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21 Large Wall Decor Ideas for Your Own Home

Have you been staring at a large wall for far too long, trying to figure out what to do with it? I’ve been there. It’s hard! On one hand it’s a blank canvas, ready for some beautiful art or decor. On the other hand, it’s a huge wall that needs help!

A large blank wall can be intimidating. Where to start? What to do?

Whether your large blank wall is in your dining room, master bedroom, kids room or even an entryway, there are lots of different options to turn something drab into something fab.

Today I’m going to be sharing a variety of wall decor ideas to turn your bare wall into a beautiful wall that you love to look at. Hopefully this helps you get inspired to do something in your own home!

Let’s get started!

21 Large Wall Decor Ideas

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1. Removable Wallpaper

modern kids room with tree removable wallpaper and wood and white room and board crib and dresser

One of my favorite large wall decor ideas is removable wallpaper! I could go on and on about wallpaper and how it can easily transform a room or a wall.

I’ve used removable wallpaper in everything from my baby’s nursery to our basement playroom. Wallpaper is exceptionally beautiful in rooms with high ceilings!

bright colorful floral wallpaper

One of the best things about removable wallpaper is that it’s temporary! Most removable wallpapers are simply like giant stickers. You stick them on and when you’re done, just peel them off!

I have a full post with lots of different removable wallpaper ideas but here are some of my favorite places to find removable wallpaper:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Anthropologie

2. Neutral Gallery Wall

girly pink home office office

One of my favorite gallery walls was on the big wall in the office at my old house. My office was right off the entryway when you wall in so I knew I wanted something large and beautiful.

I decided on a more neutral look so it complemented all of the different spaces you saw when you walked into our home.

To give it a cohesive look I stuck to a natural color scheme – white frames and gold frames and black frames with pops of pink and peach.

3. Eclectic Gallery Wall

eclectic gallery wall

When it comes to gallery walls, one of my favorite types is an eclectic gallery wall! It’s so easy to do because there’s no rules! The one key to make this work is to make sure you’re using the same color palette.

Don’t do 40 different colors in 40 different items. Chose a few colors and stick with that.

I love including things like plants, woven wall hangings, art and frames. Mix, match and have fun!

4. Symmetrical Gallery Wall

symmetrical gallery wall

This one takes some math to accomplish but it’s totally worth it. First you’ll need to figure out the size of the space you’re putting it. Do the math. Then you’ll need to find a frame that you love that will work in the space.

Pro tip. Buy a few extra just in case one gets broken! We created this gallery wall and a few months later one fell off the wall and shattered.

Thankfully these Ikea frames were still in stock so I was able to buy one to replace it but always buy at least one extra!

5. Asymmetrical Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall, especially one that’s not symmetrical! If you go this route, the easiest way to keep things uniform is by using the same color frames.

6. Plant Wall

plant wall

Yes, of course I had to put a plant wall on here! It’s one of my favorite ways to transform large empty walls. You can do a mix of hanging pots and shelves or just do one or the other.

Be sure to use pots that don’t have a drainage hole (or remember to water those plants over your sink so you don’t ruin your wall) and pick the right plants for the amount of light it will get.

I love using a mix of trailing plants as well as plants that grow up.

7. Basket Wall

basket wall

Image via the Zhush

A fun way to turn a big blank wall into a focal point is to use baskets! Say what? Yes! Baskets! Woven baskets are a fun and unique way to transform your wall.

All you need to do is gather up all your baskets (or head to your local thrift store, etsy or even Amazon). Pick baskets of different sizes and different types of materials (woven baskets, metal baskets, etc). Arranging them on your wall and wallah a beautiful accent wall!

This is especially great you have a basket collection already!

8. Painted Hexagon Wall

diy hexagon wall

Image via the DIY Nuts

A really great way to transform an entire wall is through paint! Whether you’re an artist or not, this fun geometric wall art is easy to make – all it takes is some patience (and lots of painters tape).

One of the best things about paint is you can easily paint over it if you don’t like it or you want to change things up!

9. Painted Wall Mural

camping mural

If you want to learn how to paint a mountain mural your bedroom or a kid’s playroom or nursery check out this tutorial via Making Manzanita!

10. Wall Panels

Image via Signwin on Etsy

Another perfect way to transform a large wall space is with wall panels! There are so many different types of wall panels to fit your own personal style.

One great thing about this type of wall decor is it’s usually less work to hang! Rather than 25 different smaller pieces, you’ll only have a few larger pieces to hang.

11. Large Piece of Art

anna bailey art

Skip the small pieces all together and invest in one large piece of wall art! I personally love finding local artist and makers to purchase art from.

This large wall art is from Anna Bailey Art. They have tons of different types of wall art to make a blank wall space into a masterpiece.

One of the best ways to find art you love is to hit up a local art show! Art shows are great places to find a variety of different art all in one spot. You can easily find one or two different artists that you love for your home!

12. Mounted Shelves

floating shelves

Shelves are a perfect solution for a large wall because the decor options are endless! You can switch up your decor for holidays, seasons or whenever you want to!

Some popular ways to style shelves are with books, art work, family photos, baskets, etc.

I personally love these wood planks style of shelves from Pottery Barn!

13. Letter Sign

Make a statement – that’s changeable! I absolutely love this fun letter wall. It’s incredibly easy to make it unique to you and your home and it’s easy to change up whenever you want!

Head on over to seekingalexis.com for more!

14. Painted Arches

Another fun use of paint is to make arches! I absolutely love what my friend Arin did in her daughter’s room with a little bit of paint and some painters tape!

15. Hat Wall

gallery wall hat wall

A decor that doubles as both function and beauty! If you have a collection of hats, why not use it as decor! I don’t have a huge collection of hats so I did a mix of hats and frames and I love how it turned out!

16. Stencil

stenciled bathroom

A common thing you’ll see in this list is paint! Paint can transform a wall and there’s so many different ways you can do it.

Another way paint can decorate a large wall is through stencils! Whether you stencil one spot or the entire wall, it can completely transform a room.

We stenciled our entire bathroom on our main level! You can see the space as you walk through our home and we just love how it pops.

17. Decals

Laundry room decor featuring a faux arrow wallpaper accent wall.

If you don’t want to deal with paint OR a full sheet of wallpaper, try decals! Decals are a very inexpensive, easy way to achieve a faux wallpaper or even stencil look!

We’ve done this in both Roy’s first nursery as well as our laundry room.

I have a blog post on how to make faux wallpaper using decals if you want to create that kind of look! It’s super easy and doesn’t take very long at all!

18. Painted Abstract Art

abstract wall painting

Image via house on a sugar hill

You don’t have to be an artist to paint a mural (although yes, it does help). There are tons of different types of wall murals from abstract art to full on landscapes.

Sketch out what you want your mural to look like and then get after it! Remember, one of the good things about painting a mural is it’s just paint – you can always paint over it!

I absolutely love what my friend Jodi create on her large living room wall!

19. Use Mirrors

living room with vintage mirrors

If you have a small space and want to reflect some light or just have a collection of antique mirrors that you want to hang together, try making a mirror collage!

20. Hang a Woven Wall Hanging

Image via Weaving My Story

I have woven wall hangings all over my house and I love them! You can get one extra large one or combine a few different small ones for a beautiful art wall.

You can find tons of woven wall hangings on Etsy!

21. Floral Wall Hanging

floral wall hanging

One thing I absolutely love and do in my own home is a floral wall hanging! This is so easy to do and customize to your home!

Head to this post for my step by step floral wall hanging tutorial!

And there you go! 21 different large wall decor ideas. I hope these inspired you to turn you drab wall into something amazing!

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