Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions Review (BFB Fill In & Classic)

Want long hair? Looking to buy hair extensions? Today I’m sharing my full review of the Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions by Amber Fillerup, Whether you’re looking for longer hair (by using the Classics) or fuller hair (using the Fill Ins), this review is for you!

Woman with long blonde braid

It’s time for my long awaited Barefoot Blonde hair extensions review!! If you’ve hung out on Instagram for any number of time, you’ve probably seen me wear my Barefoot Blonde hair extensions by Amber Fillerup. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on both the fill ins and extensions.

I originally bought them solely to be able to do more fun braids (like this fishtail braid one) and hair styles but I also love wearing them down from time to time. They’re super versatile extensions!

Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions Review

Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions Review (BFB Fill In & Classic)

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All of Barefoot Blonde hair is 100% human remy hair. That means you can wash it, dry it (or let it air dry!), curl it and style it like your regular hair!

They come in a ton of different colors that are super easy to match to your own hair (more on that below). Since I don’t wear my extensions daily I haven’t had to replace them yet and I’ve had them over 2 years!

Barefoot Blonde Hair Classic Extensions

Barefoot Blonde Hair Classic Extensions

To start off with, I bought a set of the BFB Classic hair extensions. The Classic set comes in both 21 inch and 24 inch lengths. Each set contains 10 wefts. This is the length:

  • 1 x 8″ weft (4 clips)
  • 1 x 7″ weft (4 clips)
  • 2 x 6″ wefts (3 clips)
  • 2 x 4″ wefts (2 clips)
  • 4 x 1.5″ wefts (1 clips)
Barefoot Blonde hair extensions and packaging

This helps you create a seamless, blended look. I wear the full set when I wear my hair down and about 6-8 of them when I do braids or other updos. (There’s also the BFB Up for ponytails and other fun updos!)

I don’t wear my extensions all day, every day, but I love wearing them for date nights, special events and photoshoots. They are more of a special occasion type of thing!

Twisty long braid with extensions

The full set of BFB Classic extensions take a little bit of time to get used to wearing them. They had some weight to your head which was something I wasn’t prepared for. 🙂

If you’re someone who likes to do long hairstyles, braids, etc. these are the best! I do a ton of different fishtail braids and more with these and always get a ton of compliments!

Barefoot Blonde Hair Fill-ins

Barefoot Blonde Hair Fill-ins

After I had the Classic extensions for a while and knew I loved them, I bought the BFB fill-ins! These are especially great for those of us with fine, thin hair to add some volume and “oomph”!

The Fill-ins contain 2 wefts that come in 14 and 18 inches. If you have thin hair and you just want to add some fullness to it, I highly recommend these!

Barefoot Blonde hair fill-ins with packaging

BFB Hair Color Match

I am a hair extension newbie so I loved that Barefoot Blonde had a “home try on kit“. This simple kit is the perfect way to ensure that you get the exact right color for your hair.

Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions Color Match Home Try On Kit

You can pick between 3-5 different shades to figure out which one is the best for you. I picked out 5 different shades of blonde to try out. Honestly I feel like I could have gone with 2 or 3 of them but landed on “Sandy Blonde”.

Best part of all, these home try on kits are free! All you need to do is pay for shipping. I highly recommend doing this before buying your Barefoot Blonde hair extensinos.

(Side note: if your hair is looking brassy when it shouldn’t, try using a purple shampoo to fix it!)

Pro tip – keep your Home Try On Kit even after you order your extensions! You’ll be able to use them if or when your hair color changes!

Your Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions!

They arrived in such a pretty box! Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions also come with a cute booklet with exact instructions on how to put them on correctly. As a newbie, this was so helpful!

barefoot blonde hair extensions

Even though I’ve worn them SO many times, I still refer back to that booklet to help me out. It shows you how to put in all of the wefts but most of the time I don’t do all of them steps, especially if I’m doing a fancy braid.


How do you wash barefoot blonde extensions?

There will be a time when you need to wash your hair extensions. Just know, you won’t need to wash them nearly as often as you wash your own hair!

Woman with long blonde hair

When you do need to wash them, here’s a few tips:

  1. Brush out your hair extension.
  2. Soak them in a sink (or tub or whatever) and use a hydrating and sulphate free shampoo to clean them.
  3. Follow that up with a hydrating and sulphate free conditioner. This can be left in for a minute or two or up to overnight depending on how dry your hair extensions are.
  4. Squeeze our as much water as possible – very gently.
  5. Brush them out using a wide tooth comb or Wet brush. Again, be very gentle with this step!
  6. Lay them out on a towel to dry. Barefoot Blonde also recommends getting skirt hangers and clipping them on to hang to dry – genius!

Can you dye barefoot blonde extensions?

Yes, you can but it damages the hair significantly so it’s best to just color match them correctly or buy new ones if you color your hair again!

(Want to know the difference between balayage vs ombre? Check out this post!)

Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

Barefoot Blonde packaging

1. Get them trimmed by your stylist!

The first time I put all of my Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions in, I almost freaked out because they were SO long!! This is great for so many people but I personally my hair extensions a little shorter.

The best thing to do with any hair extensions is to bring them in to your hair stylist to have them trimmed to blend into your hair. A little cut worked wonders!

Woman with long blonde braid

After I got mine trimmed up I became obsessed with them! My stylist was super impressed with how well they blended in with my own hair. When a professional approves of extensions you know they’re good!

2. Don’t wear all the wefts at once.

I typically don’t wear all of the wefts at one time. The majority of the time I’m doing a hairstyle of sorts (a braid or multiple braids) so I often times just put the bottom ones in to add some fullness and length.

However, if I’m wearing my hair down, I’ll add more in towards the top so they blend well!

Hair extensions in box

3. Practice, practice, practice!

It takes some practice at getting hair extensions in properly! I’m getting better at putting them in after I put them in a few times.

Funny story – once I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of a dinner date with my husband to take some of them out since you could see them in! Now I make sure they’re all hidden before leaving the house. 🙂

how to wear overalls with fishtail braid

4. Backcomb your hair

Before you put your Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions in, back comb your hair with some texturizing dry shampoo (like tip #4 on my dry shampoo tips here). This will keep your extensions from sliding down!

I also like to backcomb the top of my hair a little to fill out the space above each weft. This helps mask your extensions so you can’t see the wefts at all.

Barefoot Blonde boxes

I’m a big fan of my Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions and the quality of them. They’re a super fun way to switch up your hairstyles from time to time and I highly recommend them!

Let me know what questions you might have!

Go check out my How to do a Fishtail Braid tutorial to get these looks!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more hair and style tips, home inspiration and other mom life fun and thanks for reading and sharing!


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