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5 Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

Looking for tips for decorating your living room? Home decor is one of my favorite topics so let’s dig in!

Our living room is one of my favorite places in our home. It’s bright and cheerful and (I hope our guest think) it’s inviting too!

Like all of the rooms in our home, this one was a process. It’s gone through a number of changes over the last 3.5 years and I’m sure it’ll go through even more in the years to come.

We used to have this amazing vintage coffee table that had no less than 12 sharp edges on it. When Roy started walking we quickly realized that our table was not the best for new walkers. We landed on the round coffee table we have now and we love it! It’s both beautiful and kid friendly. (You can find a full list of round coffee tables here if you like ours!)

5 Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

5 steps to a magazine worthy living room | Loving this bright and colorful living room with plants, green and pink accents and fun accessories! #greenpink #livingroomdecor #interiordecorating

1. Include plants!

Of course, this is one of my tips, right? 😉 I follow the minimum 3 plants per room rule and the living room is no exception. I actually have a vase of fake leaves since our living room gets a weird amount of natural light (some spots get none and others get a ton…) and I wanted some more green in the room.

Find a spot or two for a few plants or include some plant stands! If you’re new to plants start with just one and master keeping that one alive before adding more. Check out my Pothos Plant Care post for a great beginner plant!

5 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room | Include plants and things with texture!
Style your living room using these 5 simple hacks! Including plants is number one in this simple how to. #plants #houseplant #homedecor

2. Go neutral with your furniture.

Getting a neutral color couch is ideal because you can always switch the look and feel of your room with pillows. Our living room goes from bright pinks in summer, to red at Christmas, to burgundy in the dead of winter. Having a very neutral couch allows the feel of the room to change without having to buy an entirely new couch!

Learn how to style your living room in 5 simple steps! Beautiful styled living room with round coffee table,, white frame gallery wall and gold accents. #livingroom #neutrallivingroom #pinklivingroom

3. Have an accent piece (or 2)!

Depending on how you look at it, our living room has a few accent pieces. The green love-seat and the cowhide ottoman are 2 in ours.

If you have a neutral couch, it’s so easy to include a fun accent piece or two! You could have a really amazing table, a fun color chair or love-seat or an amazing gallery wall or piece of art.

5 Hacks to a beautifully styled living room! Loving the green, pink and gold in this bright and colorful living room. #livingroomdecor #decorating #stylehome

4. Have a focal point.

Find something you love and make it the focal point of the room. This could be your accent piece (and likely is) but find something that people are drawn to. Maybe it’s your beautiful fireplace and mantel. Or maybe you have one wall that is wallpapered. It could be your collection of 10 amazing plants grouped together in a corner. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be just one thing! Maybe you have an amazing tiled fireplace as well as a giant plant. As long as they’re not competing with one another and compliment each other, I say go for it!

For this room, I would say our focal piece is the green love seat. It’s something everyone notices and comments on (and is my favorite thing). However, you could also say that the giant plant or the table are also focal points but I feel like they all go well together and enhance the space together.

Style your living room using these 5 simple hacks! Including plants is number one in this simple how to. #plants #houseplant #homedecor

5. Hide the clutter.

We have kids. Kids require a lot of stuff. I believe in letting kids play wherever they want in the home and not having spaces off-limits but I also don’t want their toys and puzzles and books to overwhelm my entire life.

I’ve invested in fun baskets that not only house the toys, they also add a fun texture to the room! The kids know that their toys belong in the baskets so a quick 10 minute clean up party at the end of the day helps keeps keep the space both adult and kid friendly.

5 Simple Steps to Decorate Your Living Room #livingroom #mantle #whitefireplace

{photos by Emily John Photography}

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Your turn!

When it comes to decorating your own space, be sure to have fun and have patience! We went through so many different ways of styling our mantle to land on how it is today. It’s super deep and tall and we couldn’t figure out the best way to style the space. If you try something that doesn’t work don’t stress. Just keep moving things around and trying new things.

And don’t be scared to try something new! At one point I accented this room with purple (purple pillows, frames, etc.). It was terrible! I just returned the pillow and spray painted the frames white. Most everything can be reversed so don’t let fear freeze you from doing something. 🙂

I hope these tips help you in decorating your own space! I’d love to hear what you love most about your own living room – leave a comment below!

Be sure to check out this giant post all about living room organization or Our Bedroom Reveal + 5 Tips For How To Decorate Your Bedroom post! Thanks so much for reading and be sure to pin the photo below to help others!

5 secrets to a magazine worthy living room #livingroom #homedecor

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  1. Thank you for the advice to have one or two accent pieces in the room. My daughter and I have been wondering how we should go about making our living room more exciting or freshening it up. We’ll have to look around for a few pieces to put in the room and see if we can make this room start to pop.


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