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Flat Iron Ceramic or Titanium: Comparison Guide

Finding the best flat iron for your hair is important, both for your style and for the health of your hair! You’ll want to consider your personal preferences, ease of use, and your hair type to find the best hair straightener for you. Before considering brands, you’ll need to decide if you want a titanium … Read the full article

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5 Best Cropped Trench Coats & 5 Outfit Ideas for Women

In the ever-changing world of fashion, there are timeless classics and modern interpretations of those classics. One reinvented gem that’s making waves in the fashion scene is the cropped trench jacket.  With its mix of sophistication and contemporary flair, this must-have item has captured the hearts of fashionistas worldwide. Let’s explore what cropped trench jackets … Read the full article

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3 Types of Shoes to Wear With Flare Jeans

*This post is sponsored by Schuler Shoes but all opinions are my own! When it comes to jeans, you can never have too many different styles. From skinny jeans to mom jeans, to flare jeans and straight leg jeans. It seems that there’s enough denim love going on right now that you can get away … Read the full article

The 25 Best Clothing Brands Similar to Everlane

You may have heard of the clothing brand Everlane. And if you haven’t, you’ll need to check it out! This brand is predominantly online, with a few stores in cities like New York and Los Angeles.  They are well known for producing ethical clothing and for their radical transparency about the production cost. They work … Read the full article

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How to Choose the Right Curling Iron Size for You

Choosing the right curling iron size is key to getting your dream curls. With the right size, you can achieve tight curls, loose waves or a classic vintage look. In this guide, I’ll dive into different sizes, what hair lengths and types they work best for, and how they can help you create a variety … Read the full article

7 Best Root Lifters to Give Fine Hair Volume (2024)

Always on the hunt for ways to add fullness to your flat hair and finally rock that hairstyle you’ve been wanting to try? Do you struggle with giving your fine hair a boost that lasts until the end of the day without damaging it? Presenting to you, the holy grail of volumizing fine hair: root … Read the full article

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Partial Balayage vs Full Balayage: Which One to Get?

You might have heard the word “Balayage” thrown around frequently in the hair world. Both partial balayage and full balayage hair treatments are popular hair trends that many people choose for their hair. The word balayage is a French word that means to paint or to sweep. In the hairstyling world, this means doing balayage … Read the full article

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My Honest Quince Clothing Review – Is It Worth It?

Ever wondered if Quince is legit? If they’re worth the price? Me too, which is why I’m here writing this Quince Clothing review! This brand is well known for their high-quality, sustainable products at a reasonable price. So do they live up to the hype? Let’s dive in. Quince History I alway love starting with … Read the full article

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31 Best Gold Nail Designs for Any Occasion

Can we all just agree that gold is a neutral? You can wear it every day and with basically anything! It’s also perfect for special occasions and holidays and parties!! You just really can’t go wrong. Gold nails are the perfect way to add some sparkle to your style. And there are so many ways … Read the full article

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Is a Facial Steamer Worth It? Benefits + 5 Top Picks

Facial steamers are the latest trend to amp up your skincare routine. A facial steamer is a machine that works by producing a warm mist. It’s like a spa treatment or sauna but from the comfort of your own home! I’ve personally used a facial steamer for a few years and absolutely love it. While … Read the full article


9 Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch, Tested (2024)

Are you struggling with persistent lower belly pooch regardless of your body type or life stage? If so, you’re not alone! As a mom of 3 I quickly learned the power of shapewear to smooth and conceal my lower belly pooch after having my first child. I’m here to help you choose the right shapewear … Read the full article

22 Hot Pink Nail Art Ideas for 2024

Pink (and especially hot pink!) is all the rage right now, thanks in no small part to the Barbie movie! Have you caught the hot pink fever? Whether you love a head-to-toe pink outfit or just want to try out some pink accents, a hot pink manicure is the perfect place to start! Try one … Read the full article

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The Best Designer Jean Brands for Women

Denim never goes out of style and can easily be dressed up or down. Investing in a good pair of jeans that you can wear for years to come is definitely worth considering. Many designer jeans brands have great quality jeans that are well worth the price. Here are 29 designer jeans brands that are … Read the full article

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49 Bright Neon Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Nude nails are great, but sometimes you’re in the mood for something bright! That’s where neon colors come in. They really make your manicure pop (and make you look tan!).  I love them for spring and summer, but they’re really suitable for any time of year. Whether you have a colorful wardrobe or just want … Read the full article

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13 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers For Gorgeous Lashes

Looking for the best heated eyelash curler? Keep reading to find out my personal favorite curler and tips for using one. You use heat to curl your hair — why not your eyelashes? If a traditional eyelash curler isn’t giving you quite enough curl, it’s time to try out a heated eyelash curler. It’s like … Read the full article

The 12 Best Brushes for Fine Hair – Tested

Looking for the best brush for fine hair? Keep reading, I’m here to help! I’m a 30+ mom with fine hair and my daughter has incredibly long fine hair. We’ve tried more than our share of hairbrushes in our day and we’ve come across some clear winners (and some losers). Today I’m going to share … Read the full article

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Balayage vs Ombre Hair: What is the Difference

Balayage vs Ombre hair coloring techniques – what makes these techniques so popular and how can you spot the differences? There are many different hair color techniques, but the two that stand out the most are the balayage and ombre. From the moment that they appeared on the scene, they have become so popular and … Read the full article

7 Best Curling Irons for Long Hair for Perfect Curls

There are few things that make you feel more fabulous than a great hair day. When your hair is shiny, voluminous, and filled with bouncy curls, you feel like you’re on top of the world. But it all begins with one tool: a curling iron. There are hundreds of curling irons and wands on the … Read the full article

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How to Style Leather Shorts – 9 Outfit Ideas 2024

Leather shorts are a super chic option for an outfit in both fall and summer. They’re super easy to dress up or down and are a great transition piece as the weather get cold. If you need to how to style leather shorts, keep reading! There’s also tons of different styles when it comes to … Read the full article

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4th of July Sales to Shop Now

It’s the 4th of July weekend! No better time to do some shopping and get some incredible deals while you’re at it. Here’s some of the best sales and top picks from my favorite stores! Madewell Up to 60% off with code “HotDeal” Old Navy Extra 25% everything. Select tank tops are only $2!! Gap … Read the full article

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My Honest Vegamour Review (GRO Hair Serum and More)

As someone who has dealt with really bad postpartum hair loss, I’ve been searching high and low for something to restore the healthy hair I once had. There’s a lot about childbirth that’s difficult, and for me, the loss of hair was one of the harder things to deal with. I really want my healthy … Read the full article


Hot Deals for Today

Amazon currently has some major deals on back to school items. Stock up now so you don’t have to later! Here’s a look at some of the best deals I found today! Elmer’s Glue 84% Off!! Colored Pencils (Less than $1 – 75% off) Glue Sticks Less than $1 per stick! Sharpies Over 50% off! … Read the full article

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The 9 Best Blow Dry Brushes for Fine Hair (2024)

If you’ve got fine hair fine hair, you know that you can spend lots of time and money on products, hair tools and salon visits trying to get that big, beautiful blowout look you want. It can empty your wallet and fill up your bathroom cabinets pretty quickly! But with the right blow-dry brush, you … Read the full article