7 Genius Home Organization Hacks

I am a huge nerd when it comes to organizing. Organizing is seriously therapeutic for me! I’ve have discovered my fair share of home organization hacks along the way that I wanted to share with you!

Right now our house is in transition with switching up so many rooms in order to make space for our 3rd baby so I feel like I’m going a little crazy with the lack of organization. Soon enough I’ll be able to organize baby clothes and toys as we wrap things up!

7 genius home organization hacks

I wanted to share a bunch of my favorite organization hacks and products that I personally use. I’ve found these especially useful in a variety of spots of my house! I hope this helps!

7 Genius Home Organization Hacks

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1. Water Bottle Storage

I’m sure we’re not the only family who has an over abundance of water bottles that just don’t seem to have a home. They’re hard to fit in cupboards yet roll away when they’re on their side, knocking over anything in site without abandond.

Water bottles are also given away at just about every event, conference or social gathering it seems we have about 4.5 bottles per person in this home. Yikes!

I recently bought this handy water bottle storage rack and my husband told me it was one of the best things that I’ve bought lately. Winning!!

Water bottle storage

It keeps track of all of our water bottles, creates a nice little home for them all AND it also helped me to get rid of a few water bottles which is always nice.

Both my husband and I always have one water bottle out that we’re using, typically one that’s in the wash and one put away. This rack holds 6 bottles so it’s perfect for us. We actually don’t really don’t need 6 water bottles for 2 people but it is nice to have some extra for the car or work. It’s way better than the 12 we originally had though!

An easy home organization hack - stackable water bottle storage!

I love that they’re laying down since a couple of ours were too tall for this space anyhow and now I’m not dealing with multiple water bottles falling out of the cupboard when I open it up!

Find options at Bed, Bath and Beyond and amazon.com here and here.

2. Kitchen Drawer Organizers

This seems like a no brainer but I went about 2 years without them when we moved into this house!

Kitchen drawer storage - home organization hacks

It’s easy to remember to use drawer organizers for your silverware but it’s useful for so many other things!

My OCD sometimes kicks in when I can’t fit like items with like items in these but even that’s way better than one drawer full of a ton of kitchen gadgets all together with zero organization.

Find options at Target, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond.

3. Food Organization

I have a ton of tips over on this post (thanks to the Style and Dwell girls) but decanting items and using clear containers is key for helping me know what I have and what I need!

When I decant things into these containers like noodles I will use a white board marker to write what the noodle is and how long to cook it.

Decanting food - home organization hacks

I realized after decanting all of our noodles and rice that I couldn’t ever remember what exactly was in there or how to cook it! White board marker to the rescue! It definitely helps keep things easy!

I put pouches and kid-approved snacks in clear bins in arms reach. That way the kids can easily get what they want.

To be honest, this sounded risky at first but now I love it! It helps eliminates a lot of whining when I can’t figure out what Penelope wants and Roy can pick out what cereal he wants in the morning or what pouch he wants to eat! They currently can’t open pouches so I don’t worry about a mess being made if they open up a pouch full of berries or something.

Find options on Amazon (closed containers here and here, other containers here), Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.

4. Earring Storage

I got these trays and put them together to create this drawer organization. I use the bigger spaces for my giant tassel earrings and the smaller spots for studs and smaller earrings.

Home Organization Hacks - How to store your earrings in a drawer.

It’s so much easier for me to just open up the drawer and see all of my earrings out and organized (mostly) by color to find what I want! It’s way better than rummaging through a box or unorganized drawer!

Find options at Target, The Container Store, Anthropologie (hanging option), Amazon here (I love the stacking option!) and here (what I own).

Earring storage

5. Necklace Storage

I honestly can’t remember what this was for originally but a few years ago I started using it for necklace storage and never looked back.

Unique necklace storage

Having your necklaces hang rather than in a drawer (even one like my earrings) keeps them from getting tangled up so you can easily grab the one you want to wear and get on your merry way!

Find options at Anthropologie, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, Amazon (here and here)

Simple necklace storage

6. Hair Product Storage

I have a whole blog post on this but lazy susans are my absolute favorite way to organize my hair products!

My favorite thing about using lazy susans is that I can easily see all of my products! One never falls into a black hole where I forget about it. I have mine organized by wet hair and dry hair so I just need to look in one spot when adding product to my wet hair.

organizing your hair products with a lazy susan

For the record, lazy susans are amazing just about anywhere. We use them for oils in the kitchen, vitamins in the pantry, misc coffee items in one of our large cupboards, and more! Buy this double pack and start your obsession. 😉

7. Makeup Storage

Again, I have another blog post on this but keeping your makeup organized makes getting ready so much easier!

I keep like items together (foundation + concealer, all of my eyeshadow, etc) so I know exactly where to look when I’m applying my makeup.

Makeup storage

I have even more home organization hacks up my sleeve but I’ll save that for a part 2! 😉 What was your favorite tip?

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to pin this to Pinterest to share the wealth with others!

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