DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial (+ Video)

Plants are the perfect way to add some life and green to your home. And while setting pots on shelves or plant stands is great, why not try a simple macrame plant hanger DIY? It’s a fun, easy way to hang your plants from the ceiling or on the wall! Macrame is making a big … Read the full article

How to Organize Makeup Drawer in 5 Easy Steps

Having an organized makeup drawer is so important. It makes mornings easier and less stressed when you can find what you need! It also prevents you from misplacing items and having to replace it. I know it can be a hard process to figure how to actually do it, so let’s chat through some makeup … Read the full article

How to Make a Rainbow Balloon Arch | Easy DIY

Balloon garlands are an easy way to create a huge impact for any party. And a rainbow balloon arch is so fun and easy to DIY! Whether you have a St Patricks Day party, birthday party or just want to spread some cheer, a rainbow balloon garland is a great way to have a statement … Read the full article

How to Get Wax Out of Candle Jar 5 Ways

Wondering how to get wax out of candle jars? I’ve been burning candles non stop while we’re all home and I didn’t want all of these jars to go to waste! I’ve been testing out different ways how to get wax out of candle jar and I’m here to share them with you! We’ve all … Read the full article

3 Things You Must Do When Using Terracotta Pots

Have a new plant baby? Looking for the perfect pot? Overwhelmed by the hundreds of options of pots? I’ve been there. That’s why I keep going back to a classic – terracotta pots! Are you looking to use indoor terracotta pots for your next plant? There a few things you need to know to use … Read the full article

11 propagation stations

11 Plant Propagation Stations for All Budgets

A propagation station is a beautiful way to root your plant clippings in style. Let’s talk all about what a propagation station is and 11 amazing ones to buy online! Are you someone who has a plethora of jars, glasses and cups filled with plant clippings? Looking for a way to propagate your plants in … Read the full article

diy wall terazzo

21 Large Wall Decor Ideas for Your Own Home

Have you been staring at a large wall for far too long, trying to figure out what to do with it? I’ve been there. It’s hard! On one hand it’s a blank canvas, ready for some beautiful art or decor. On the other hand, it’s a huge wall that needs help! A large blank wall … Read the full article

How to Keep Lilacs from Wilting After Cutting

Have you recently cut lilacs, brought them inside and loved the beauty and scent they filled your home with? Maybe now you’re wondering how to keep lilacs from wilting after cutting them after you realized they just don’t last all that long. Fresh cut lilacs have enough fragrance to fill a room. They’re perfect for … Read the full article

16 Genius Under-Sink Organizing Ideas

One of the most annoyingly cluttered and untidy areas in your house is probably the space under the sink. It can get even more annoying when you’re desperately hunting for something you need right away, and you’ve to deal with random, unnecessary things. These could range from long-abandoned, empty shampoo bottles to haphazardly stuffed toiletries … Read the full article

DIY Home Coffee Bar Ideas

*Cameron’s Coffee has sponsored this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Are you the type of person whose morning doesn’t start until you get to enjoy that first sip of hot coffee? It’s what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and your first stop after your morning workout. … Read the full article

Peloton Treadmill Review – Is it Worth It? (2024)

A few months ago we finally got the Peloton tread. We had been debating this decision for months prior to purchasing it. If this is you, I hope this post help answer the big question – “Is the Peloton treadmill worth it?” with this Peloton Tread review! If you’ve been around here for a while … Read the full article

how to organize toys

How to Organize Toys & 12 Toy Storage Ideas

If you’re overwhelmed by all the toys your kids own and tired of either telling your kids to clean up their mess or doing it yourself over and over, it’s time to figure out how to organize toys and keep your sanity! It can be daunting to really figure out how to organize toys and … Read the full article

modern kid room with tree bookshelf

Expert Kid Organization Tips

Today we’re going to chat about organizing all of your kids’ stuff. We know that kid organization can be one of the most difficult tasks so hopefully this week can help take away the overwhelm! (New to Paisley + Sparrow? Check out my original 30 Day Decluttering and Organizing Challenge post for all the details.) Kids Organization … Read the full article

How to Organize a Linen Closet (Step by Step)

Is your linen closet stuffed full of everything from sheets to towels to bandaids and vitamins? Do you wonder what will fall out on top of you the next time you peek inside? I’ve been there. My linen closet was a complete disaster for well over a year when we moved into our new home … Read the full article

spice organization

12 Spice Storage Racks & Ideas

Kitchen organization can be a whole lot of fun but also takes some planning. When it comes to your spices, you want to find the right design and system for you.  Not every system will fit your kitchen or your organizational style. Today we are going to look at some ideas for your spice organization and show … Read the full article

How to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen cluttered? Is it unorganized? Overwhelmed with how to declutter and organize your kitchen? There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of cooking yet unable to find something that you need for the dish you’re cooking! Or you open a cabinet to get a glass and out tumbles 5 other things you … Read the full article

shoe organization

13 Best Shoe Organizer Ideas

While clothes can easily be hung up in a closet or tucked away in a dresser, finding an efficient and easy way to store your shoes can be a much bigger hassle. This usually results in an unorganized pile of shoes on the floor of your closet or other areas of your house. If you’re … Read the full article

19 Genius Lego Storage and Display Ideas

If you have several Lego sets in your house, storing and keeping all those small Lego pieces can be an absolute nightmare. They can take up quite a bit of storage space and if anyone in your household accidentally steps on one in the middle of the night, it can seriously hurt. OW! If your … Read the full article