Useful Things To Buy on Amazon

Amazon is the best, isn’t it? One click and 2 days later, you got what you need on your doorstep. 🙂

Since I use Amazon Prime pretty much daily, and not just for the things you may think, I thought I’d share a round up of some of my most recent Amazon buys!

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11 Useful Things to Buy on Amazon

11 things to buy on Amazon that you'll actually use

1. Drying pad

We have a large farmhouse style sink. I absolutely love it but sometimes miss having the normal 2 sinks to dry my dishes in one side!

We found this drying pad that we’ve used since we moved in the house and it’s quickly become a family favorite.

It’s fast drying so you can put it away shortly after all of your dishes are dry. Inevitably it gets stained since we leave our out, but you can easily throw it in the wash! 

You can also use these mats under appliances to prevent scratches.

There are a ton of different colors and every mat is reversible (most have a pattern side and a solid color side). It’s also very inexpensive (under $7!)!

classy dry pad for farmhouse sinks

2. Bamboo Wood Bath Tray

Anyone else out there love baths but always find yourself trying to figure out how to take a bath while sipping wine and reading a book without getting everything soaked? I’ve always seen these cool trays in magazines and Instagram but figured they were too expensive to make it worth it.

Boy, was I wrong! There’s tons of options out there for not very much money.

This one is gets over 1,500 reviews and absolutely perfect! Do yourself a favor and pick one of these up and make bath time a bit more relaxing.

Bomboo wood bath tray

3. Tipping Point

My uncle recommended this book so I snatched it up! I love reading inspirational business books and I’ve heard great things!

It was an incredible read! It wasn’t the fastest read ever. I would read a chapter and put it down for a bit before picking it back again so it took me a while to get through.

The Tipping Point has been on Rishi’s “to read” list as well which I didn’t even know before I bought it.

There’s a ton of really interesting stories like how Sesame Street came to be.

tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell

Update March 2020.

3a. Atomic Habits

My NEW favorite book is Atomic Habits. It’s a much quicker read the Tipping Point and you can easily apply everything in the book to your daily life.

I highly, highly, highly recommend getting this book!

Atomic Habits book

4. Influencer

I recently drove to Madison, WI from my home which ended up being close to 6 hours in the car. I downloaded the audio of this book and devoured it!

It was amazing with such great nuggets of information for anyone who is in the blogging/influencer space.

I actually loved it so much that I bought the actual book as well so I could easily reference it.

influencer book by Brittany Hennessy

5. Nail Art Stickers

I love plant/leaf manicures but I don’t have the time to get to the salon to actually get manicures! I picked up these nail art stickers to keep me entertained in between by bi-yearly manis. 🙂

There are a TON of stickers in this little kit so if you’re like me and use one at a time, you’ll be good to go for about the next 50 years.

It takes a little bit of practice getting them on right but if you mess up you and just add a little bit of water to your nail (if needed), pull it off and try again!

Tip: Be sure to apply a topcoat after they dry to keep them on longer!

Want more nail polish talk? Check out my full Olive and June Nail Polish Review!

Pack of nail art stickers

6. Babe Lash

For those of us who haven’t jumped on the Rodan & Field’s lash serum bandwagon yet, Babe Lash is a good quality second choice (maybe first choice but I don’t know anyone who’s tried both to compare!).

My friend Monica (who has ridiculously amazing eyelashes) told me about this stuff!

Make sure you buy this directly from Babe Lash (check the seller)!

Babe Lash Eyelash Growth Serum

7. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

You guys have heard me talk about my favorite dry texturizing spray on this dry shampoo tips post here. I normally get my Oribe products at the salon when I get my hair done but they also carry it on Amazon! This is my all time favorite hair product.

It makes your hair look extra thick and full even if you have super thin hair. It also helps with taming frizz, holding in styles and overall making your hair look amazing. I swear by it!

Oribe is one of the only hair brands that sells on Amazon so you can know that this is the real stuff.

Never buy hair products from someone that’s not the brand itself! Always check who the seller is before purchasing so you know you’re getting the legit thing.

Oribe dry texturizing spray

8. Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleaner

Can you believe that this is the very first time I bought actual makeup brush cleaner for my brushes? I always used either my own face wash or the kids shampoo but this is less expensive than my kids’ shampoo so it was well worth it.

You don’t need that much to clean your brushes (and maybe this will incentivize you to actually wash your brushes haha!) so do yourself a solid and pick this up!

I’ve had mine for over a year, clean my brushes about once a month and still have about half the bottle left!

Check out my other secret weapon for cleaning makeup brushes here!

Ecotools makeup brush cleaner

9. Gerber Graduates Kiddy Forks

These are ideal for kids who are past learning how to use forks but not yet graduated to the real thing! We still use this style for our 3 year old since adult size forks are just too big for him.

Real life talk – we had just one of these for months and months and I was constantly washing the same darn fork after each meal so Roy could use it again at the next meal! I finally picked up a 3 pack so I could stop washing the same pink fork over and over again! Best money I’ve ever spent. 😉

I’ve also bought some of these forks because they’re sometimes less expensive the the Gerber kind and are just as good quality! Now that we have 2 kids using these forks we need a lot of them!

3 pack of gerber forks

10.HaloVa Diaper Bag

After Penelope was born I quickly realized carrying a over the shoulder diaper bag was not ideal. Carrying a carseat, a toddler and a diaper bag was really tricky. I used a regular backpack that I got from Lululemon for quite awhile until I stumbled on this one!

The HaloVa Diaper Bag was the deal of the day so I snagged it and was SO glad I did. It’s way more organized than my Lululemon bag and absolutely perfect for what I need right now. Obviously, it’s not as nice as a lot of the high end diaper bag backpacks but this a great less expensive option!

It comes in a ton of different colors and has a one year warranty so if a zipper breaks or something, you can just contact the company for a replacement.

*Update: I was gifted an Austin | Fowler diaper bag backpack before Miles was born. You can check out that review here!

backpack diaper bag from amazon

11. Pregnancy Tests

Ok, don’t laugh at me for this one. Yes, I’ve bought the super expensive early detection tests but you can literally pay less than 50 cents per test with these!

They aren’t early detection so you may have to wait an extra couple days to take a test but if you’re like me and take about 5 tests a month, you should definitely get these.

You literally get 25 tests (and urine cups woohoo!) for a fraction of the price of what one fancy pregnancy test costs! Also having the urine cups is perfect so you’re not wasting other cups to take a test!

Pack of pregnancy tests

Amazon can be sometimes intimidating to try out something new so I’d love to hear what you’ve bought that you love!

**Now swing on over and check out my newest Amazon purchases post from October 2019!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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