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10 Best Volumizing Hair Powders

Have thin hair? Looking for a little lift? I have thin hair that oftentimes needs some help looking thick and voluminous. That why I’ve rounded up the 10 best volumizing powders to give you great volume and a bit of extra confidence.

But first up, what the heck are hair powders? Hair powders, or volumizing powders, are a dry formula made from rice powder or other ingredients that add texture to your hair when applied. 

These powders work by collecting the excess oil and moisture from your hair that make it look shiny and flat, while also adding friction and texture to create extra volume.

10 best volumizing hair powders and tips for using

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These powders are great for those who want to get a little bit of life to that fading blowout, or even to put more texture to flat hair that hasn’t been washed in two days. 

It is great for those with thin hair or fine hair as well, because of the formula’s make-up. A small amount of this product goes a long way toward the volumizing effect you want, and many people experience the same benefits as if they had used dry shampoo.

How to Use Hair Styling Powder

The easiest way to use powder is to lift some sections of dry hair near the roots and apply the powder to your strands. Carefully brush your hair with your fingertips. All it takes is a little shake and tousle to give your hair instant lift.

If you want to have more noticeable lift, just add some powder to the roots and then comb with a brush. Your powder will have an even bigger effect, and people will notice your hair’s extra oomph!

Is Volumizing Powder Bad for Your Hair?

As long as you practice basic hygiene, there should be no major problems for the health of your hair when using powder. The only issue that might arise is if you leave the powder in too long (similar to using dry shampoo!).

This can result in itching, flaking, or dryness of the scalp. This can be damaging and could even lead to hair loss if not properly managed.

Leaving the texturizing powder in too long can lead to product buildup in your hair follicles, suffocating and weakening the hair roots. This can contribute to hair loss, stunted hair growth, and other concerns in your hair roots over time. As long as you take proper care of your hair, these issues shouldn’t be a problem for you.

10 Best Hair Powders List

Volumizing Hair Powders

This post contains affiliate links.

Not all hair powders are created equal. That’s why I’ve done my research and identified the best volumizing powders. These are the top hair powders that will get you the best results and the most voluminous hair!

1. Best Overall: Aveda Pure Abundance

Aveda Pure Abundance

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion caught my attention because of its ingredients, its simplicity, and how effective it is. Not only is their company entirely vegan, but they also created a powder with a unique formula of kaolin clay and acacia gum.

The company created the potion to naturally bulk the hair strands with little to no chemical effort. It has an absorbent and lightweight formula, which means no extra residue left over after you’ve applied it.

Out of hundreds of reviews, it has 4.4 out of 5 stars, which is pretty amazing and reputable for anyone looking for a reliable powder.

As a personal review, I’ve used this texture powder hair product for over 10 years and love it! It’s my go to product for hair powders.

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2. Best Luxury: Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray

Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray

Oribe’s volumizing hair powder spray’s design allows your hair to “reach new heights,” and it doesn’t disappoint. Made with tapioca starch, hydrolyzed quinoa, and baobab seed extract, this hair powder spray is natural and great for your hair.

Oribe designed the spray to help moisturize your scalp while also giving you that volume that you need for a night out on the town.

It helps you also achieve a semi-matte finish, which is important for those who want to look red carpet ready without fussing with their hair all night. Put this one on your wish list!

I’ve used more Oribe products than I care to admit and they are all worth the cost. I highly recommend this!

3. Best for Fine Hair: Evo Haze

Evo Haze

Designed by Evo, this matte texture hair powder is an Amazon’s Choice product and available on multiple e-commerce platforms. It helps you create that matte look while also providing the volume you want for your hair. 

You can evenly distribute this control hair powder with the pump design. When your bottle is empty, you can refill it, making this product a great environmentally friendly component to put into your beauty routine!

Despite being expensive, nearly all of the reviews talk about how amazing Evo Haze is and how it met or exceeded their expectations.

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4. Best for Your Hair: Blossom & Bloom Ginseng & Biotin

Blossom & Bloom Ginseng & Biotin

This powder is perfect for those looking to use high-quality ingredients and achieve a healthy but full hairstyle for any activity. It’s made with Maltodextrin to create a full look, Biotin to strengthen your hair and Ginseng and Ginger root to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.

This powder is made up of 98% naturally derived ingredients. They all work together to make your hair healthier day after day. It’s a winner of an Allure Best of Beauty award.

5. Long Lasting Hold: Kevin Murphy Powder Puff

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff

I think this product, dubbed “instant poof in a jar,” is marketed exactly right. It is perfect for people who want to instantaneously get easy but casual volume to their hair.

All you have to do is tap the bottle over your hair and shake it a few times, letting it set in your hair. Then you can mold it how you want and let it create the body that you need for your hair.

While it gives you lift, the powder also moisturized your hair with some of the many ingredients that help your hair stay healthy and beautiful.

I use Kevin Murphy’s purple shampoo and purple conditioner as well as a few other products and love them all!

6. Best for All Hair Types: Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

There’s a reason this brand is called Big Sexy Hair. Use this hair texture powder for instant volume and grit if you have any hair type from thin to medium or even thicker hair and want that va-va-voom.

This powder is weightless, fragrance- and cruelty-free, and can be used on all colors of hair. Even the bottle is sustainable.

7. Best Dry Shampoo + Volumizing: Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder

Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder

Whether you are experienced or just starting out with powder, this is a fantastic product. It is technically a three-in-one, containing dry shampoo, style extender, and volume all in one convenient bottle.

It helps give that lift and grit while also nourishing your hair at the same time. When you need to freshen up your look, this is the go-to product you want to have in your handbag.

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8. Best Budget Friendly: Got2b Volumaniac Spray Powder

Volumaniac Spray Powder

For those who want something a little more budget-friendly, this is a winner! The Got2b spray powder helps you achieve that volume but at a significantly lower price than other products on the market.

At less than $5, it still packs the same punch with volumizing effects that compare to other, more expensive products. This powder leaves no residue behind, making it an easy choice for anyone on a budget or wanting to be frugal!

9. Easy Application: Design.ME Puff.ME Light Volumizing Mist Powder

Design.ME Puff.ME Light Volumizing Mist Powder

For those who want serious volume and results, this is the product to purchase. Not only does it come in a lighter version than the original puff powder that the company made, but it’s also really simple to use.

With just a small amount, you can see drastic changes in the amount of volume and grit. It is truly one of the most rewarding products for those looking for instant results, and it is perfect for the texture addicts!

10. Best Natural Runner Up: Alder New York Texture Powder

Alder New York Texture Powder

Looking for a clean product? Alder New York is one of my favorites. It’s made to be healthy for your hair and for your body. There are no bad ingredients, and everything is made to help you rather than harm your tresses.

It is vegan and botanically created to be one of the most sustainable items you have in your collection! With all of these benefits, this hair texture powder is still only $27 per bottle, which is a steal for the benefits that you receive when you purchase this item.

Hair powder is a great product to put into your lineup of hair styling products for all your hair needs. No matter what you choose, there are so many options for all hair types.

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