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How to Wear a Bodysuit – 21 Best Bodysuit Outfit Ideas

Bodysuits are a girl’s best friend. They create the perfect tucked look, are perfect for layering and are quickly becoming a closet staple.

If you’re someone who is nervous to try out a bodysuit whether you don’t want to deal with the snaps, you’re unsure about the fitted look or just don’t know how to wear them in multiple ways, you’re in the right spot.

Today I’m going to share some easy ways to wear a bodysuit as well as some of my favorite bodysuits to try out!

But first…

off the shoulder bodysuit and bodysuit

What is a bodysuit?

A bodysuit is a similar style to a swimming suit or leotard (or yes, a child’s onesie) that covers your torso and fits under your crotch, usually connected with snaps. It’s a one piece clothing item that functions as a top.

You’ll see a variety of different bodysuit styles from long sleeve to sleeveless, even strapless versions! They also come as a thong bodysuit or full coverage bottom styles. Bodysuits can come in a tons of different styles and fabrics that can work for any number of occasions.

The point of bodysuits is to give you a seamless tucked in look. You won’t get any bunching with bodysuits and never have to worry about your shirt coming untucked.

21 Ways How to Wear a Bodysuit


On to the fun part, how to wear a bodysuit! Here’s a variety of different ways to inspire you. How you end up wearing your bodysuit will depend on your personal style and body shape but hopefully this style guide gives you some ideas!

1. Long-Sleeve Bodysuit With Jumper & Cowboy Boots

long sleeve bodysuit with jumper dress and cowboy boots and miu miu bag

Shop the look: Bodysuit | Jumper | Boots

A turtleneck bodysuit under a jumper is a great way to wear one! Long-sleeve bodysuits and higher neck on this one gave me added comfort during a chilly day at a conference. The jumper was very fitted so the tighter fit of the white bodysuit was the perfect choice!

2. Off the Shoulder Bodysuit + Wide Leg Jeans

off the shoulder bodysuit and wide leg jeans

Shop the look: Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit | Jeans | Shoes

I love pairing fitted bodysuits with wide leg blue jeans. I feel like the oversized bottoms offsets the fitted look on the top!

This fun ruffle style off the shoulder is a great option when it comes to bodysuits since it’s not going to fall off! The fitted style keeps it up and in place.

Pair the wide leg jeans with heels or pointed toe shoes to elongate your legs.

3. Dark Grey Jeans and a Black Bodysuit

black bodysuit and grey jeans

Shop the Look: Jeans | Bodysuit | Shoes

Sometimes you’ve just got to keep it simple. Pull on your dark grey jeans over the top of a basic black sleeveless bodysuit and you’ve got a chic look!

*Find additional grey jean outfit ideas here!

4. White Jeans, Bodysuit and Sneakers

White Jeans, Bodysuit and Sneakers

Shop the outfit: White Jeans | Black Top | Sneakers | Crossbody Bag

Need a casual look? This cute white pants look is perfect! A simple black bodysuit and white sneakers are great for warmer months. Add a pop of color in a crossbody bag and you’re ready to go!

*Love white jeans? Find white jean outfit ideas here!

5. Bodysuit, Faux Leather Joggers & Heels

black bodysuit, black faux leather joggers and heels

Shop the look: Faux Leather Joggers | Bodysuit | Heels (sold out, similar here)

Faux leather joggers are always a fun option when it comes to bodysuits! Throw on a black basic bodysuit with your joggers and a fun pair of colored heels!

Want to go full on monochromatic? Swap the colored heels for black heels! You can also swap the heels entirely for a pair of strappy heels for a fun going-out look.

This is one of the best black bodysuit outfits for dressing up or dressing down with it’s sleek black look.

6. Bodysuit, Faux Leather Joggers & Heeled Sandals

bodysuit with faux leather joggers

Shop the look: Faux Leather Joggers | Bodysuit | Shoes

Want a more casual vibe with your faux leather leggings? Swap the black bodysuit for a colored one and the heels for a nude sandal.

7. Off The Shoulder Top With Skinny Jeans & Heels

off the shoulder bodysuit and mother jeans

Shop the look: Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit | Jeans | Heels (sold out, similar here)

Getting ready for a girls night out or date night? This is when you put on your sexy bodysuits and straight-leg jeans!

This cool-girl outfit is the perfect combo of casual (distressed mom jeans) chic (off the shoulder body suit and heels).

The fun color heels really complete the look and give it the pop of color it needs!

8. Off The Shoulder Bodysuit With Tulle Midi Skirt

off the shoulder bodysuit and tulle skirt

Shop the look: Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit | Tulle Skirt | Shoes

This stunning feminine look is perfect for a date night, bridal shower or other special occasion! The flowy skirt is the perfect match for the fitted bodysuit. Put on neutral shoes to let the outfit do the talking!

9. All Black: Black Jeans + Black Bodysuit

Girl Wearing Black Jeans + Black Top

Black Jeans | Bodysuit | Boots (Macys / Nordstrom)

If you want a more monochromatic look, try black on black! All black is incredibly chic and a great option for bodysuits. I also think doing all black outfits take away a bit of the intimidation when trying new trends like bodysuits!

All black is simple and classic and a great option for an every day look.

10. Wide Leg Cropped Jeans + Black Top

Girl Wearing Wide Leg Cropped Jeans + Black Top

Wide Leg Jeans | Bodysuit | Boots (Macys / Nordstrom)

Maybe you love the wide leg cropped jean trend, maybe you hate it! If you’re on board with it, try out a neutral pair of jeans with a black top.

Want a full on chromatic look? Go for a black bootie. Want to have a little fun? Go for a colored or printed bootie like these!

*Check out more white boot outfits on this post.

11. Blazer & Heels

cropped jeans and blazer

Shop the look: Jeans | T-shirt | Blazer (sold out similar here and here) | Heels (sold out, similar here)

I’m a big fan of blazer – maybe you are too! If you’re looking for an outfit for date night or the office, try this combination! Blazers are trending right now and look amazing when paired with cropped length pants and a pair of high heels. Wear a black bodysuit under the blazer for a slim look and to keep things professional if heading to the office.

Swap the colored heels for black or nude high heels if you need something more muted like casual Fridays at the office!

12. Black Boots & Bat Wing Cardigan

cropped jeans and batwing cardigan

Shop the look: Jeans | T-shirt | Cardigan (sold out – similar here) | Boots

Another easy look for a simple black bodysuit is this one! The black bodysuit ties in the black boots flawlessly and the peep of the brown on the boots brings the brown in the cardigan together. Throw on a pair of cropped wide leg pants and a printed headband and you’ll be the most stylish gal in the office!

13. Maxi Skirt + Black Bodysuit + Denim Jacket

Girl Wearing Maxi Skirt + Black Bodysuit + Denim Jacket

Skirt ( Similar here and here) | Bodysuit | Jacket | Boots (Macys / Nordstrom)

You can’t go wrong with bodysuits and skirts! It’s the best way to get a seamless tucked in look, even when you layer it with a denim jacket!

The denim jacket makes the look a more casual vibe. Want it more dress? Skip the denim jacket altogether and just stick with the black bodysuit! (Peep the next outfit!!)

14. Animal Print Maxi Skirt + Black Bodysuit

Girl Wearing Maxi Skirt + Black Bodysuit

Skirt ( Similar here and here) | Bodysuit | Boots (Macys / Nordstrom)

Lose the denim jacket from the outfit above and again, the entire look of this outfit completely changes! This gives off a more sexy look with its fitted bodysuit and sheer look of the skirt.

15. Boho Maxi Skirt and Black Bodysuit

chelsea boots and maxi skirt

Shop this outfit: Bodysuit | Skirt | Boots

This maxi skirt may be my favorite skirt for year round wear! During cooler months, you can easily pull off this skirt by pairing it with a black bodysuit and a pair of Chelsea boots.

The high waisted skirt looks amazing with the chic bodysuit! For warmer months swap the long sleeves for a tank and the shoes for strappy heels!

This skirt is from Chicwish – check out my honest review of Chicwish here!

16. Midi Skirt + Black Bodysuit

Girl Wearing Midi Skirt + Black Bodysuit

Skirt | | Bodysuit | Boots (Macys / Nordstrom)

Heading to a party? This is a great option! A beautiful midi skirt that fitted at the waist paired with a black bodysuit is a great ensemble for a party. Add in your best white boots and you’re read to make an entrance!

Swap the midi skirt for a pencil skirt for a more work appropriate look!

17. Bodysuit, Faux Leather Joggers & Platform Mules

black bodysuit and faux leather joggers

Shop the look: Faux Leather Joggers | Bodysuit | Platform Mules

Go tall or go home! These platform clogs take this outfit from chic to amazing and are perfect for going out with the gals or even a concert!

With statement shoes like these, keep the rest of the look more simple like all one color to give them the power to shine.

18. Bodysuit and Shorts

bodysuit and shorts

Shop the look: Shorts | Bodysuit | Sandals

This simple look will be your summer staple! Pair a fun colored bodysuit with cut of shorts and sandals and you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

19. Puffy Vest and Black Bodysuit

black jeans, black bodysuit and cropped vest

Shop the look: Black Jeans | Bodysuit | Chelsea Boots | Vest

Skinny jeans are still in! Pairing a pair of classic black skinny jeans with a puffy vest and chelsea boots are a great way to bring them totally on trend.

Throw on a puffy vest and you’re ready to go!

20. Black Leather Shorts, Black Bodysuit and Red Bandana

woman wearing faux leather shorts black bodysuit and bandana
Shop the look: faux leather shorts | black bodysuit | bandana

You saw this bodysuit paired with faux leather joggers, why not try it with faux leather shorts! I love the all black look with a pop of color in the bandana. This is the perfect outfit for a hot summer day!

21. Faux Leather Shorts and Long Sleeve Bodysuit

woman wearing faux leather shorts and green bodysuit

Shop the look: faux leather shorts | long sleeve bodysuit |

If you need a date night chic look for a cool summer night, this is a great option! This long sleeve bodysuit paired with faux leather joggers is a chic outfit for the perfect date night look. The unique square neckline gives this look a fun vibe.

Want more ways to style faux leather shorts? Head here!


How do you go to the bathroom in a bodysuit?

To use the bathroom when wearing a bodysuit, all you need to do is unsnap the bottom, lift the flaps up so they don’t get splashed or sprayed and have at it!
If you’re in a rush you can always just slide the snapped area to the side but it’s actually just as easy to unsnap it than move it.

Do you wear a bra under a bodysuit?

Some bodysuits have built in bras which are incredibly helpful in creating that seamless look. Others don’t but are double lined with a a lot of support so it may not be entirely necessary to wear one.
I do have some where I need to wear my own bra underneath. This will be a bit of a personal choice depending on your comfort levels and the style of your bodysuit.

There you have it! I hope the bodysuit outfit ideas help you feel confident jumping on the bodysuit trend. From dressy looks to everyday wear, there’s something for everyone!

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