the only blankets that immediately come to mind as being loved by celebrities.  Barefoot Dreams is a luxury brand known for its … Read the full article

Peach Floral Wall Installation

If you’ve been around my neck of the internet any bit of time, you know my entryway has a floral wall installation that gets a makeover a few times a year! I’m back with the latest edition – a peachy spring version! This all started a few years ago I did a lovely floral ombre … Read the full article

How to Get Wax Out of Candle Jar 5 Ways

Wondering how to get wax out of candle jars? I’ve been burning candles non stop while we’re all home and I didn’t want all of these jars to go to waste! I’ve been testing out different ways how to get wax out of candle jar and I’m here to share them with you! We’ve all … Read the full article

11 propagation stations

11 Plant Propagation Stations for All Budgets

A propagation station is a beautiful way to root your plant clippings in style. Let’s talk all about what a propagation station is and 11 amazing ones to buy online! Are you someone who has a plethora of jars, glasses and cups filled with plant clippings? Looking for a way to propagate your plants in … Read the full article

How to Keep Lilacs from Wilting After Cutting

Have you recently cut lilacs, brought them inside and loved the beauty and scent they filled your home with? Maybe now you’re wondering how to keep lilacs from wilting after cutting them after you realized they just don’t last all that long. Fresh cut lilacs have enough fragrance to fill a room. They’re perfect for … Read the full article

16 Genius Under-Sink Organizing Ideas

One of the most annoyingly cluttered and untidy areas in your house is probably the space under the sink. It can get even more annoying when you’re desperately hunting for something you need right away, and you’ve to deal with random, unnecessary things. These could range from long-abandoned, empty shampoo bottles to haphazardly stuffed toiletries … Read the full article