11 Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes (Get the Look for Less)

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Everywhere you look – Pinterest, Instagram, magazines – you’ll see the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror. And it makes sense! It’s absolutely beautiful, fits almost any vibe and is a showstopper.

The famous Anthropologie Primrose Mirror comes in a different sizes – the smallest size is 3′ at $548, 5′ at $898, 6′ floor length size at $1,098 and 7′ large at $1,598. It also comes in 4 different colors – gold, silver, verdegris and antique black. It also comes with a hefty price tag.

We purchased the Anthropologie Madeline mirror carry a while back during one of their big sales and we couldn’t be happier. This style is an older version that they no longer but super similar to the Gleaming Primrose mirror.

Anthropologie Madelie mirror in stenciled bathroom

We originally bought it for our powder bath in our first home and loved it so much that we brought it with us to our new home where it again, lives in our powder bath.

However, I know that the cost of this mirror isn’t what many people want to spend or you don’t have time to wait for it to go on sale. Today I’m going to share my favorite picks for the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes! Amazing, stunning mirrors at a fraction of the price.

Let’s get started!

11 Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

11 Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes (Get the Look for Less)

I’m going to put these roughly in order by price point from most expensive option to least expensive. Hopefully it helps narrow your search a bit!

1. Arhouse Amelie Wall Mirror ($699 for 50″ Mirror)

amelie wall mirror in gold

While this one is still up there in price, you do get a different size option with the 50″ size. If you need a 4 foot mirror that’s the best Anthropologie mirror dupe, this is a fantastic option!

This one costs $699 making it the most expensive option on this list but it’s also the most perfect dupe to the real deal.

2. West Elm Regeant Mirror ($499 for 3.5′ Mirror)

west elm mirror

The West Elm mirror is a one of the closest Anthropologie mirror dupe with its beautiful jeweled adornments at the top. It’s a half a foot taller than the smallest version of the Anthropologie mirror but less expensive.

It’s definitely on the pricier side but worth every penny and a bit more affordable than the Anthro one.

3. Vintage Exquisite Carved Vanity Mirror (15.8″ × 23.6″ at $362)

vintage mirror from amazon

If you’re looking for smaller sizes of the Anthro mirror instead of a large wall mirror, this Vintage Carved Mirror from Amazon is a great option! It has such a similar vibe as the original mirror at a smaller size than you could get from Anthropologie.

This is a great size for smaller spaces or a cute tabletop option.

4. Ballard Designs Rosamund Mirror(38″ x 26″ at $359.10 on sale or 72″ x 26″ $683.10)

Rosamund Mirror

Another beautiful option that has detailing all around the mirror but without the large detailing at the top is the Rosamund Mirror from Ballard Designs. This one give you the 3 feet option for $200 cheaper! If you don’t mind a mirror without the detailing at the top or sides than this is a fantastic option!

5. Pottery Barn Teen Ornate Filigree Mirror(24.75″x32.75″ is $299, 24″x60″ is $499)

pottery barn teen gold mirror

If you want a full-length mirror or one that is more wide, than tall, then the Pottery Barn Teen Ornate Filigree Mirror is a great option!

It has the same beautiful ornate top and comes in both floor-length size (perfect for a home office of a fashion blogger or master bedroom) or a much wider option that’s roughly 25″ by 33″ that would look amazing on a mantle.

6. Kate and Laurel Arendahl Arch Mirror(19″ x 30.75″ at $299.97)

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Arch Mirror

The top of this ornate mirror gives me major Anthro vibes! The only thing missing is the detailing on the sides but at this price it’s totally ok! This one is lighter than the Anthro mirror making it much easier to hang.

Overall this beautiful mirror is a great option!

7. Hamilton Hills Baroque Wall Mirror(40″ x 30″ at $277.99)

hamilton hills gold baroque wall mirror

A mirror with a much wider frame than the primrose mirror is the Hamilton HIlls one. It has a much more glam vibe than the anthro one which would make a big statement in any room you choose to put it.

8. Kelly Clarkson Accent Mirror (36” x 24” at $259.99)

Kelly Clarkson Gold Ornate Mirror

This Kelly Clarkson mirror is a good dupe without the large ornate detail at the top! This mirror frame is made out of engineered wood and resin and unlike many of the others, it can be hung both vertical or horizontal.

I absolutely love the curved detailing on the top and bottom of this gorgeous mirror. It’s gives it an elevated look at an affordable price!

9. Noble Park Morrey Crown Top Angled Wall Mirror(25 3/4″ x 34 1/4″ at $169.95 on sale)

Noble Park Morrey 25 3/4" x 34 1/4" Crown Top Angled Wall Mirror

If you want something with a bit more unique shape than the Anthro mirror, the Noble Park mirror with it’s slanted edges is a beautiful option. You still get the stunning ornate top with more simple sides. This is a show stopper at under $200!

10. World Market Metal Vintage Style Mirror (24″ x 34″ at $129.99)

world market mirror

One of the least expensive options with the ornate details like you’d find on the Anthro mirror is this one from World Market! It comes in both gold and bronze.

This is a similar size to the smallest mirror from Anthropologie making it a no brainer if you want a great price on ornate gold mirror!

11. Kate and Laurel Arendahl Ornate Glam Oval Wall Mirror (24″ x 18″ at $123.99)

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Ornate Glam Oval Wall Mirror

I wanted to give you one other shape option in case you didn’t need one with a flat bottom! This beautiful oval mirror would look amazing on a gallery wall or above a dresser. It has the similar vintage vibe as the Anthro primrose mirror at a fraction of the cost!

If you want to compare these to Anthro’s, here’s the link for the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror!

I hope this helps you find some amazing Anthro dupe mirrors for your home!

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