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33 Ideas for Ombre Nails

Ombre nails? Yes please!

Ombre is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. It’s been used on hair, clothes, home decor, and of course fingernails!

There are lots of easy ways to incorporate ombre onto your nails, whatever your skill level. Here are some stunning manis to try!

Many of the below ideas are used using Olive and June. I have a full review of Olive and June and a discount code here.

Ombre Nail Inspiration

1. Rainbow Ombre Nails

Rainbow Ombre Nails
Image via @always.manicured

Nobody says you have to stick with just one color for your ombre! Use the ombre effect on each nail in bright rainbow hues. It’s almost like a fun French tip without having to be precise!

2. Nude Ombre

cozy cardigan
image via Olive and June

This is one of my favorite ombre options — neutral colors that range from pink to gray/purple! These colors would be great on their own — and they all work amazing together.

Color: Olive and June – Cozy Cardigan

3. Neutral Ombre

classic ombre nude nails
Image via chloescolors_

Want to try your hand at ombre but not sure you’re into it? The easiest way is with nude colors! These two neutral shades are perfect for testing the ombre waters without getting crazy.

Color: Olive and June – Chemistry and Study Hall 

4. Blue Ombre

blue ombre nails
image via @nails.by.shni

Manis don’t always have to be hard and complicated with nail art brushes or intricate details! A blue ombre mani with each nail a different color is not only on trend and chic but also super easy!

All you need is the colors! Simply paint each nail a different shade of blue!

Colors from Olive and June: Boost, Honest and True, Angelfish by

5. Rust Ombre Nails

red ombre nails
Image via hannah__ewing

As you can see, ombre nails can be done in so many different color combos. This reddish orange mani is perfect for fall.

6. Ombre Pink

pink ombre nails

Another ombre nail design but this time in pink! Paint each nail a different shade of pink going from dark to light.

Colors from Olive and June: Pink Sands, JM, Grateful & Kind, Hibiscus and Wild Orchid.

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7. Another Pink Ombre

pink ombre

Image via karanailedit

I love this one for Valentine’s Day especially (but it can of course work any time of year). The cool thing about a pink ombre is that you probably already have enough shades in your collection to pull it off! This one uses light pinks, bright pinks and red.

8. Rainbow Ombre Nails

rainbow color block nails
Image via karanailedit

Bring a little rainbow to your day through your nails! This unique ombre style manicure is a super unique, fun style by Kara Nailed It.

Set out all the colors you want to use before you start painting to determine how many nails need overlapping colors and which colors to use for each nail. Then go from there! You can also leave one nail a solid color like she did here!

9. Blue Ombre

blue ombre nail
Image via @nails.by.hnelson

These blue shades work perfectly for the full ombre effect. Go from icy blue to deep navy in five steps.

Angelfish, Honest & True, Boost, CNH and OMG

10. Nude Ombre Nails

ombre nails

These ombre nails are gorgeous! The neutral pink blends seamlessly into the white creating a smooth, calm nail design.

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11. Soft Pink Ombre

subtle pink ombre

Image via @nailfies.by.lexi

Just one step brighter than a neutral, this sweet pink ombre manicure will boost your mood whenever you see it.

Colors by Olive and June: Thumb & index: LHG, Middle: KAG, Ring & Pinky: SCL

12. Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre

Image via @nailfies.by.lexi

Don’t forget about your perfect purples! Mix a deep purple into a pink and neutral ombre to change things up.

Colors by Olive & June: Thumb-pinky: Art Class, World Lit, Study Hall, & Chemistry

13. Brown Ombre

brown ombre

Image via @nailfies.by.lexi

You don’t have to use bright colors to jump on the ombre trend. This gorgeous brown manicure is oh so chic and perfect for fall or more formal offices.

Colors by Talon Polish: Pinky-Thumb: Rory, Goldie, Teddy, Coco, Rory

14. Pink to White Ombre

Pink to White Ombre

This play on the classic French tip is just so cool! It modernizes the style, keeping it fresh and a little softer than the traditional tip.

15. Black to Red Ombre

Black to Red Ombre

If your style is a little more glam or goth than cutesy and bright, that doesn’t mean you can’t go ombre. This sophisticated black to red ombre is gorgeous inspiration!

16. Purple Blue Ombre

purple blue Ombre

Feel free to play with the placement of the colors on your nails! You don’t have to do all solids or all half-and-half. Try blending colors on some nails and making some solid!

17. Mermaid Ombre

mermaid ombre

Image via @nails.by.hnelson

Why do pinks, purples and teals scream mermaid? Adding sparkle to this color combo really takes the theme to the next level.

Colors by Olive and June: Grateful & Kind, Rosy Tips, Fierce & Loving, Bold & Unshaken, Yes Please, Angelfish, Cosmic, Pink Goldfish

18. NYE Inspired Ombre

NYE Inspired Ombre

Image via @nails.by.hnelson

Ombre with glitter is so fun and so easy to do! I promise it’s impossible to mess it up!

Colors by Olive and June: BEB, Cosmic, OBVI, Exclamation Point

19. Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow Ombre

Image via @mani.of.the.moment

Rainbow manicures are always so fun, but this is one of my favorites! The vertical rainbow ombre makes each finger pop.

Colors by Olive & June: Field Day, Stinson Sunset, Counselor in Training, Pineapple Slushie, Energize, Lawn Games, Boost, Jam Please, Grateful and Kind

20. Orange Ombre

orange ombre

Image via @mani.of.the.moment

If you’re not sure you can pull off orange nail polish, doing an ombre of several shades adds some depth to the look that can make it easier to wear those brighter colors.

Colors use from Olive & June: Thumb to pinky: Glow, You’re a 10, Orange Wedge, Sweet & Gracious, Citrus Squeeze

21. Summer Ombre

Summer Ombre

Image via @mani.of.the.moment

Summer is time to wear all the bright colors in your collection. Fade them into an ombre across your nails — there are no rules for how to do it as long as you love it!

Colors use from Olive & June: Thumb to pinky: Lawn Games, Dolphin Blue, Lilac Flutterby, Rosie Flamingo, Stinson Sunset, Citrus Squeeze

22. Cotton Candy Ombre

cotton candy ombre

Image via @mani.of.the.moment

The sweetest pastel mani! It should bring you all the feelings of a perfect summer night or a soft sunset.

Colors use from Olive & June: KMC, Honest & True, Cockatoo, Pink Sands, BI, JLR

23. Autumn Ombre

Autumn Ombre

Image via karanailedit

You don’t have to stick with shades of just one color to get an amazing ombre manicure. As long as you go from light to dark, you can get the effect no matter the colors!

24. Malibu Sunset Ombre

Malibu Sunset Ombre

Image via karanailedit

You can try your hand at blending your ombre without committing to 10 whole fingers of it. Just paint four nails solid in varying shades and choose one to blend!

25. Neon Ombre Rainbow

Neon Ombre rainbow

Image via karanailedit

Go full bright ombre on each nail for a special event! By taking your time and painting thin lines of each color, you can get a very impressive look.

Don’t stop at these neon rainbow nails, find even more neon nails here!

26. Another Neon Rainbow

neon rainbow

Image via karanailedit

If the previous neon rainbow is a little too complicated (or time-consuming) for you, just go with solid nails!

27. Watercolor Color Block

blue and pink watercolor nails
Image via paintedwithpaige

A step up from an ombre with each nail a different color is an ombre style on every single nail. This is a bit of a more advanced mani but don’t let it stress you out.  

All you need to do is paint half of your nail with one color and the half with the other color, slightly overlapping. Repeat on all of your nails!

Colors from Olive and June: pinky to thumb: Angelfish, Yes Please, Cockatoo, Fierce and Loving, Pink Sands, Grateful and Kind

28. Rainbow Pastel Ombre

Rainbow Pastel Ombre

Image via karanailedit

This color combo looks like the loveliest sunset! Punch it up a bit by blending the colors on the ring finger.

29. Purple Ombre

purple ombre

Image via @whatscourtsmani

Make the top half of your nail blend into the bottom half. I love the subtle look of these light colors together, but you could do it with any colors you love.

Colors from Olive & June: CCT and You’re Invited

30. Blue Ombre Tips

Blue Ombre Tips

Image via @nailsbysmf

Mix the French tip trend with the ombre trend. Instead of doing ombre on the whole fingernail, just do the tip!

31. Lavender Gradient Ombre

Lavender Gradient Ombre

Image via @mynailfielife

Not every nail needs to look the same. Vary the placement of the colors for a truly unique look.

Press On Nails from Olive & June

32. Rainbow Sherbert Ombre

rainbow sherbert ombre

Image via Olive and June

This yummy manicure uses beautiful berry colors for a sweet feminine look.

33. Marin Sunset Ombre

Marin Sunset Ombre

Image via Olive and June

If you don’t have a bunch of colors in your collection to work with, don’t worry about painting each nail a different color. Use just three colors and paint neighboring nails the same! Just as cute and even simpler!

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