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T3 Curling Wand Review: Is it Worth It?

Looking to up your hair game? Want a curling iron that will actually hold your curl in and not ruin your hair while curling it? Enter the T3 Micro Curling Wand. The T3 curling and has been a cult favorite by beauty bloggers and hair stylists alike and there’s a reason why! It’s does an … Read the full article

hot rollers

14 Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair

Hot rollers are no longer something just for grandmas to use! Now, hot rollers are all over Instagram and Tiktok as people begin to realize just what a great option they are. This classic hair tool has taken off as a modern trend because of its amazing benefits and ease of creating perfect curls. If … Read the full article

purple shampoo on dry hair

Should You Use Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair?

Should you use purple shampoo on dry hair? Many people are saying yes but here’s a little secret – no, you shouldn’t! Anyone with blonde hair knows how hard it can be to keep your hair a perfect blonde that’s not brassy. You leave the salon with gorgeous cool blonde only to realize it’s looking … Read the full article

15 Best Natural Organic Shampoo Brands

It’s clear to see that in recent years, the beauty industry as a whole has seen some massive changes. Gone are the days where companies could simply fly under the radar with their harmful chemicals and ingredients. Consumers are becoming more and more educated on the product they’re using, and the industry is finally taking … Read the full article

9 Steps to Gorgeous Air Dry Hair

Trying to use less heat on your hair? Love the look of air dried hair on your friends or celebrities but can’t seem to pull it off? Today let’s chat through some of the best tips for beautiful air dry hair. Benefits of Air Dry Hair There are many benefits of air drying your hair … Read the full article

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint Review

Interested in dying your hair pink but afraid to commit to it? Today I’m sharing my review of the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint! It’s a great way to spice up your hair without it being permanent. I love changing up my hair but don’t always have the guts to do bold moves. This … Read the full article

6 Amazing Hair Thickening Products

Are you someone with thin or fine hair? Looking to add some volume or thickness? These 6 hair thickening products are one I use every single week! I have pretty thin, fine hair so I rely on my products to thicken things up and make my hair look more full than it actually is. I’ve … Read the full article

9 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage

Frustrated with your damaged hair? Worried you might be damaging your hair with everyday things like washing, drying and styling? Today let’s talk about how to prevent hair damage or help the damaged hair you may already have! My postpartum hair is insane. I lose so much hair after having my babies and my regrowth … Read the full article

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5 Easy Hair Tutorials to Try Today

Last year I shared some goals I had for the year and I’m happy to say I accomplished just about all of them! One thing I loved doing was learning how to do my hair better (yes, this is totally vain but also fun so…) which is why I wanted to share some easy hair tutorials … Read the full article