55 Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

Searching for toys for 3 year old boys? I’m here to help! Keep reading for tested and approved toys for toddler boys!

We absolutely LOVE birthdays around here but I also like to be realistic in what we do for the kids when they’re so young.

For my oldest’s third birthday we had a fun day of taking him to get donuts and went to the fire station that’s a few blocks away from our house (basically a repeat of his 2nd birthday!).

We also had a Cars themed birthday party for him and my parents (my parents’ birthdays are the next week). With our vacation the week before his birthday, I didn’t do too much work for it like I have in the past!

There was a lot of Amazon Priming stuff this time around but hopefully it still looked festive and fun! I’ll be sharing a recap post next week!

Now on to gifts. It’s so easy to accumulate so much stuff that kids rarely play with so I wanted to share some of our tried and true items!

Three year olds are also such fun little people — not exactly a toddler anymore but not quite a big kid! They’re really exploring their independence, starting to use their imaginations, and developing strong opinions about what they like (and don’t like!). These toy ideas really capitalize on those wonderful features of a 3-year-old.

55 Best Toys for Toddler Boys

Whether you need a birthday gift for a 3-year-old, a Christmas gift or a “just because” gift, here’s some great options!

best gifts for 3 year old boys

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1. Cars Legos

Cars legos for a toddler boy! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Or any kind of Legos! Little kids LOVE playing with Legos. These are great because kids can still play with the cars even after the Legos are put away.

One tip is gifting them with a plastic shoe box (or something similar) to keep them organized!

2. Radio Flyer Bike

A perfect bike for new riders. Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

This toddler bike is great because the seat adjusts for bigger or little kids. It helps them learn how to pedal without risking a big tumble off of a bigger bike.

Roy actually got this from one of his grandpas last year but he was too little to use it until this year. It’s a great bike for years of fun!

3. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Book

The best kid's book that parents will love too! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

As a parent it’s equally important to find books that you love as much as your kids — especially if it becomes their favorite and they want you to read it over and over and over and over!

This is one book that’s family friendly and parent approved. It’s a fun read for everyone!

4. Basketball Hoop

Adjustable basketball hoop - a great idea for a toddler boy birthday! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Keep kids entertained and burn off some energy with a basketball hoop! This one can grow with your kids because it’s adjustable from 4 to 6 feet. You’ll be able to use it for years!

5. Tegu Blocks

Magnetic wood blocks that make a difference in the world! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

I’ve shared these before on this post but I love these! They’re magnetic blocks made out of wood!

They also create employment for people in Honduras, which is especially amazing.

6. Bubble Lawn Mower

Keep your kids occupied while you mow the lawn with this bubble lawn mower! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Kids and bubbles go hand in hand, am I right? This little lawn mower is not only fun to push around while mom or dad mows the lawn (I’m the token lawn mower person at our house!) but it spits out BUBBLES from the top!

Any little one would love to have this fun toy for summer!

7. First 100 Words Sticker Book

Keep kids interested in reading with stickers! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Another kid favorite is stickers! Help the little one in your life begin to recognize words with this 100 word sticker book.

This is a great quiet time activity for rainy days.

8. Coco Interactive Guitar

The best Coco guitar out there! Perfect for the Coco fan in your family. Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Anyone else listening to Coco on repeat? Thankfully the music is fun to listen to and not too “baby,” right?!

Pretending to make music or playing along with music is always a fun activity for kids and they’ll love it even more when they can pretend to be Miguel from Coco!

9. Backpack

Help your kids feel independent with a backpack! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Dual purpose gifts are my favorite. I stuff the kids’ backpacks with restaurant approved activities, and they think I’m being SO nice when I let them bring their backpack out to eat!

10. Kid Size Table and Chairs

A kid sized table and chairs for eating, drawing and more! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

This is great for so many uses! Use it for eating, coloring or craft time — the options are endless!

11. Playdoh

A fun construction site Playdoh perfect for the truck loving kid in your life! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

What kid doesn’t like Playdoh and what kid hasn’t forgotten to put a lid on tight or mixed up ALL of the colors together? Kids can always use a fresh carton of Playdoh (or Crayons or paint!).

You can put together a themed gift with this construction site Playdoh paired with the Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site book!

12. Water Bottle

The BEST waterbottle for toddlers! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Another dual purpose gift! Kids love drinking out of water bottles and it’s good for them to drink water! We love this water bottle because it’s easy to use and spill proof.

The kids feel like big kids drinking out of their own waterbottle and bonus — they fit into the backpack listed above!

13. Play Grill

Let your kid grill next to mom or dad! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

How fun is this little grill? Kids love playing make believe and keeping them occupied and having fun while mom or dad is grilling outside is an added bonus!

14. Color Wonder Book + Markers

Don't risk ruining your couch, clothes or more with regular markers! Help kids master coloring with color wonder markers. Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Color Wonder is a genius thing! Kids can learn how to color with markers without sacrificing your table, couch, clothes, car, etc!

We especially love these at restaurants!

15. Electronic Reader + 8 Books

A quiet car ride? Yes please! Click through for 14 more ideas for 3 year old boy gifts!

Reading books to your kids a great thing, as we all know, but helping kids independently read is amazing too! These easy to us book readers read select books aloud with your kids.

These are especially amazing in the car when you can’t be distracted while driving.

16. Yoto Player

Yoto Player

This unique audio player lets kids be in control of what music, podcast or stories they’re listening to with physical smartcards they play on their Yoto.

It can also act as a nightlight, white noise machine and okay-to-wake clock! This is a great way to make a 3-year-old feel more independent and is a good addition to their big kid room.

17. Vtech Write and Learn Creative Center

Magnet writing tablet

It’s amazing how much use your kids will get out of this drawing board. They can freestyle it or learn to draw shapes, letters and pictures.

18. Manhattan Toys Beats to Go Musical Toy

Musical instrument toy with drum, xylophone and cymbal

If you’re the type of parent that doesn’t mind a little noise, get your little musician off to a good start with this xylophone, drum and cymbal combo.

19. PlasmaCar

Blue and red Plasma Car

These are the coolest ride-on toys out there. They’re so easy to drive, even for little ones who haven’t gotten the hang of pedals or steering. All they need to do is wiggle the steering wheel back and forth to make it go.

And since they hold up to 220 pounds, they won’t outgrow this one.

20. Squishmallow

Red triceratops Squishmallow stuffed animal

Do you have a kid who can’t get enough stuffed animals? Or do you think they’d sleep better with a comfort item? Squishmallows are super cute, super plush and super soft.

21. Maxx Action Deluxe Vehicles

Set of 10 vehicles with city and construction site plastic play mat

This inexpensive set of vehicles is a real winner. There are 10 different types of vehicles that are perfect for playing at home or taking with you to parks or restaurants. It even comes with a playmat.

22. Paper Roll Dispenser

Wooden paper roll dispenser

If you have a 3-year-old that loves to create art, do yourself a favor and get them this paper dispenser so they never run out of paper. It’s easy to keep on an art table or stick in a closet between uses.

23. PJ Masks Catboy and Robot

PJ Masks Catboy and robot toy

3-year-olds are known for developing strong opinions about things, and that means that when they like something, they really like it. PJ Masks is a popular fandom for little kids, and if yours loves Catboy, Owlette and Gecko, a fun PJ Masks toy will be a hit.

24. Cash Register

Learning Resources Cash Register

Pushing buttons is so fun when you’re a toddler! A cash register gives them the chance to mindlessly hit buttons, learn to count and play with money, and is a good part of pretend play.

25. Magna-Tiles


Magna-Tiles are expensive, but they are so worth it. They’re so simple to use that a 3-year-old will have no problem building small structures with them. And the possibilities are endless!

This is a toy that will last through elementary school, so it’s worth the investment. Start with a set now and keep adding to your collection through the years.

26. Fisher Price Dollhouse

Fisher Price doll house

A dollhouse is the perfect place to play with toy people, dinosaurs, animals, superheroes, or whatever small toys your kid is into. I think it’s a great toy for kids to start practicing independent play.

27. Carry Around Animal Town

Carrying case with animals inside

Storage, playset and figurines in one! Little kids love tiny toys. Something about them feels like a special treasure.

And 3-year-olds are finally getting old enough to be trusted with some of the smaller toys.

This set has a bunch of animals and places for them to play. Lakeshore Learning also has a robot set if that fits your kid’s interests more.

28. Batman Figure

Large Batman figure

For kids that are into Batman (or you’re into Batman and hope to share that interest!), this extra large action figure is a great gift. A 3-year-old can play all kinds of make-believe with it and you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily.

29. Spiderman Figure and Car

Spiderman figure and spider car

You can’t go wrong with superheroes. If Spiderman is more fun for your son, this figure and car are good options. The car can be converted from a rolling car to a web crawler.

30. Dinosaur Backpack

Backpack that comes with dinosaurs and play mat

This backpack comes with high-quality, good-sized dinosaurs for your 3-year-old to add to their collection. Unfold the backpack to create a playmat for even more fun.

31. View Master

Viewmaster and reels

Bring back a classic toy for your little one! Do you remember these fun slide viewers? You can buy reels for basically any interest — animals, dinosaurs, space, travel, and more!

32. Bingo

Bingo game with four different board options

There aren’t a lot of games that are fun to play with a 3-year-old. Between taking turns, long game play, and the possibility of losing, many board games are just too tough for this age. But this bingo set is perfect!

Everyone plays at the same time, and the games are short. There are four different options to play so it won’t get too boring (and you don’t have to know letter and numbers).

33. Sorting Dinosaurs

Colorful sorting dinosaurs, tweezers and bowls

Rainbows, dinosaurs and learning activities! Total win. Let your 3-year-old play pretend with these dinosaurs or set up learning activities where they sort, count or play games with them.

34. Bucket of Animals

Bucket of small animal toys

If you have a kid who loves animals, you know that there are never enough animal toys in your house. This bucket is great because it gives you a place to store all those animals and also gives them a whole host of new ones to play with.

35. Pop Bracelet

set of colorful pop-it bracelets

Boys and girls alike love jewelry. Combine that with another current kid favorite: poppers! These pop-it bracelets come in fun colors and give your kid something to do while they’re waiting or sitting around.

36. My Home Office

My Home Office playset

Bring on the pretend play! If your 3-year-old sees mom or dad working on their computer at home, they will love this home office play set. It’s got a computer with different “windows,” a cell phone, a headset, and of course coffee!

37. Vet Set

Vet playset with dog and cat stuffed animals

This is a doctor’s kit combined with some stuffed animals! It comes with a dog and a cat and everything your 3-year-old needs to take care of them.

38. Construction Worker Dress-Up

Construction worker clothes and tools

I love dress-up clothes and accessories for a 3-year-old! There are so many different options out there, whether your son wants to be a doctor, firefighter, ballerina, construction worker, or anything else.

39. Ferry Bath Toys

Ferry toy with two cars

New bath toys always make the chore of bath time so much more fun! I love Green Toys because they’re inexpensive, made from recycled plastic, and dishwasher safe so you know you won’t be left with moldy bath toys.

40. Excavator


Upgrade your sand box with a hand-operated digger. Your 3-year-old will quickly get the hang of using the handles to move the scoop to move dirt and build sand castles.

41. Camping Set

Camping playset with tent, walkie talkies, binoculars and more

This set is so fun! You get a little tent, along with everything they need for a pretend camping trip. Walkie talkies and binoculars are great gifts on their own, but this comes with both, as well as a flashlight, water bottle and more.

42. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

Girl sitting on bean bag holding stuffed animals

Don’t tell your kid, but this gift is actually for you! This beanbag shell turns all of your son’s stuffed animals and pillows into a comfy place for them to sit. But most importantly, it gets them off the floor!

43. Cars and Trucks and Things That Go Book

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go book

This classic Richard Scarry book provides hours of entertainment. There are so many different things to look at on every page, funny cars, words to learn, and even a little bug to search for on every page!

44. Scooter

Blue Micro mini scooter

A three-wheeled scooter is easy enough for a 3-year-old to do themselves, but can also grow with them for several years. The Micro Mini is sturdy and has adjustable handle height. Find more scooters for toddlers on this post.

45. T-Ball Set

Plastic T-ball set with bat and 4 balls

Work on hand-eye coordination with this Little Tikes T-Ball Set. It won’t be long before he’s joining a baseball team!

46. Rocket Launcher

stomp rocket

This rocket launcher is great for all kids! It’s super easy to use and will result in hours of entertainment – trust me! Great for multiple kids too. One child can jump on the rocket launcher while the other tries to catch the flying rocket!

47. Mini Trampoline

mini trampoline

Have a kid who can’t stop bouncing off the walls? Give them something to jump on and get those wiggles out! These mini trampolines are tons of fun and an amazing way to wear out your kiddo a bit!

48. Piggie and Elephant Books

piggie and elephant book

These books are hit with kids (and adults) of all ages! Great for little ones and equally great as they age and begin to read.

Bonus is, they’re fun for grown ups to read too!

49. Bounce House

bounce house

Want a splurge gift that will keep your 3 year old entertained for hours AND wear them out? Get a bounce house! If you have the space for this, I know it will be a hit! Jump, slide and have a ton of fun!

50. Pikler Triangle

pikler triangle

Another gift that’s a bit of splurge is a Pikler Triangle! These climbing toys encourage the use of large motor skills and help your child grow in confidence in their ability to climb and be mobile. Our kids’ preschool has these in their classroom and they’re a huge hit!

51. Stepping Stones

stepping stone blocks for kids

Create obstacle courses, work on coordination and let your kids use their imagination with these stepping stones! Use outside when the weather is nice and indoors when the weather is not so great. Our kids love play “hot lava” with these or creating courses from one end of the room to the other.

52. Wooden Animal Magnets

animal magnets

Magnets are a fun way to entertain your child and these Melissa and Doug animal magnets are a great option! Learn new animal sounds, identify animals and encourage creative play with 20 different magnets.

53. Rainbow Scratch Art

rainbow scratch art

These magic scratch art papers are too fun! Simple scratch the surface of the paper to reveal rainbow colors underneath. Write, draw or just scratch the entire surface! Skip the markers and use these!

54. Wooden Pattern Puzzles

Wooden Pattern Block Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Sorting and Stacking Games

These unique wooden toys will encourage your kids to follow patterns based on the card they see or just create their own unique art! There’s 60 different patterns that will also encourage your child to learn and read new words!

55. 8-in-1 Wooden Puzzle

wooden puzzle

Get started on puzzles! These 28 piece puzzles are a fun way to encourage your 3 year old to start doing slightly bigger puzzles. There’s four puzzle sets with puzzles on both sides. This means eight total puzzles for your child to try!

(Here’s even more toddler puzzles to check out!)

There you go! I hope these 55 of the best toys for 3 year old boys help you out the next time you’re searching for gifts! If you want more, check out these fun climbing toys!

Need some tips on organizing your kids toys? Head here for my best toy organization tips!

As always, thanks for reading and sharing!

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