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One thing is certain – there are a TON of baby carrier options out there. How do you know which one is a good fit for you? Today I’m going to share all about the Baby K’tan! I’ve used a Baby K’tan with all 3 of my babies at all different stages and have absolutely loved it.

To back up a bit, let’s talk about baby #1, Roy. When I was pregnant with Roy, I knew I would want a baby carrier in order to get outside as much as possible. We did a ton of research and got recommendations from friends and ended up getting an Ergobaby carrier.

While this carrier is more supportive, I quickly realized that putting it on and getting Roy secure while my husband, Rishi, was at work was not really feasible. I loved it for longer walks on the weekends when Rishi was there to help, but not for every day use.

Truth be told, it honestly resulted in me crying on the couch the first day Rishi went back to work after Roy was born because I couldn’t even strap my newborn in the baby carrier to go for a walk by myself! It was pretty frustrating.

baby k'tan review

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What is a Baby K’tan?

The Baby K’tan is one of my favorite baby carriers because it was so easy to use! I feel like there are 2 kinds of carriers – one is a giant long piece of fabric that you need to figure out how to wrap (and wrap and wrap) to get your baby on and the other is SO supportive that there’s 15 different buckles to clasp in order to get your baby strapped on correctly.

Rather than one long strip of fabric that you wrap and wrap and wrap or 15 buckles, the Baby K’tan is 2 separate fabric pieces – one section that has 2 looped pieces of fabric and one semi-long sash.

There are 5 different ways to wear it depending on the size of your baby (and preference!) that are all approved hip healthy. And they are all super easy to use.

An easy to wear, easy to use baby carrier in blue and white stripes.

Why I Love It

I could get Roy (and Penelope and Miles) strapped in super quick and get out to the door. It was also easy to throw in my diaper bag since the outer strap serves as a carrying pouch! I even brought it to Disney and he took tons of naps in it and overall loved being in his carrier.

Hands free baby wearing! Folding laundry while wearing a baby.

It was great to travel with because it doesn’t take up a ton of space in our otherwise stuffed diaper bag. It’s so easy to use that my sister and mom were able to take turns carrying him since I could easily and quickly get him wrapped up in the Baby K’tan they were wearing.

I was also able to use this carrier while I was pregnant with Penelope. As my bump grew, I just sat Roy just above my bump! It was a great option to continue doing our daily walks and not have to resort to the stroller.

baby k'tan review

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The BEST for 2 Under 2

Now that Penelope is here I’m use a baby carrier ALL.THE.TIME.

Every morning after breakfast we head down the street to the school on the corner of our block to watch all the school buses drop off kids. Roy is loves buses (and Mickey Mouse but we’ll save that for another post…) so it is a sure fire way to start the day off on a happy note.

 Baby Carrier Reviews

Since we sit outside watching the buses for 10-15 minutes (and typically meander the neighborhood for a while afterwards), I wrap Penelope on me! It’s the easiest baby carrier to use especially when we’re rushing out the door.

baby k'tan baby carrier - great option for 2 under 2

Now for the specifics


  • Easy to put on alone.
  • Super comfortable for both baby and adult!
  • Designed to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler.
  • Washable. Tip – put it in the dryer if it seems to stretch out at all and it’ll shrink back up!


  • It comes in sizes. If your partner wants to use it too you’ll likely need to invest in 2.
  • Not as supportive as other ergonomic carriers. My back can get sore if I use it for super long walks.
Baby K'tan Reviews using this baby carrier with 2 kids under 2

Other Things to Note

The Baby K’tan can be used from newborn up to 35 pounds. Roy is over 2 and can still fit in it! We don’t put him in there often but we at least have the option! This is also helpful if you have bigger babies!

There are also multiple different ways to carry your baby in depending on their size. Penelope loves facing out on her walks now that she’s older so she can see what’s going on. As you can see in the photos, I often times have her facing in, especially if I’m trying to get her to nap.

They’re super easy to wash – just throw them right in your washing machine! I typically line dry mine unless I feel like it needs to shrink a bit (as I noted above).

Wearing a baby in a baby k'tan carrier while holding a toddler's hand.

The Baby K’tan is one thing I always tell new mamas to get for their babies! It’s easy to use, easy to travel with and inexpensive! You can find the Baby K’tan at both Target and Amazon and see a ton of reviews on both!

Baby K’tan also has tons of videos helping you use the carrier the right way. I typically use it in the hug position as shown in the video below!

I hope this Baby K’tan Review was helpful as you look for a baby carrier. As a mama of 3, it still continues to be my favorite carrier! What’s one of your favorite baby carriers to use? What questions do you have about the Baby K’tan?

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As always, thanks so much for reading and sharing!

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