How to Spot a Real vs Fake Louis Vuitton Bag 10 Ways

It’s undeniable that Louis Vuitton is one of the most coveted status symbol handbag brands in the world. Their classic designs and characteristic “LV” monogram pattern are known to almost everyone and are markers of this brand’s iconic and exclusive status. With so many people being familiar with these bags, you’d think that one would … Read the full article

woman wearing yellow dress

The Best Shorts to Wear Under Dresses and Skirts

Wearing shorts under dresses aren’t only appropriate if you’re a little girl! Grown women can (and shall I say should!) wear shorts under dresses from time to time.  Not only do shorts provide added comfort and coverage, but they also prevent any accidental exposure from a gust of wind or from a shorter dress or … Read the full article

15 Best Water Shoes for Women (2024)

When it comes to finding the best footwear, usually we think about what activities we’re going to be doing that day. Have an important work meeting? Heels, flats, and loafers are usually go-to styles. Going for a run? Running shoes. Going on long hikes? Hiking boots. So, if you’re planning for a day in or … Read the full article

faux leather joggers with graphic tee and white sneakers

How to Wear Faux Leather Joggers: 10 Outfit Ideas

It’s likely you’ve seen faux leather joggers just about everywhere. They’re a great on trend item that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on where you take them! If you’ve been wondering how to wear them, I’ve created a variety of different ways to wear them. I have some options for warmer weather … Read the full article

multiple piercings

35 Stylish Earring Ideas for Multiple Piercings

I’ve been noticing the coolest stacks of earrings on both celebrities on the red carpet and on my Instagram feed. They make the person look instantly cool and give a great glimpse into their style. Having multiple piercings can give you the freedom to play around with style and earring arrangements. Maybe you are thinking … Read the full article

bralette under tank

How to Wear a Bralette (15 Outfit Ideas for 2024)

They’re more than just an undergarment – they’re now part of your outfit! Bralettes have transformed themself from being regular bras to somewhat of a crop top. They’re now seen peeking out under blazers, the bottom layer under a sheer blouse or see-through tops and so much more. If you’re wanting to try to wear … Read the full article


27 Best Designer Backpacks for Women & Men

If you’re a luxury bag enthusiast, you’ve probably tried many different styles of purses in the past. Tote bags, crossbody bags, and even belt bags are likely all a part of your repertoire. But there’s an extremely useful type of bag that’s become more trendy in recent years: the backpack. Sometimes thought of as being … Read the full article

What to Wear With Grey Jeans

What to Wear With Grey Jeans: 23 Outfit Ideas

I bought a pair of grey jeans… Now what do I wear with them? If you find yourself asking this question, no worries! Grey pants are one of the most underrated, versatile clothing items out there. But if you’ve never styled them before, you might be feeling stumped about what to pair them with. That’s … Read the full article

21 Best Postpartum Swimsuits for New Moms (2024)

Finding flattering postpartum swimwear and clothes is not always the most fun or easiest thing to do. Your body has changed and is likely still changing, so it’s hard to feel totally comfortable. Then add hot weather to the equation! It’s difficult while on a beach vacation or during the summer not to be in … Read the full article

10 Best Maternity Leggings 2024

Finding the perfect pair of leggings can be difficult, but when combined with a pregnant belly or post-pregnancy belly, finding the best maternity leggings can be even more challenging. Take it from this mom of 3! You have to consider different factors in maternity leggings, and you don’t necessarily know what those factors are early … Read the full article

Designer Crossbody Bags

20 Best Designer Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are the perfect bag for the woman that’s always on the go! They’re typically smaller bags designed to be worn diagonally across the body. This design allows you the freedom of unrestricted movement without having to worry about dropping or losing your purse! Many crossbody bags are available on the market in a … Read the full article

woman wearing cubic zirconia earrings from amazon

Top 5 Best Cubic Zirconia Earrings (2024)

If you’re looking for a beautiful, shiny pair of earrings like diamonds but need something less expensive, Cubic Zirconia earrings are the perfect alternative. They offer a low-price tag with the same sparkle factor. Plus, they’re likely to look flawless because they’re produced artificially in a controlled environment. Today we’re going to share exactly what … Read the full article

Walmart Winter Fashion

*This post was sponsored by Walmart but all thoughts and opinions are mine. Ready for winter? I’m not. 🙂 If you need to spruce up your winter wardrobe a bit, I’ve got you covered! Walmart has some amazing cute pieces that fit all your needs from lounging around the house to dinner with girlfriends. I … Read the full article