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It’s been awhile since I shared what I’ve been buying on Amazon and let’s be real, since Miles was born I’ve been using Amazon Prime a LOT lately! Here’s a few of the things I’ve found and loved lately.

My recent and favorite Amazon finds! Everything from kids stuff to apparel to things to keep you organized. Check it out! #amazon

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1. Tulle Tutu Skirt

The best tutu on Amazon!

I’m actually pretty picky about my tutu skirts for P. I don’t like them to sag too low, not be full enough or fall off of her. This one was amazing! It has 10 layers of tulle, is super full and adorable!

It comes in so many different colors and is super inexpensive. I’m planning on getting a few more!

2. Burts Bees Pajamas

Cozy, comfortable and soft Amazon pajamas for newborns.
Burts Bees pajamas - amazon pajamas

Miles was only 6lb 14oz when he was born so he wore mostly newborn size. We didn’t have a lot of long sleeve pajamas so I quickly ordered a couple of Amazon pajamas including these Burts Bees pajamas.

The quickly rose to the top of my favorite pajamas and Miles basically wore them every time they weren’t in the wash. They’re super cozy, slim fitting (our babies typically are skinny ones in the beginning so they swim in wide pjs!) and are so cute!

They come in a ton of different colors and prints. Be sure to check them out!

3. Cozy Cover Infant Seat Cover

Keep your baby cozy warm with this cozy cover infant seat cover!

If you live in a place where the cold hurts your face (aka winter haha!), you need one of these! Keep your baby cozy warm and protected from the elements (wind, rain, snow, etc) with this cozy carseat cover.

These are by far the easiest way to keep your baby warm in the winter. We’ve tried a numerous other things (blankets, the tent style, et) and these are by far the best for winter!

4. Baby K’tan

The easiest baby carrier to use - a Baby K'tan!

Baby K’tan carriers are one of my absolute favorite carriers. They’re easy to put on, all of my babies have loved them and they’re super portable. They’re my go to when traveling because they don’t take up a lot of space and I can quickly get my baby strapped on me when I need to!

Because I use them so much I wanted to pick up another one since I’ll be using them for at least the next year. These stripe ones are now on major sale right now so I picked up another one. There’s a variety of colors to choose from!

If you want more info on Baby K’tans, be sure to check out my full Baby K’tan review!

5. Dockatot Cover

Black and white star dockatot cover.

Dockatots are moms best friend, especially when you have more than one! We have two Dockatots, one with a very neutral cover and one with a pink floral cover that we used with Penelope. I wanted to get a more neutral one for the girly one but couldn’t find one on the Dockatot site and stumbled over to Amazon to check there.

Low and behold I found this adorable star one! It’s not made by Dockatot so it’s not quite as good as quality but it’s quite a bit cheaper and there’s lots of really fun patterns. We’ve already washed ours numerous times and it’s held up great!

(New to Dockatots? Check out this post!)

6. Ubbi Diaper Pail

The BEST diaper pail on the market. Keeps the smell in and uses regular garbage bags!

Truth be told, this is the second Ubbi we’ve bought. We got one shortly after Roy was born and fell in love! It uses regular garbage bags so you’re not wasting money on fancy diaper pail bags, it comes in a million colors so it’ll fit your room decor and it does an incredible job at keeping the smell in!

Check out my baby registry post for even more of my favorite baby items!

7. Bubbles

Save yourself a bit of money and buy the giant bottle of bubbles! Our kids LOVE bubbles and we use them all the time. Rather than going through smaller bottles of bubbles, I buy this and refill the ones I already one!

8. Plink Garbage Disposal

Freshen up your garbage disposal with plink!

Let’s face it. Your garbage disposal can begin to stink and be hard to clean after a while. I love putting lemons down our disposal to freshen it up but we don’t always have them on hand.

I picked up these and love them! They immediately make your garbage disposal smell so fresh!

9. Urnex Coffee Maker Cleaner

Make your coffee taste better with these simple cleaners!

When was the last time you cleaned out your coffeemaker? We realized it had been an embarrassing long time since we had cleaned our coffee maker so I picked up some of these and got to work.

I don’t want to tell you all the disgusting things that came out of our carafe but I will tell you, if you drink coffee, get these. Use them. You won’t regret it.

10. Stackable Storage Bin

Organize your life with these stackable storage bins from Amazon! #organization

Looking to organize your house? These storage bins are perfect for so many different areas in your home and are very inexpensive.

We use these in our kitchen for pouches for our kids, in the fridge for yogurt, in our back entryway for grocery bags (the list goes on!). Rather than having things loose on a shelf or in a cupboard, use these to keep like items together!

11. Plaid Door Mat

Fall outdoor black and white plaid rug and mat!
Fall outdoor rug and mat!

This fun black and white plaid mat can add a big punch to your “regular” doormat! I do a lot of black and white accents for both Halloween and fall decor so this was perfect! They also come in a variety of colors and be used both indoors and outside!

12. Midi Skirt

Amazon midi skirt - comes in a variety of colors and patterns!
Amazon midi skirt - comes in a variety of colors and patterns!

If you’ve been looking for a new midi skirt, this one’s perfect! Cinched waist, flowy fabric and comes in a ton of different colors and patterns.

I love midi skirts and this one is no different!

13. Joggers

My sister recommended these to me and now my mom, sister-in-law and I all own them and love them! They’re extremely soft and cozy and are perfect for everyday wear!

Comes in a bunch of colors!

14. Waver

Looking for a fun new hairstyle? Look no further! This waver is so easy to use and makes a fun hairdo.

It’s incredibly inexpensive and I always get a ton of compliments on my hair when I use it. Definitely try this one out!

15. Plastic Hair Bands

We go through a lot of hair ties in our house between me and Penelope. These are great! They stretch easy (we’ve tried others that don’t have much of a stretch to them), don’t break easy, and there’s tons of them!

The screw on top makes it easy to keep them together in one spot and not lose in a drawer. I keep a ziplock bag of these in our diaper bag for times when we’re out and either me or P need one!

You can check out my last Amazon purchases post here for even more ideas of things to get on Amazon.

As always, thanks for reading!


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