Is the T3 Curling Iron Worth It?

Looking to up your hair game? Want a curling iron that will actually hold your curl in and not ruin your hair while curling it? Enter the T3 curling iron – more specially, the T3 Micro.

The T3 curling iron has been a cult favorite by beauty bloggers and hair stylists alike and there’s a reason why! It’s does an amazing job at curling your hair!

Ok, but does it actually do the job that so many bloggers say it does?

Ok, on to the T3 Curling Iron.

Is the T3 Curling Iron Worth It?

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Is the T3 Curling Iron Worth It?

I’ll go more in depth about the T3 Curling Iron but if you want the cliff notes version, yes! If you’re someone who regularly curls your hair and you want a curling iron that heats up quick, curls your hair on the first pass and gives you lasting curls, then heck yes – it’s worth it!

I’ve owned my T3 Curling Iron (as well as the T3 hair dryer) for 5+ years. I actually bought it after the birth of my oldest child. I dealt with super bad postpartum hair loss and my hair stylist recommended that I invest in a good quality hair dryer and curling iron.

Having a hair dryer or curling iron that really good will help reduce the damage done to your hair.

Woman curling hair with T3 curling iron

One reason why I went with the T3 curling iron is because it curled my hair (and kept it curled) the first time and I didn’t have to curl the same piece of hair over and over.

As we all know, heat, as a general rule of thumb, isn’t great for your hair so you want to make sure you’re using things that will allow you to use the least amount of heat!

My T3 curling iron heats up quick, curls my hair efficiently and keeps it curled!

Let’s dig into more specifics.

What is the T3 Curling Iron?

What exactly is the T3 Curling Iron? To make matters even more confusing, there are a bunch of different T3 curling irons (more on that below!). There’s the convertible collection, the clip irons and the wand irons. Each of these have different size barrels.

T3 curling iron whirl trio

I personally own the T3 Whirl Trio. This gives me 3 different sizes of wands to choose from for different types of curls.

The nice thing about the convertible base is you can easily swap out the barrels. This prevents you from having to store 3 entire curling irons – you just need a spot to put the barrels!

If you buy the curling irons or curling wands, you’ll get just one size barrel. If you have the means, I would highly recommend getting one of the trios (either the whirl trio which is 3 different wand sizes or the twirl trio which is 3 different sizes of clip barrel irons).

Is T3 a good brand?

T3 was started in 2003 and was a mix of a tech start-up along with a beauty venture with the hopes of creating a new kind of hair tool. What kind of tool? One that was fast-working, technology-forward and designed with high performance and better results.

They wanted something gave you not only beautiful hair but also healthy hair! It has self-monitoring heat that automatically adjust based on your hair profile.

They worked hard to include responsive technology, intuitive touch features and also pretty! So in short, yes! T3 carries some of the best hait tools for healthy, beautiful hair!

T3 Curling Iron Pros + Cons

woman curling hair with t3

T3 Curling Iron Pros

  • Curls hair faster
  • Curls last longer
  • One hour timer with automatic shut off
  • Easier on you hair

T3 Curling Iron Cons

  • Pricey

Is it easy to use?

You’ll hear from people about how easy the T3 Micro is to use but honestly, it’s all in your skill level with curling your hair! At the end of the day, it’s still a curling iron (or a curling wand) so if you didn’t know how to use one before you got the T3, chances are you’re not going to magically be able to know how to use one after you get it.

curly blonde hair

However, if you’ve been frustrated after spending 30 minutes to curl your hair only to realize it’s already fallen flat than yes, it IS easier to use! Since it holds your curls so well you’re not spending time going over and over the same spot to achieve the curl you want, it happens the very first tiem!

I had never used a curling wand before getting my T3 Trio but I was also determined to figure out how to use it since I spent so much money on it!

There’s definitely a learning curve to wands but once you get the hang of it, you won’t go back to the clip version!

Is it worth the price?

In short, yes. This product is one that will give you the curls that you want without damaging your hair.

While there’s many other options for curling irons out there, this is one that will be easier to use since you won’t have to curl the same spot over and over and most importantly, you won’t be left with dry damaged hair.

If you have the money to spend on a T3 curling iron or wand, then I would do it!

T3 Curling Iron Options

long mermaid hair in half up braid

As mentioned above, there are many options to choose from when it comes to a T3 curling iron. Here they are!

1. T3 Convertible Collection

One base with interchangeable options (7 different options to choose from). This is a hair guru’s dream tool!

Who should get this: If you’re someone who changes your hair style often and wants the ability to add or change your barrel whenever you want.

2. T3 Whirl Trio

One of T3’s most popular sets (and the one I own), this gives you 3 different types of curls using wands. Whether you want beachy waves (this is what I normally do), glamour waves or defined curls, this set will give you all 3.

Who should get this: You have longer hair (chin length or longer), are comfortable using wands and like to mix up your hair style just a bit!

woman with blond curly hair

3. T3 Twirl Trio

This is the same as the Whirl Trio but with the classic clip option!

Who should get this: You’re someone who likes to mix up your hair style a little bit (but don’t love using wands).

4. T3 Curl ID

A 1.25″ smart curling iron that uses advanced technology to adjust the heat based on your unique profile (your hair texture, color and chemical treatments).

Who should get this: You want a tool that adjusts heat so you don’t have to think about it and you prefer a clip barrel.

5. T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25″

You’re busy so you don’t want to spend hours curling your hair. The T3 SinglePass curl will give you shiny, polished curls with just one pass with the iron!

Who should get this: You have should length or longer hair and you prefer a traditional clip barrel.

6. T3 SinglePass Curl 1″

Same as above but in the one inch version.

Who should get this: You have chin length or longer hair and prefer the clip barrel.

7. T3 SinglePass Wave

The wand version of the SinglePass iron with 5 customized heat settings and a microchip that keeps temperature fluctuations in check.

Who should get this: You have chin length or longer hair and prefer undone natural curls.

pearl headband in wavy hair

Where can I buy a T3 Curling Iron?

You can buy a T3 from a number of places:

There you have it! I hope this helps you in knowing whether the T3 Curling Iron is right for you.

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