13 Best Green Cargo Pants Outfit Ideas for 2024

Green cargo pants are back! It’s always fun to see trends come and go but I’ll be honest, this was one trend I was surprised to see this one come back! BUt good news, I’m here to help you find some new green cargo pants outfits to try out!

Since it’s been years since the last time I work a pair of green cargo pants, I figured I should find at least one cute pair and style them in different ways for both you and me!

The ones I have on in this post are incredibly comfortable and can be worn all day long! They’re stretchy enough to allow you to move freely but tight enough to not make you look frumpy.

If you’re having trouble knowing what to wear with yours, let these different outfits serve as some inspiration! I know every has a different body type and their own unique style so all of these won’t resonate with you, but hopefully by seeing some different outfits it will help you!

Keep scrolling to the bottom for a few other pant styles to find one that fits your personal style and the overall look you’re going for!

13 Green Cargo Pants Outfits

how to wear green cargo pants

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1. Navy Blue T-Shirt

woman wearing green cargo pants, navy blue tshirt and white sneakers

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Blue and green are a classic combo that anyone can pull off. Mine is an Amazon Essentials t-shirt that I’ve had for years and love it!

I paired it with a pair of white sneakers and some gold jewelry.

2. White T-Shirt and White Sneakers

woman wearing green cargo pants, white t-shirt and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | T-shirt | Sneakers

One of the most classic green cargo pants outfits you can find is a simple white t-shirt! The pants are the statement piece when you pair it with a white shirt and white sneakers.

In really warm weather swap the white tee for a white tank top and the sneakers for sandals!

3. Denim Jacket

woman wearing green cargo pants, white t-shirt, oversized denim jacket and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | T-shirt | Denim Jacket | Sneakers

Skip the Canadian Tuxedo, try out this way to rock your denim jacket! The blue of the jacket really pops agains the green pants. The white tee and the white sneakers are the perfect choice to have a solid base.

Style tip: Try tucking in your t-shirt or knotting it up to show off your waist otherwise this look could make you look heavier than you are with the oversized fit of the jacket and the baggy jeans.

4. Sheer Floral Top and Sneakers

woman wearing green cargo pants, sheer floral top and loafers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Floral Shirt | Loafer

This is a bit of an unexpected green cargo pants outfit but I love it! This look is totally one that you could wear to the office or other professional areas.

The feminine style of the sheer top look so fun with the more utilitarian pants. Add a some suede loafers and you’re going to be the chicest gal around.

5. Sweater Tank & Loafers

woman wearing green cargo pants, white sweater tank and loafers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Sweater Tank | Loafer

This is one top that has been on repeat for months! I love the softness of the top next to the roughness of the cargo pants. They perfectly balance each other out. The white top and the olive green cargo pants are a great combo!

The suede loafers tie in the gold jewelry in a great way as well. This is another great work look!

6. Black and White Stripe Top

woman wearing green cargo pants, black and white stripe top and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Stripe Top | Sneakers

Black and white stripes are a great neutral that can be paired with tons of different colors and types of clothing. I love how it adds some fun dimension to this outfit without feeling overpowering.

Pair this with either white sneakers for a casual look or black boots for a more edgy vibe. This is a great contemporary look!

7. Black Bomber Jacket

woman wearing green cargo pants, black bomber jacket and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Jacket (sold out – similar style here) | Sneakers

Speaking of edgy vibes, this black jacket is just that! As the days get cooler, a bomber jacket is a great option to stay warm while looking chic.

The cropped style of this type of faux leather bomber jackets helps define your waist and keep you looking slim and trim.

Want a casual look? Go for the white sneakers. Want something even more edgy? Throw on a pair of combat boots!

8. Rust T-Shirt

woman wearing green cargo pants, rust t-shirt and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | T-shirt | Sneakers

Rust and green? Yes, please! This is another unexpected color combo that just works! I just recommend not going too red or you may look a bit Christmasy. 😉

Keep your shoes a neutral color when pairing two unique colors together to not have another competing color in the mix!

9. Chambray Shirt

woman wearing green cargo pants, chambray and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Chambray | Sneakers

This might be my favorite look of them all! I love the blue of the chambray with the green of the pants. The pockets on each tie together well and the overall vibe just works!

A chambray top is an excellent choice to wear with a pair of cargo pants for an effortless look. Another option is also great with a white button-down shirt!

Check out more chambray shirt outfit ideas on this post!

10. White Cardigan

woman wearing green cargo pants, white cardigan and loafers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Cardigan | Loafers

Another great outfit for fall or winter is this one! This cropped cardigan is the perfect length for a slight front tuck into the front of my cargo pants and the suede loafers elevate the look for a professional vibe.

11. Black Tank Top

woman wearing green cargo pants, black tank top and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Tank | Sneakers

If you’re looking for an outfit idea that is simple yet sophisticated, try this one! One of the best ways to wear green cargo pants is with black and white.

This black tank is incredibly slimming especially when paired with baggy pants like the ones I’m wearing. The white sneakers keep it clean and cute.

12. Black and White Houndstooth Shacket

woman wearing green cargo pants, black tank top and herringbone shacket and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants| Tank | Shacket | Sneakers

Shackets are a girls best friend, especially in colder months! This chic look is created with a fitted black tank, classic which sneakers and oversized shacket. The black base of the tank and shoes tie in the shacket perfectly!

Check out other shacket outfits here!

13. Graphic Sweatshirt

woman wearing green cargo pants, cool aunt club sweatshirt and white sneakers

Shop the Look: Cargo Pants | Sweatshirt | Sneakers

Lastly, why not try a graphic tee or graphic sweatshirt! This look is perfect for everyday wear and is a fresh look from the classic jeans you’re likely used to putting on.

Give it a little style with a front tuck and some cute sneakers and you have the perfect casual look!

Different Types of Green Cargo Pants

Before we go, I want to share some various styles of cargo pants out there! The ones I’m wearing in this post is just one type – there’s khaki cargo pants, skinny cargo pants, even green cargo trousers!

6 stylish green cargo pants

Here’s a few other styles to try:

  1. Casual Cargo Pants – These are the ones I own! I am wearing an x-small, which is my normal size. Size up if you want them more baggy!
  2. Jogger Cargo Pants – These are a polyester pant that’s great for travel or daily wear!
  3. Tie Bottom Trousers – These non-stretch trousers have a drawstring at the bottom to make them easy to tie up.
  4. Wide Leg Trousers – Stretchy denim trousers that are great for dressing up.
  5. Vegan Leather 90s Cargo Pants – Go bold with these vegan leather pants! They come in 2 colors.
  6. Straight Leg Cargo Pants – These Madewell pants are so chic! The come in 3 stylish colors with a broken-in feel.


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