How to Use Dry Shampoo (9 Expert Tips)

Confused about how to use dry shampoo? I get it. People rave about how amazing it is, but unless you’re using it right it seems to be pointless or just weighs your hair down. Chances are, you’ve been using it off and on for years but have you really understood the best way to use … Read the full article

How to Organize Hair Products

Ok ladies, this post is for all my hair product junkies out there trying to figure out how to organize hair products. If you follow me on Instagram there’s a chance you saw this on my stories! I had so many comments on it that I wanted to share it here for everyone to learn … Read the full article

12 Best Flat Irons and Straighteners for Thick Hair

If you’ve got a lot of hair, you know getting through those gorgeous thick locks of yours can be quite the hassle. That’s why you want to ensure you are using the best tools for your hair for effortless (or at least lower effort!) and effective styling. Styling thick hair doesn’t have to be hard … Read the full article

Hair Chalk: Everything You Need to Know

Want to switch up your look with a fun pop of color but don’t want to commit? Hair chalk is one of the easiest ways to get a bright temporary color in your hair without any damage or bleaching. But how do you apply it? How long does it last? Can you use hair chalk … Read the full article

What’s the Best Flat Iron for Curling Hair?

There is nothing better than a 2-in-1, which is why investing in a good flat iron to give you straight and sleek hair one day and curly and flowy the next will save you on any kind of hair day! Flat irons aren’t just for straightening your hair! You can also curl your hair with … Read the full article

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Top 18 Best Hair Crimpers and Wavers

Eighties and nineties fashion has made a comeback, which means old hairstyles are popular again! With it brings crimped hair and today’s modern twist: beachy waves. I can remember crimping my hair back in middle school and absolutely loving it so I, for one, am glad to see this trend is back! Even if you … Read the full article

25 Best Hair Straightening Products

Whether you have fine hair or a thick curly mane, everyone loves a straight and sleek hairstyle. Straightening your hair is great for changing up your look or for special occasions! Wanting this look is one thing, but getting it is another. With the right products and approach, anyone can create a silky-smooth straightened look. … Read the full article

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25 Hair Clips Perfect for Fine Hair

Hair clips are making an undeniable and fun comeback. Whether it’s large claw clips, hair barrettes, butterfly clips, or hair combs, the beloved hair trends from the ’90s and Y2K eras are back. A simple clip can instantly transform your look from basic to effortless, which is why they are quickly becoming a favorite go-to … Read the full article

10 Best Volumizing Hair Powders

Have thin hair? Looking for a little lift? I have thin hair that oftentimes needs some help looking thick and voluminous. That why I’ve rounded up the 10 best volumizing powders to give you great volume and a bit of extra confidence. But first up, what the heck are hair powders? Hair powders, or volumizing … Read the full article

Easiest Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

Are you a ponytail kinda gal? Looking to up your game a bit and try out a bubble ponytail? You’ve come to the right spot! I’ve loved doing this style on my own hair for years (both with and without my extensions) and now get to do them on my daughter’s hair! This ponytail hairstyle … Read the full article

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T3 Curling Wand Review: Is it Worth It?

Looking to up your hair game? Want a curling iron that will actually hold your curl in and not ruin your hair while curling it? Enter the T3 Micro Curling Wand. The T3 curling and has been a cult favorite by beauty bloggers and hair stylists alike and there’s a reason why! It’s does an … Read the full article

hot rollers

14 Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair

Hot rollers are no longer something just for grandmas to use! Now, hot rollers are all over Instagram and Tiktok as people begin to realize just what a great option they are. This classic hair tool has taken off as a modern trend because of its amazing benefits and ease of creating perfect curls. If … Read the full article

purple shampoo on dry hair

Should You Use Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair?

Should you use purple shampoo on dry hair? Many people are saying yes but here’s a little secret – no, you shouldn’t! Anyone with blonde hair knows how hard it can be to keep your hair a perfect blonde that’s not brassy. You leave the salon with gorgeous cool blonde only to realize it’s looking … Read the full article

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How to Fishtail Braid for Beginners [+VIDEO]

Looking to finally master a fishtail braid? No matter your hair type, this unique style is one of the most simple braids to do but it looks super complex! I’ve been asked how to do a fishtail braid for beginners, so I finally shot a tutorial for you! If you’ve hung out in my part … Read the full article

12 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Thick Hair

If you have thin hair like I do, I’m sure you sometimes wish for thicker locks to pull off certain styles. I’ve tried lots of products to give myself more volume, and one good option is to try a thickening shampoo.  I’ve done some research to bring you the best volumizing shampoos and conditioners if … Read the full article

15 Best Natural Organic Shampoo Brands

It’s clear to see that in recent years, the beauty industry as a whole has seen some massive changes. Gone are the days where companies could simply fly under the radar with their harmful chemicals and ingredients. Consumers are becoming more and more educated on the product they’re using, and the industry is finally taking … Read the full article

Pearl Headband Trend – How to Wear Them & Best Picks!

Pearl headbands are a girls best friend. A stunning pearl headband can dress up any outfit, cover up dirty hair or elevate on otherwise simple outfit. You’ve seen pearl headbands everywhere from the runway (Prada, Miu Miu, and others), on popular television shows (the queen of pearl headbands has got to be Blair Waldorf), and … Read the full article

Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions Review (BFB Fill In & Classic)

Want long hair? Looking to buy hair extensions? Today I’m sharing my full review of the Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions by Amber Fillerup, Whether you’re looking for longer hair (by using the Classics) or fuller hair (using the Fill Ins), this review is for you! It’s time for my long awaited Barefoot Blonde hair extensions … Read the full article

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How To Make Sea Salt Spray: 3 Steps & 3 Ingredients

Love the look of fresh beachy waves after a day at the beach? Looking to save money on hair products, but can’t live without your sea salt spray? Today I’m showing exactly how to make an easy DIY sea salt spray to keep money in your pocket without sacrificing style. Making 4oz. of your own … Read the full article