13 Best Navy Blue Dresses for Wedding Guests (2024)

Heading to a wedding? Looking for a dress? Say “see you later” to your classic little black dress and try navy! Navy is a wonderful choice for wedding guests.

To start, let’s talk about they style of dress that makes a good wedding outfit. When it comes to weddings, you want to make sure that you follow the dress code!

A beach wedding will have a different look and feel than a formal wedding and you don’t want to show up in a formal gown for a casual affair. How do you know how casual or formal to go? Start with the invitation!

Short sequin navy dress flat lay with black shoes

What to Wear to a Wedding

The wedding invitation will help you to get an idea of what to wear. For example, if it’s a beach wedding you’ll want to be sure to steer clear from heels or super formal dresses.

If the wedding begins in the morning or early afternoon it is likely more casual. If the wedding is in the evening it’s going to be a bit more formal and you’ll also want to be sure to have wrap or shawl in the cooler months to stay warm.

The venue will also clue you in to the attire! A fancy hotel downtown will like be a more fancy event. A wedding at a barn in the country will likely be more on the casual side.

Woman wearing navy dress holding present

If you’re still confused about the type of wedding it will be, just ask! Any bride (or groom for that matter) would much rather you ask about how formal or casual the wedding is rather than show up in something that doesn’t fit the scene and makes you feel uncomfortable.

A wedding guest dress should also be appropriate and never more breathtaking than the bride’s dress! While it’s unlikely you’ll know what the bride is going to wear, just be sure to not to stand out too much.

What Colors Should You Avoid at a Wedding?

You know not to wear white at a wedding (you don’t want to upstage the bride or worse — be confused for the bride!). But you also should avoid any light colors that are close to white. Brides sometimes wear off-white or blush, and you just want to avoid any color that might become an issue.

Another thing to try to steer clear of is matching the wedding color palettes. The invitation will likely clue you in on what colors the couple has chosen for their big day.

If the invite is pink and gold, it’s best to stay away from a pink dress with gold jewelry. The last thing you want to do is to match the bridal party!

Toast at a wedding

Is Navy Blue Appropriate for a Wedding?

When it comes to color, there’s lots of great choices! I believe that black and navy both are a classic color and one you can’t go wrong with when it comes to a dress for a wedding.

Navy acts as a neutral that can work for all levels of dress code from formal to casual.

If you decide to go with a navy dress, I’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite navy dresses for wedding guests for all seasons!

Navy Dresses for Wedding Guests

Best navy dresses to wear as a wedding guest

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While your personal style and body type will determine which dress is the best option for you, we wanted to get the ball rolling with a few beautiful dress options for you to see! We hope it helps you enjoy the next wedding you attend.

For Beach Weddings:

1. Halter Backless Maxi Dress

This beautiful maxi dress is a beautiful option for a beach wedding. The maxi length will keep it from blowing up on a breezy day near the ocean. The fun backless halter top style keeps it flirty and fun while the simple polka dot prints makes it a great choice for outdoors.

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2. Lace Midi Dress

This dark navy lace midi dress is a classic dress that is great for a variety of weddings or special occasions (summer wedding, outdoor wedding, etc). It’s the perfect choice for a beach wedding given its modest length.

Add a shawl to protect your shoulders on very sunny days and throw on a pair of espadrilles and you’re ready to go!

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Country Wedding

3. Knee Length Halter Dress

If you’re heading to a country wedding, this is a perfect option! The ruffled hem keeps it fun and flirty and the A-line fit makes it incredibly flattering. Comes with a built-in bra.

Many reviews say to email the seller to get a more customized fit rather than bring it in for alterations. That’s a huge perk!

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4. Embroidered Floral Off the Shoulder

Add some flowers to your hair and a pair of boots and you’re ready to go in this stunning embroidered floral off the shoulder dress!

It has a sweetheart neckline (a great choice for weddings) and falls just off the shoulder. This is a dress you’ll want to wear to every special occasion!

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For Winter Weddings

5. Swiss Dot Cocktail Dress

A winter wedding is a great place to wear long sleeves. This swiss dot dress is a beautiful choice for a wedding. With its sheer top layer, this dress is one that you’ll wear over and over for all types of formal events!

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6. Chiffon Midi Dress (if sold out, try similar style here)

Dance the night away in this flowy, fun metallic dress! The smocked waist creates a flattering fit and the ruffle hem gives it a feminine feel. This is a unique look that will be an excellent choice for a winter wedding!

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For Evening Weddings

7. Sheath Dress

If you’re looking for a classy, simple dress you’ll love this ruffle sleeve sheath dress. It’s simple enough to not accidentally become the star of the show but has beautiful features such as the ruffle cuff sleeves and exposed back zipper to add a fun flair.

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8. Off the Shoulder Dress

Have great shoulders? Show them off! This stunning popover dress shows off your stunning shoulders in a form fitting cocktail dress.

Despite being form fitting the folded over look of the dress keeps it chic and classy and wedding appropriate but also great for other special occasions in the future.

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For Summer Weddings

9. Lace Knee Length Sleeveless Dress

Lace is always a great option when it comes to weddings, especially evening weddings. This fitted dress hits at the knee for a classy, chic feel. With the beautiful higher neckline all you need is a pair of beautiful earrings and heels, and you’re all set! The dress speaks for itself.

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10. Sleeveless A-Line Embroidery Dress

A-line dresses are some of the most flattering dresses around, and this one is no different! This simple dress has an added embroidered accent along the waist. It also comes in a long sleeve option.

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Formal Weddings

11. Off-the-Shoulder Midi Dress

For a more formal wedding, this stunning off the shoulder midi dress is a great choice! It has a lovely sweetheart neckline that’s flattering on most body shapes.

The dress has a medium-weight stretch knit and the bottom has a lovely ruffled high-low hem that is perfect for dancing!

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12. A-Line Sequin Gown

Sequins aren’t for every wedding, but if you’re heading to a more formal gathering then why not? This stunning lace dress has a splattering of sequins throughout the whole dress.

The simple short sleeves keep it appropriate for church ceremonies and the a-line cut makes it extremely flattering.

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13. Navy Blue Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses always give off a more formal vibe and this one is no different! With a deep v-neckline and a high slit, you’ll feel sexy yet chic in this amazing dress.

It’s fully lined and ready for a night celebrating love! This formal dress is also a great option if you’re in the bridal party!

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Accessorizing a Navy Dress for a Wedding

If you’ve picked out your dress, you also need to figure out what accessories to wear. Subtle enough to keep the attention on the bride, but fun enough to make you feel great in photos.


Not sure what color shoes to wear? I’ve got a whole blog post about it! Long story short: wear any color you feel great in! Even black can work with navy for a dressy look.

The safest options are nude, gold, or silver. You don’t have to worry about matching the shade of your dress or clashing. But if you’re feeling a little more bold (or are shopping your closet), try bright colors, red, jewel tones or even a pattern!


What jewelry you wear depends a bit on what color shoes you choose. If you’re wearing gold or silver shoes, you probably want to match your jewelry or thoughtfully mix silver and gold jewelry (tips here!). Pearls or rose gold can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Other great colors for jewelry accessories if you’re going to a more casual wedding include turquoise or mint, yellow, or coral.

Your Date

When it comes to your date, they can choose a navy suit (just be sure your dress and his suit aren’t clashing in shades of blue) or have him wear a navy tie. Regardless of what he wears, I’m certain you’ll both look great!

I hope these dresses help you in choosing a great dress for the next wedding you attend!

If you’re heading to a country or barn wedding this year and want to wear cowboy boots, check out the best dresses to wear with them! Or pick out shoes for your navy dress.

Don’t forget shapewear! The right shapewear can help any dress look 10x more amazing!

If you’re going to a bachelorette party before the wedding, pick up one of these great gifts.


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