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A Pink Entryway

I love a good entryway.

When we were looking for our home, some sort of entryway was high on my “must have” list. It was obviously not a make or break item but I loved homes that had entryways!

(Side note, one of the houses we went to walked immediately into the kitchen – it was so odd!)

Well lo and behold we found our house and YAY it had an entryway! For the first 3 years we styled it with a bench that Rishi had bought before we were dating and a giant dresser that we found at a vintage shop down the street. The dresser also matched a dresser that was in my office.

A  new dresser.

A couple of months ago we swung into Anthropologie to pick up a birthday gift for one of my friends and Rishi spotted this dresser. He had the idea to put it into our entryway which opened up a whole can of worms! 🙂

Anthropologie blue and white dresser

Anthro was running a weekend long home sale so that catapulted our decision making. There’s nothing like a good sale to get you to make a decision quicker! 🙂

Our local Anthropologie had just added a home section to their store so we saw a few cool benches and chairs in there. All of their benches are so fun (and also more comfy than our current one). I also love how they’re all customizable.

Bone inlay bench and vintage mirrors.

A pink bench.

We ended up switching the dresser we wanted for this one and got this bench in the pink and gold (it comes in a million colors!). I’m so lucky that Rishi’s totally cool with using pink to decorate!

We have this pink rug in our dining room, this pink chair in our bedroom and soon my office will be decked out with lots of pink (yay!).

Pink bench entryway
Anthropologie entryway

Final accessories.

Rishi spotted this cool rug on major sale (it’s still on sale!!). And last but not least, we got this cool light fixture installed. It goes really well with the antique mirrors we have in the room already!

Blue dresser and pink bench entrway
Bone inlay bench and vintage mirrors.

{photos by Emily John Photography}

We obviously styled with a giant plant (I get a ton of questions about this one – our’s is actually from Costco!) and a couple smaller ones. The giant vase is from a shop local to Minneapolis (Martin Patrick 3) and {don’t judge me…}

I filled it with fake greenery. It is SO huge that it took so much effort to fill it up so I decided to go with fake for this one.

I have to admit, I LOVE my entryway! It’s bright and happy and welcoming – exactly how an entryway should be!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing!

With love,


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