15 Ways to Wear Shackets (+9 Shackets You’ll Love!)

Have you jumped on the shacket trend yet? Whether you wear one as you head outside on a cooler day or layer one inside on a frigid day, a shacket is one thing you’ll love having in your closet! It’s one of the best ways stay cozy yet look chic both indoors and out.

I’m sure you’ve seen shackets all over from the your Target run to Instagram. Shackets are something that can be worn truly year round.

It’s a great transition piece as we move from winter to spring or from summer to fall. You can easily swap out your cozy cardigan sweater for a shacket in the middle of winter on a cold day or throw it on over cut off shorts on cool winter nights.

But before we get too far, let’s take a step back and talk about what a shacket is!

What is a Shacket?

A shacket is a mix between an oversized shirt and a jacket (get it?). Shackets are a great alternative to a jean jacket or utility jacket when you head outside if you live in a warmer climate or for staying cozy inside if you live in a colder climate (like me!).

You might also hear them being called “overshirt” or “shirt jacket” so if you’re shopping online looking for a new shacket and having trouble finding anything, try searching one of those terms!

Shackets come in a ton of different fabrics from flannel to fleece to corduroy and are typically made of thicker fabrics. They can add a chic touch to any outfit you’re wearing.

What to Wear With a Shacket – 15 Outfit Ideas

What to wear with shackets

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Shackets are one of the most versatile pieces in your closet and can be paired with most anything! You can pair them with leggings and sneakers over a long sleeve t-shirt for running errands, over a dress with booties for a date night or paired with skinny jeans and a turtleneck for a day at the office.

There are so many ways to wear a shacket and here are some of my favorite ways to wear them!

1. Grey Jeans, Shacket, and Nikes Combo

The Grey Jeans, Cardigan, and Nikes Combo

Shop the Look: Jeans | White Tee | Shacket | Nikes

I love a fun pop of color in the form of a shacket (this one comes in different colors!). This works great over a slim fit white tee. Pair it with skinny dark wash jeans and a classic pair of Nikes to top off your outfit.

This is the perfect everyday look!

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2. Houndstooth Shacket

houndstooth shacket and black skinny jeans

Shop the Look: Jeans | White Tee | Houndstooth Shacket | Boots

One of my absolute favorite outfits for an effortless look is this one. Throw on a pair of black jeans, simple white tee and black boots. The houndstooth shacket is an easy way to give you a chic, pulled together look.

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Check out this shacket styled with green cargo pants here!

3. Pink Shacket and Straight Leg Jeans

pink and red shacket and straight leg jeans outfit

Shop the outfit: Straight Leg Jeans | White T-shirt | Pink Shacket | Boots |

Straight leg jeans or mom jeans combined with shackets create such cute outfits! In fact, it’s a perfect way to wear them! I love these distressed straight leg jeans and the bright color of the shacket makes this one of my all time favorite looks.

4. Flare Jeans and Cropped Shacket

flare jeans and shackets

Shop the Look: Jeans | White T-shirt | Cropped Flannel Shacket

Flare jeans can be hard to style, especially with an oversized fit shacket. First thing to do is to get a cropped style! This will help your legs look longer and not make it look you you’re drowning in fabric.

A pair of heeled shoes will also help elongate your legs and tucking in your tee will help define your waist.

5. Fleece Shacket and Grey Jeans

brown fleece jacket, grey jeans and brown boots

Shop the Look: Jeans | Chambray Shirt | Shacket

A fleece shacket is a fun addition to your closet! Pair it over a chambray top and finish it off with a pair of coordinating brown boots. You’ll be the most stylish gal around!

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6. Denim Shirt With Plaid Shacket and Black Boots

denim shirt with shacket layered over

Shop the Outfit: Denim Shirt (Mine is super old – this one is similar) | Pants | Shacket | Boots

This flannel shirt is one of my favorites and create so many different looks (if you haven’t noticed yet on this post!). Grab any chambray shirt in your closet, layer an oversized shacket over it. Pull on distressed black pants and black boots.

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7. White Jeans, T-shirt and Long Coat

Shop the outfit: White Jeans (Sold out – Similar here) | Navy Top | Long Jacket | Sneakers (sold out – similar here)

Spring is about layers, at least in my neck of the woods! A simple yet always on trend way to stay warm is with an oversized jacket. This flannel is cozy for those cool evenings. Keep things casual with a pair of distressed jeans and white sneakers.

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8. Black Jeans + Denim Shirt + Long Shacket

long plaid jacket over denim shirt and skinny jeans

Shop the Look: Denim Shirt (Mine is super old- this one is similar)| Pants | Jacket | Boots

Another favorite layered look is this one! This longer shacket is a great extra layer perfect for fall or spring when you don’t need a heavier jacket yet. It’s made out of a heavier material to keep you cozy warm on those chilly days.

9. Sweater Dress And a Long Flannel Shacket

sweater dress outfit with flannel jacket

Shop the Look: Sweater Dress | Jacket | Boots

Want to look a bit more stylish when wearing a sweater dress? I’ve got you covered! This beautiful long flannel shacket does just the thing! Just make sure that your jacket is longer than your dress! Throw on a pair of boots and you’ll be the most stylish girl around!

10. T-shirt Dress + Long Denim Jacket

Girl Wearing T-shirt Dress + Long Denim Jacket

Shop the Look: Dress | Long Denim Jacket (similar here and here) | Boots (Macys / Nordstrom)

T-shirt dresses are always a good idea, especially when paired with a denim shacket! Pro tip – keep the length of your shacket longer than your dress for a chic outfit.

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11. Blue Jeans + Henley + Blue Jacket

Blue Jeans + Henley + Blue Jacket + White Boots Outfit

Shop the Look: Denim | Henley | Shacket (similar here and here) | Boots (Macys / Nordstrom)

An outfit I wear on a daily basis is this one! Throw on a pair of dark denim, add a white thermal long sleeve and add an oversized shacket in neutral colors (like mine!). This is a great way to look amazing yet stay comfortable for running errands or heading out for coffee.

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12. Leggings, Graphic Tee and a Shacket

woman wearing faux leather leggings, pink jacket and graphic tee sweatshirt

Shop the Look: Faux Leather Leggings | Graphic Sweatshirt | Pink Shacket | Platform Sneakers

I love the bright pink color of this shacket. it’s a great layering piece over long-sleeved shirts like the graphic sweatshirt I’m wearing here. A pair of faux leather leggings and classic white sneakers completes the look!

13. Straight Leg Jeans, Sweater & Shacket

Straight Leg Jeans, Sweater & Shacket

Shop the outfit: Straight Leg Jeans | Sweater | Fleece Shacket | Boots |

When you need an extra layer over a sweater whether it’s a bitter cold winter day or it’s your outer layer for a cool fall day, this look is perfect!

This casual look combines distressed straight leg jeans, a cozy sweater and a flannel shacket over the top. Throw on a pair of booties and you’re good to go!

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14. White Jeans, Long Flannel Shacket and Boots

woman wearing White Jeans, Long Flannel and Boots

Shop the outfit: White Jeans (Sold out – Similar here)| Navy Top | Long Jacket | Boots | Crossbody Bag

Stylish? Check. Comfy? Check. Warm? Check. This outfit checks all the boxes for the perfect fall look! The darker colors of the boots tie in perfectly with the dark colors in the jacket and the pop of green in the crossbody bag ties it all together!

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15. Leggings, Long Sleeve Tee and a Shacket

chelsea boots and shacket

Shop this outfit: Long Sleeve | Shacket | Leggings | Socks (similar here) | Boots

Love a cropped shacket? Leggings and a plaid pattern shacket are the perfect combo for fall and winter. Add in cozy socks pulled slightly over your black leggings to complete the look!

Love black boots? Here’s a variety of black boot outfits for inspiration!

9 Best Shackets

  1. Red Shacket (comes in 9 colors)
  2. Brown Fleece Shacket (comes in 11 colors)
  3. Long Flannel Shacket (comes in 18 colors)
  4. Houndstooth Shacket (comes in 2 colors)
  5. Cropped Flannel Shacket (comes in 10 colors)
  6. Mid Length Flannel Jacket (comes in 20 colors)
  7. Waffle Button Down (13 colors available)
  8. Wool Blend Shacket (available in 11 colors)
  9. Corduroy Shacket (available in 12 colors)

You’ll quickly see a shacket is a super versatile piece that will not only keep you warm but also looking chic!

And if you’re looking for other fun fashionable pieces to add to your closet, why not try a pearl headband or blanket scarf


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