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22 Hot Pink Nail Art Ideas for 2024

Pink (and especially hot pink!) is all the rage right now, thanks in no small part to the Barbie movie! Have you caught the hot pink fever?

Whether you love a head-to-toe pink outfit or just want to try out some pink accents, a hot pink manicure is the perfect place to start! Try one of these 22 pink nails ideas or use them as inspiration for your own creation.

22 Hot Pink Nail Design Ideas

best hot pink fingernails

1. Pink on Pink

pink on pink

Image via @nailsby.hails

Pink on pink! Got two shades of hot pink in your collection? Go for an extra pink French manicure.

While you could of course try this on short nails, I love the way it looks on a longer nail length and almond shape nails.

2. Matte Hot Pink Nails

matte hot pink nails

Image via @nailsby.hails

Pick your favorite nail shape and your favorite shade of pink, and you’re set for these matte pink nails! To get the matte look, you can buy a matte top coat, or you can DIY your own matte nail polish by mixing a tiny bit of baking powder or cornstarch with some of your nail polish.

3. Hot Pink Daisy Tips

hot pink and daisies

Image via @illustrated_nails

Have some fun with your pink French tips, and go wavy instead of straight across. These pink squiggles are so fun — they remind me of a lava lamp! Add in a little flower on each under the pink tips for a funky retro look.

4. Hot Pink Flecks

pink with glitter flakes

Image via @estheticsbyjayde

Hot pink is a perfect base for a sparkly flake polish, like this one from Luxapolish. Apply a little for a bit of a terrazzo look, or layer it on for full-on glitter fun.

5. Squiggle Hearts

squiggle hearts

Image via @illustrated_nails

Love is in the air and on your fingernails! This is a simple design  to pull off, even for beginners. Grab your favorite shades of pink and red, make the wavy lines, then use a dotting tool or toothpick to make the small dots and tiny heart designs.

6. Trippy Pink Neon Swirls

trippy pink swirly lines

Image via @nailsby.hails

Combine pale pink, medium pink and hot pink shades in these Barbie-vibes pink swirls. Mix up which fingers you do for the accent nail design and solid nails on each hand to make it a little unexpected. 

7. Neon Pink Crocodile

neon pink crocodile

Image via @nailsby.hails

Love crocodile prints, but not into the browns or greens color combination for your fingernails? Do this animal print in whatever color you want! There are no rules for your manicure.

Try out different colors, including a bright pink nail color. Bloom gel makes this unique nail art so simple and gives your nails a bit of depth!

8. Pink Splatter with Smiley Faces

Pink Splatter with Smiley Faces

Image via @tessa.lyn.nails

Don’t worry! Be happy with this pink and neon color smiley and splatter manicure. You can get the perfect splatter by putting some nail polish on the end of a straw and then blowing through the other end.

9. Pink Red Nails

Pink and red nails

Image via @estheticsbyjayde

Why stick with just one idea when you can make each nail different? You can copy this pink and red manicure, or just use it for inspiration and paint whatever you can think of.

10. XO Flowers

hot pink xo flowers

image by emjpolished

This sweet pink manicure works on all nail lengths, but I love how it looks on shorter nails! The little white flowers pop against the hot pink nail polish. Both the flowers and XOXO are easy to do with a dotting tool!

11. Cactus Nails

cactus nails
Image via karanailedit

You can use hot pink in all kinds of different designs! Neon pink nails make a funky sunset for a desert scene, perfect for your next set of summer nails.

12. Hot Pink with Pink Flowers

Hot Pink with Pink Flowers

Image via @emjpolished

You can’t mess these bright pink nails up! This cute design is so easy to do, even if you’re a beginner. You can use a dotting tool or even just the nail brush.

13. Light Hot Pink

light hot pink

Image via @nailfies.by.lexi

This is such a gorgeous pink color! These Neon Flamingo press-ons from Olive and June are quick, easy and give you that bright pink manicure you’re looking for.

14. Pink Glitter Dots

pink glitter nails

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

I love the combo of silver glitter and pink polish! Paint some pink accent dots on the silver nails to make the mani cohesive.

Kaleidoscope & Haute Pink by @pinkchawkulit 

15. Glitter Pink

pink glitter

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

These pink glitter nails are actually a thermal nail polish, so they change to light pink when the temperature changes! Such a fun option for any pink lover. 

16. Pink with Blue Shimmer

pink with blue shimmer

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

If you want your overall look to have a bit of a surprise, try this bright pink with a flash of blue! You don’t have to choose between these bright colors, and the shimmer is unmatched.

Polish: @crowandopal
Color: A/S/L

17. Pink Tips and Dots

hot pink dots and tips

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

You can’t go wrong with a hot pink french tip. Add some polka dots to give it a little extra interest!

Gel Polish: @aokitec
Color: A21156*
Base: @didierlab_usa Fiber Base Gel Glass*

18. Solid Pink Nails

pink nails

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

The perfect pink nail polish doesn’t exi…

Use this candy colored polish for the best hot pink nails for anyone who loves a solid mani. This color stands on its own.

Polish: @iscreamnails
Color: Sickly Sweet*

19. Solid Hot Pink Nails

hot pink nails

Image via @lecame.shesaw.shepainted

This reddish hot pink polish on long nails provides that perfect pop of color to a simple outfit. You’ll definitely catch some eyes with this one.

20. Wild Orchid

wild orchid

Image via @nailfies.by.lexi

Get your short nails in on the fun! Choose a vibrant hue of pink like this Wild Orchid shade from Olive and June, and you’ve got a look!

Olive and June – Wild Orchid

21. Blue with Pink Flowers

blue with pink flowers

Image via @emjpolished

Use hot pink as an eye-catching accent on your nails. I love this purple nail design — it’s a little bit retro and super easy to pull off!

22. Neon Flames

neon flames

Image via @nailsby.hails

You don’t have to go feminine with your hot pink design! Grab your neon pinks and oranges to make this edgy flame design.

Many of these designs were created with Olive & June nail polish – check out my review here!

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