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Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is here! I love all things Christmas – the decorations, the movies, the lights, the traditions – it’s the best! Having kids makes it even more fun because of how excited Roy gets about everything.

Today I wanted to share some simple neutral Christmas decor ideas that we did in our own home to give you some Christmas decor ideas for your own home!!

Living room with neutral Christmas decorations

I typically switch up my decor each year, even just a little bit, to keep things fresh. The last 2 years I’ve done the traditional red, green, gold and silver colors. Below is a look at our living room with a more traditional decor approach.

Living room with classic red and green Christmas decorations

Living Room | White, Gold, Silver Neutral Christmas Tree

This year I decided to not use red anywhere and go with neutral Christmas decor. I bought a bunch of inexpensive white ball ornaments and a white tree skirt to use instead of the red ones we have and let me tell you, I’m obsessed with our tree this year!!

Christmas decor 2018

I actually originally bought the super inexpensive white bulbs on Amazon so I could splurge a little bit on our tree skirt and I’m so glad I did it that way because they’re kid proof!

Christmas decor 2018

You can’t tell the bulbs aren’t fancy ones and they’re shatterproof! So when our kids inevitably want to help put them on (or take them off and play soccer with them – I mean, I guess they do sorta look like white soccer balls haha!), I don’t have to stress that they’re going to shatter everywhere! I highly recommend them and they come in a variety of colors!

Living room with white and gold Christmas decorations

I like to wrap the tree with some sort of ribbon and got glittery gold ribbon this year (Rishi was so thrilled haha!). I chose to keep all the ornaments that weren’t white, gold or silver off the tree.

Balsam fir christmas tree - white , gold and silver

Next year I’m planning on doing a kid tree in out downstairs that the kids can cover with all of the funky, weird ornaments I’ve collected over the years!

Balsam fir christmas tree - white , gold and silver

I picked up a faux fur throw from West Elm and I love it! Adding different textures to rooms is one of my favorite ways to make it more cozy and eclectic.

Balsam fir christmas tree - white , gold and silver


My favorite way to decorate for Christmas is with trees. Since they don’t scream “Christmas” I put them up at the beginning of November and keep them up until I’m tired of them – typically sometime in February.

christmas decor 2018 - collection of trees

I like decorating with seasonal items rather than all holiday specific items since I can keep them out longer! Obviously we have a few things that are only for Christmas that come down after New Years Day but generally I do more seasonal items.

christmas decor 2018 - collection of trees

Most of my decorating is on the main level – our living room, dining room, kitchen and entryway. I have a couple things upstairs for the kids and will probably do more all over the house when the kids are a little older and can appreciate it more!

Christmas decor 2018

Most of my trees are also in greens, white and gold which fit perfectly with my neutral Christmas decor theme! I have a full post all about bottle brush Christmas trees with ideas on how to decorate them and where to buy them. Be sure to check it out!

christmas decor 2018 - collection of trees


I always decorate our entryway for the season and the holidays. This year I picked up this super cute “Fa La La” pillow.

Entryway with Fa La La pillow on bench

I was thrilled to find that pillow because I didn’t know how I was going to decorate the entryway for Christmas with it being heavy on the pinks! 🙂 It fit the space perfectly.

I also added some gold and silver foliage to our entryway vase that was already filled with some greenery to give it a more holiday feel but still be neutral.

christmas decor 2018 - collection of trees

I love having trees all over my home so I put out gold cone trees to make our entryway more festive.

christmas decor 2018 - collection of trees
Small neutral wreath

The Office

I didn’t do a ton in my office but I wanted to do a little bit since it’s right off of our entryway.

Home office with small gold tree and advent calendar

This year I’m doing the All Good Things Collective advent so I strung it up on my desk to display it! I love that the pinks match perfectly to my desk!! I also put one of my crazy gold glitter trees in here to make it more festive.

Advent calendar
Home office with gold tree and advent calendar
Home office with gold tree and advent calendar

That about sums it up! I love decorating for Christmas and always switching things up year after year.  What do you think of this year’s decor?

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I hope you enjoyed my Christmas decor home tour! Thanks for reading!

With love,


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  1. I am OBSESSED with your design style. You have such talent! Love it with Christmas decorations. Sometimes I find it hard to blend my holiday decor with my furniture and year-round aesthetic, but you killed it!


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