A Simple Polka Dot Manicure (Using a Q Tip!)

Looking for an easy DIY manicure? I love fancy manicures but rarely have the time to go to a salon to get a proper one done. That’s why today I’m sharing a simple polka dot nail polish tutorial!

I don’t know about you guys, but I really feel like I have my life together when I have a good manicure. Pretty nails make everything you do with your hands more fun. I could be doing something silly like peeling a potato and I’ll feel like put together!

Today I’m sharing a super easy and fun polka dot manicure – let’s get started!

DIY Polka Dot Manicure

a finished look of the polka dot q tip nail art

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1. Pick your colors

To start, pick a base color and a color for the polka dot. You can do this one of two ways. You can use a lighter color for the base and dark color for the polka dot or vice versa. Either you want to different colors or shades to make the polka dot pop.

I started with a simple white base and used a fun purple color from Essie called Play Date. I also really love Olive and June brand nail polish!

white base nail polish with essie purple nail polish and a q tip

2. Prep your nails

Use a fingernail clipper to get your nails into the shape you want. Finish it with a file. Use a buffer to prep your nail and cuticles. I love this set from Amazon to do this step!

Clean your nail with a nail polish remover. Even if you don’t have nail polish on, this step creates a clean base for the polish to stick to. Don’t skip this one!

3. Paint the base

I did 2 coats of my base coat.

4. Paint the dots!

Next, use a q-tip to paint the polka dot! Simply dip the q-tip directly into the nail polish and then onto the nail.

The harder you push down the bigger the dot will be. If you want a tiny dot apply really light pressure and for a bigger dot (like I did) push harder!

putting dots on your nails with a q tip

5. Let them dry and apply a top coat.

I love this top coat that I found on amazon. It’s one that keeps my nails chip free the longest! Now you have fabulous nails to take on the rest of the week with!

It’s easy to switch up this type of manicure with different colors and different sized dots depending on your mood.

Want to take it to the next level?

I picked up this super inexpensive set of nail tools from Amazon and I love it! Using that made doing a dot manicure so much easier.

It has a variety of different sizes of tools to make different size dots. I used 2 different ones on this manicure.

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Thanks for reading!

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