Is Chicwish Legit? My Must Read Honest Chicwish Review (2024)

*This post was updated in October 2023.

Is Chicwish legit? Are their clothes good quality? There are a variety of Chicwish Reviews out there and today I’m going to share my honest opinion about them after buying hundreds of dollars of clothes on them over the past couple of years.

You can’t scroll Instagram, TikTok, or even Pinterest without seeing a blogger sharing a beautiful dress, skirt, or outfit from Chicwish. But are they as legit as everyone says they are?

As someone who has purchased Chicwish clothing for years (with my own money!), I can assure you that Chicwish is not only legit, but they have tons of beautiful clothing to choose from! 

In fact, I shared one of their skirts on Instagram last year only to have tons of followers of mine proceed to purchase the skirt for family photos, weddings, and more!

To my surprise, Chicwish reached out to see if I would review their shop and their clothing so while yes, this blog post is sponsored, I only agreed since I have already spent my own money on their clothing and know that I love them. And per usual, I’ll share all the good and not so good about this brand so you know all there is to know!

is chicwish legit?

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What is Chicwish?

Let’s first chat a bit about Chicwish. Chicwish is an online shop that focuses on trendy clothing that’s affordable.

They have everything from dresses and skirts to tops and coats and everything in between. They even have kids’ clothes! I love being able to find “mommy and me” outfits for me and my daughter.

Their clothing style is vintage-inspired but also completely on-trend. They incorporate things like lace, tulle, and crochet into their apparel for a stunning final product. If you’re a girly girl who loves feminine, modest fashion, you’re going to love this shop!

woman wearing maxi skirt and long duster with boots

Chicwish Shipping Times

Shipping times are typically longer than you’re probably used to. They’re based in China but they ship from the U.S., U.K., Germany, Belgium, Canada and Australia. Because of that, you need to plan ahead before ordering since it will take a couple of weeks for it to arrive. 

On average my orders took 2-4 weeks after ordering from them to be delivered. You might get them a little faster than that but this a general rule of thumb. While this is fine if you don’t have a deadline, it can be a bit long especially if you need to exchange it or if whatever you ordered didn’t work out.

They do a great job of keeping you posted as to when the item has been shipped so you’re able to track it.

Chicwish Return Policy

You’re able to return anything within 30 days from when you receive it as long as the tags are still on. 

Your first return per order is free as long as you have the plastic bag you received your order in to send it back. Pro tip – don’t toss the bag it arrives in unless you’re sure you’re going to keep it. In order to not get charged a $3 fee, remember – you should not throw the bag until you’re certain you’re going to keep it!

woman in blue and green dress holding bag

Returns are fairly simple – go online to, find your order in your Chicwish account and submit your request for the items you want to return or exchange. You can either use their return label or mail it yourself from there.

I’ve returned a few things from Chicwish. Two bottoms were just too large for me and one blazer was the wrong item (I ordered a long sleeve blazer and they sent a ¾ length blazer).

The return part was super easy however it can take a while for your points to show up in your account. If you pay without using points, you can get a $2 credit if you exchange an item instead of just returning it. You must pay with a credit or debit card in order to get the credit.

Chicwish Sizing

Chicwish now has more inclusive sizing with sizing going from an xxs to an xxxl. Not all of their clothes are offered in this complete range but they do have some options in them!

Shopping online can be difficult when it comes to sizing and Chicwish doesn’t have the easiest to understand sizing. Many of their clothes include multiple sizes (xs-s, m-l, etc). However, once you know your sizing in their clothing it’s fairly universal so if a tulle skirt in a xs-s fits than most of the skirts will also fit in that size.

Sustainability at Chicwish

I originally wrote this review in May of 2022 and they’ve recently made some key updates. One thing that is new to Chicwish is their sustainability practices.

Chicwish Factory Sustainability

When it comes to their factories, they’re now insisting that each of their suppliers and manufacturing facilities abide by the Chicwish Zero Tolerance Policy. According to their website, this what that entails:

  • Ensuring HEALTH & SAFETY measures
  • Protecting the ENVIRONMENT
  • Abolishing MODERN SLAVERY
  • Eradicating CHILD LABOUR
  • Guaranteeing FAIR WAGES

They do routine factory inspections and monthly site visits to ensure their policy is followed.

Material Sustainability at Chicwish

They’re also working toward incorporating the most eco-friendly materials in their products! About 60% of the fibers they use are cotton based and they’re currently transitioning all of their cotton sourcing to be certified organic by 2023.

They also reuse and reknit polyester, having repurposed over 5 million plastic water bottles and reincorporated 500,000 pounds of textiles and fishing nets into their ReUse clothing line.

They also have allied mills in Turkey that produce fresh new yarn out of worn-out cashmere and wool sweaters. The items are cleaned and combed to produce these new yarns that are then used for interwoven with fresh fiber to create new clothes.

Biodegradable Bags

Chicwish also changed their packaging in December of 2022 to be biodegradable! Whenever you order a new product for Chicwish it will arrive in an eco-friendly, biodegradable bag.

Is Chicwish Legit? My Honest Chicwish Review

Chicwish review including a. cropped top and orange skirt

There’s so much to love about Chicwish. Their clothing is constantly changing and there are tons of super cute options. They have some items that are staple pieces that will never go out of stock and they’re also constantly adding new pieces to their shop. They have classic yet trendy clothes that are great for a variety of occasions.

They’re also very reasonably priced! I love Chicwish for things like special occasion dresses or skirts (think bridal showers, weddings, etc.) where you don’t necessarily want to spend a ton of money on something, but you want to look nice.

I picked up an amazing Chicwish skirt for a blogger event I was attending, and it was a hit! I loved it so much I have worn that skirt so many times, all year long (both summer and winter).

There are many reviews out there so you can know that Chicwish is not a scam. While some things like how long it takes to ship and the confusing return policy, it’s actually a legit company that I really love! Just remember that you need to give yourself ample time to get and return orders!

What is the quality of Chicwish clothing?

woman in maxi dress with handbag

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the great quality of Chicwish clothing for the price. I’ve purchased everything from skirts to dresses to coats and the quality has all been great. 

My husband (who has impeccable taste) complimented me on  a coat I wore for a date night, thinking it cost much more than it did. That’s a great testimony to the quality of the clothes!

Most of the items I have received have held up really well with regular washing and drying. One of the loops on my duster (below!) ripped off but other than that everything has stayed in tact.

I would compare the quality to something like H&M. It’s definitely not a high end brand with impeccable stitching but you’re going to fare better than other brands such as Shein or some of the off brand shops on Amazon.

A Few Things I’ve Ordered

Here’s a look at a few of the items I’ve ordered from Chicwish!

Grass Green Pleated Detail Straight-Leg Pants and Peak Lapel Flap Pocket Double-Breasted Blazer

Woman wearing a green chicwish suit set

This pant and blazer set is sold separately but is 100% worth getting together! The pants fit perfect on me which can be super rare for pants like this. The length is perfect to wear with heels or platform sneakers and it has an elastic waist with a button for a flexible fit.

The blazer fits slightly oversized and can be worn open or buttoned closed. It hits lower than many blazers that I own but I love it!

It’s a super chic look that can be worn anywhere from the office to date night.

Cuteness Flowers Boxy Round Neck Knit Sweater in Hot Pink

woman in hot pink sweater with red flowers on it

This sweater is my new favorite sweater! It’s super soft and great for everyday wear and the colors are so vibrant and fun! I got so many compliments when I wore this out.

You are supposed to hand wash this sweater but I’ll be real, I rarely hand wash my clothes and they are fine. I’ll update this post if machine washing is bad for it! It fits slightly oversized with a boxy fit. I’m wearing the s-m in this photo!

Minty Lemon Printed Tie-Strap Maxi Dress

woman wearing lemon and mint dress from Chicwish for a chicwish review

To be honest, I didn’t think I would love this dress but I wanted to give it a try. When I put it on I was shocked at how beautiful it was! It’s incredibly flattering l. This is one I’ll be wearing all summer long.

I got an x-small and it fits TTS.

Free Myself Open Front Wool-Blend Coat in Sand

woman wearing white jeans and long tan coat

This is the coat I was referring to above that my husband loved! I wore this jacket all spring and anticipate wearing it a ton in the fall when the weather cools off a bit.

I bought an x-small and it fits perfectly.

Blooming Calla Lily Watercolor Maxi Skirt

woman wearing flowy maxi skirt and hat

This is the skirt I was talking about earlier in this post! I bought it for a blogger event and proceeded to wear it ALL THE TIME. The sizing in this skirt is a little strange since it’s only 3 sizes (x-small and small are one size, medium and large are one size, and x-large and xx-large are one size).

I have the x-small-small. It fits a bit long on me but when I wear heels it’s perfect.

Orange Blossom Watercolor Maxi Skirt

woman wearing long maxi skirt and cropped tank

This is the exact same skirt as above but in a different color scheme! I loved that skirt so much I bought it twice. 😉

Simple Lines Bandeau Tank Top

chicwish cropped tank

I’m not a huge crop top wearer but I wanted some for layering with high-waisted jeans and skirts. I picked up this one and love it! My only complaint is that the bra cups are sewn in and not removable. 

I bought an x-small and it fits TTS. I actually bought this in white and black too!


Is Chicwish a legitimate site?

Yes, Chicwish is most definitely a legitimate site!

How long does it take to get a Chicwish order?

The Chicwish website states that it processes orders in 3-4 business days and then shipping will take 8-12 business days.

Is Chicwish better than Shein?

Yes, the quality of the clothing is much better with Chicwish than Shein, in general.

Is Chicwish on Amazon?

Yes, Chicwish does sell on Amazon! I’ve previously ordered Chicwish items on Amazon and the shipping was incredibly fast like most Amazon orders are! There are definitely more products on their actual website but checking Amazon is a great option if you need something quickly or want to see more Chicwish reviews.

If you’ve ever wanted to try out Chicwish, do it! I’ve found some great items that I love from there.

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