anthropologie mirror

18 Best Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes (2024)

Everywhere you look — Pinterest, social media, magazines — you’ll see the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror. And it makes sense! It’s absolutely beautiful, fits almost any vibe and is a showstopper. The famous Anthropologie Primrose Mirror comes in a few different sizes — the smallest size is 3′ at $548, 5′ at $898, 6′ floor … Read the full article

barefoot dreams dupes

Top 10 Barefoot Dreams Inspired Blankets Options

If you’re on Instagram or follow any celebrities, you’ve probably heard of Barefoot Dreams blankets. They appear on gift guides each year, people love to grab them when they’re on sale, and they’re the only blankets that immediately come to mind as being loved by celebrities.  Barefoot Dreams is a luxury brand known for its … Read the full article

11 propagation stations

11 Plant Propagation Stations for All Budgets

A propagation station is a beautiful way to root your plant clippings in style. Let’s talk all about what a propagation station is and 11 amazing ones to buy online! Are you someone who has a plethora of jars, glasses and cups filled with plant clippings? Looking for a way to propagate your plants in … Read the full article

How to Get a Boho Inspired Bedroom

If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your bedroom, here are some tips to create a boho inspired bedroom. A lot of people love the idea of creating an eclectic and bohemian look in their bedrooms but don’t know where to start. This article will help you get started with some easy to … Read the full article

4th of July Decoration Ideas from Amazon

The 4th of July is almost here! I love any reason to decorate and a holiday is the perfect reason. Whether you’re throwing a big backyard bash or just want to add a few decorations for you (and your neighbors!) to enjoy, adding some festive fun to the outside and inside of your home is … Read the full article

colorful christmas decor in living room

Christmas Home Tour 2020

As you prep for Christmas how are you decorating? Neutral? Colorful? A mix of the two? Today I’m walking you through my home and all of the different ways we decorated for Christmas! This post may include affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you shop using the links below at no additional cost … Read the full article

Laundry Room With Floating Shelves

Do you decorate your laundry room? It’s most often the least viewed room in your home by guests but one of the most often visited rooms by you, if you’re the one who does the laundry in your home. (Our laundry room is impossible to shoot with it being super small and in the center … Read the full article

console table with plants

3 Creative Console Table Decor Ideas

Have a console table just waiting to be decorated but stumped on what to do? Here’s 3 fun console table decor ideas! What is a console table? Let’s start with the basics. What is a console table? This is a super common question! It was actually introduced way back in the 17th century in France. … Read the full article

Modern Dinosaur Kid Room

Looking for inspiration for a modern dinosaur kids room? One that both you and your toddler will like? Today I’m sharing just that! When we moved into our new home, we decided to let our oldest son, Roy, have some input on what his room looked like! He was almost 4 so no, we weren’t … Read the full article

modern kids room with tree removable wallpaper and wood and white room and board crib and dresser

15 Accent Wall Ideas for Your Home

Planning out how to decorate a room in your home? Wanting to try out an accent wall but not quite sure where to start? Accent walls are coming back with full force in the interior design world and I’m loving seeing all of the fun accent wall ideas out there. From wallpaper to paint, there’s … Read the full article

Gallery Wall Ideas + FAQs – 9 Creative Ideas

*This post ‘Gallery Wall Ideas + FAQs – 9 Creative Ideas” was updated June 2020! Trying to create the perfect gallery wall? Coming up short on gallery wall ideas? Or worse, hung one up and it just doesn’t seem to work? We’ve all been there! Today let’s talk through 5 gallery wall ideas and some … Read the full article

9 of the Best Desk Chairs

We’re all working from home lately so you want a place and chair that you love! Here’s a round up of some of the best desk chairs for your home office. If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, I absolutely love 1, 6 and 8 – they’re great options! Options 5 and 9 … Read the full article

Playroom Reveal

Today I wanted to share one room that you’ve never seen before – our playroom! Our playroom went from being one of our least used rooms in our home to one that we use daily! I absolutely love this space and can’t wait to share what we did. I shared our entire planning process over … Read the full article

Fall Favorites with Faribault Woolen Mill

Today I’m partnering up with Faribault Woolen Mill Co., an amazing company based in my home state, to share some of my fall favorites for you and your home! Monday marked the first day of fall which means bring on the pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING – cozy blankets, warm scarves and everything in between! Faribault Woolen … Read the full article

Miles’ Baby Boy Nursery Decor

He’s here! I’m so excited that baby Miles’ has finally joined us! I’m also extra excited to share all of this adorable baby boy nursery decor with you all! If you remember, we had to do a LOT of room swapping to get ready for him to be born. We moved Penelope out of the … Read the full article

Penelope’s Bright + Bold Toddler Room Reveal

Penelope’s room with the floral wallpaper is finally finished! We’ve done so much room swapping in our home the past few months that it’s nice to finally complete a project! With P’s room I knew I wanted to keep it really girly since she’ll be our only girl! So bring on the florals and pink … Read the full article

Boho Home Decor I’m Loving

Around this time of the year, I want to redo my entire home. Thankfully I’m pregnant so we have 3 rooms to redecorate (moving Penelope to our guest room, moving our guest room to our workout room and switching P’s room back to a newborn nursery). I’ve been loving boho home decor lately and wanted … Read the full article

Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is here! I love all things Christmas – the decorations, the movies, the lights, the traditions – it’s the best! Having kids makes it even more fun because of how excited Roy gets about everything. Today I wanted to share some simple neutral Christmas decor ideas that we did in our own home to … Read the full article

5 Tips to Love Your Living Room | Include plants and things with texture!

5 Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

Looking for tips for decorating your living room? Home decor is one of my favorite topics so let’s dig in! Our living room is one of my favorite places in our home. It’s bright and cheerful and (I hope our guest think) it’s inviting too! Like all of the rooms in our home, this one … Read the full article

Bright Master Bedroom - Room and Board dresser, gallery wall and fuchsia arm chair from Anthropologie

5 Tips for How to Decorate Your Bedroom

One common trend I hear among couples is that the master bedroom is always the last thing to be decorated! I have no idea why that is, especially since it’s a place where we all spend quite a bit of time in every single night, but it’s a sad truth. Today I wanted to share … Read the full article

Plants and stack of books

A Pink Entryway

I love a good entryway. When we were looking for our home, some sort of entryway was high on my “must have” list. It was obviously not a make or break item but I loved homes that had entryways! (Side note, one of the houses we went to walked immediately into the kitchen – it … Read the full article

girly home office office

Feminine Home Office Reveal

I’m SO excited to finally share my home office makeover with you guys! It has drastically changed from my original design since the desk I had originally ordered was never shipped but it’s still the feminine home office I always wanted. Feminine Home Office Makeover I had searched long and hard for that desk since … Read the full article