17 Best Places to Buy Mommy & Me Outfits

Is there anything more special for a kid than dressing like their mom? It makes for cute photos, whether professional pictures or just snaps on your iPhone at home, and can make a little girl (or boy!) feel like a million bucks!

The mommy-and-me fashion has been around since the early 1900s. The trend, in fact, keeps popping in and out from time to time, with brands creating their own lines of mommy-child twinning sets.

Some brands are perfect for big girls, some have baby and toddler sizes too, and you can even get Dad in on the act, with many coordinating family outfits!

If you are looking for places to get you and your child some adorable pieces based on your needs (and personality), from swimwear to boho, here are 17 of the best brands out there.

17 Best Places to Buy Mommy & Me Outfits

17 Best Places to Buy Mommy & Me Outfits

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1. Old Navy

Cute doesn’t have to be expensive, and Old Navy has a wide variety of matching mommy-and-daughter or -son outfits. Whether you need cute dresses or gender-neutral hoodies, Old Navy carries it.

What makes Old Navy’s collection stand out — apart from the price and quality — is that they offer coordinated attire, not exactly cloned outfits. This is for moms who don’t like their child to be a “mini me,” but look cute wearing a matching style, texture, and motif.

Solid kids sweatpants and sweatshirt from Old Navy
Old Navy sweatpants and hoodie for kids
Solid adult sweatpants and hoodie from Old Navy
Old Navy sweatpants and hoodie for adults
Floral dress from Old Navy for a woman. Get a matching version for your little girl!
Old Navy floral dress
Floral dress from Old Navy that matches the woman's dress for mommy-and-me outfits
Matching floral dress from Old Navy for little girls

2. Amazon

Amazon has a gargantuan collection of mommy-and-me outfits. You can find a casual and cute T-shirt for yourself with a matching onesie for the baby.

The matching dresses available on the site are pretty pieces perfect for summer or fall. From floral printed jumpsuits to matching bright outfits for the whole family, so Dad and baby brother can join in on the fun.

Matching floral family outfit from Amazon
Amazon floral family outfit
Mommy-and-me floral romper from Amazon
Floral mommy-and-me rompers from Amazon
Mama and Mini shirts from Amazon
Mama and Mini shirts from Amazon

3. PatPat

PatPat is an online shop for sweet mommy-and-me outfits and party attire.

They have gorgeous pairs of party dresses, with a cut that suits both the adult and the child. The designs are completely identical, so PatPat can be a fun place if you’re looking for clone outfits.

Gold matching dresses for moms and daughters from PatPat
PatPat dresses

4. Posh Peanut

If you’re on the hunt for sleepwear or loungewear, Posh Peanut is the hub for you and your stylish baby, toddler, or small child’s matching PJs.

Gush at Posh Peanut’s collection of gorgeous robes that come in pretty prints and lush solids perfect for the new mommy. Get a robe and a matching swaddle for beautiful newborn pictures in the hospital or when bringing baby home.

Their pajamas come in various designs, from short bottoms to short sleeves. The prints are really posh, especially ideal if you need the perfect sleepwear for photo sessions.

Use the code PaisleySparrow20 for a discount!

Post Peanut matching robe and swaddle
Posh Peanut robe / Post Peanut swaddle

5. Joy Folie

Joy Folie is a boutique clothing brand for women that caters to moms who go for “desert glam,” i.e., stunning bohemian dresses and feminine swimwear. This boutique is a treasure trove for the best mommy-and-daughter clothes that project a distinct personality.

The best thing about Joy Folie is that the mommy-and-me outfits are merely coordinated. If you just want your daughter to wear the same color and fabric as yours, but want the cut and design to be different, then this is the place to be. They also sell accessories, like hats and boots!

Joy Fille woman's ruffled swimsuit
Joy Folie Taryn swimsuit
Joy Fille ruffled swimsuit for girls
Joy Folie Marina swimsuit

6. Etsy

For mommy shirts and baby shirts, Etsy is a great place to scour for cute ones. What’s great about Etsy is the huge selection and the wide variety. If you’re going for rugged chic, want a funny joke or reference to a favorite movie, or are more into a princess vibe to fulfill your child’s royalty fantasies, they have it.

If you’re scouting for lacy dresses, sparkly gowns, statement onesies, knitted sweaters, and even sportswear, they have it. They also have family matching sets or identical hair accessories for mother and daughter.

Etsy mommy-and-me shirts
Etsy Funny Palm Tees boss shirts
Long formal mommy-and-me dresses from Etsy
RenieBoutique chiffon dresses on Etsy

7. Hanna Andersson

If you’ve been on Instagram during the holidays, you’re familiar with Hanna Andersson. This brand is a favorite for their adorable, high-quality pajamas in timeless patterns. To prepare for the cozy season of fall, browse through their collection of fall sleepwear.

They don’t restrict their outfits to just mommy and baby alone. They are pretty diverse, including whole-family matchy pajamas, to even daddy-and-child twinning sleepwear. The prints range from festive to sailor to superhero, and the pieces can also be perfect holiday gifts.

Matching polka dot pajamas from Hanna Andersson
Polka dot pajamas from Hanna Andersson
Blue striped matching family pajamas from Hanna Andersson
Blue striped pajamas from Hanna Andersson

8. Auguste The Label

Auguste The Label is a chic choice for family photos. Their mommy-and-me outfits range from knitwear to gorgeous dresses that remind you of peaceful, sunlit strolls among flower fields.

The chief look of their dresses is floral prints in earthy hues. Peasant dresses, maxi dresses, and even ruffled dresses — all bearing an ultra-feminine, delicate vibe. Perfect for sunset walks, beach strolls, and trips to the barn. The Auguste Label has that rustic vibe about it.         

Little girl's pink ruffled dress from Auguste The Label
Melanie Flutter Away Mini Dress from Auguste The Label
Woman's short pink dress from Auguste The Label
Melanie Taliah Mini Dress from Auguste The Label

9. Roolee

Roolee was started back in 2013 in Utah when Kylee purchased her college employer’s boutique with the chance to make her own boutique come to life. It is full of classic, beautiful clothing for both mom and kids!

Roolee strives to be a “world of sisters” coming alongside women everywhere to treat one another as sisters!

You’ll find the most adorable dresses, shirts, lounge sets and more inside Roolee. I know you’ll love it!

Roolee SALT Santa Teresa Floral Dress

10. Doen        

Earthy and dainty with fine prints, Doen caters to the Instagram-vintage look. A hybrid of boho and country, as well as European chic to generally pretty and casual wear, it’s fun to shop here!

Doen’s cuts are sophisticated and effortless. Another boutique brand that refuses to clone but makes it easy to coordinate styles between mama and child, Doen is the happy place for semi-hippie cool families.

11. Maisonette

Find sweet slumber in Maisonette’s collection of sleepwear for you and your young one. Even if you’re not on the lookout for twinning pajamas, Maisonette is still a great place to shop for your baby and yourself with their adorable collection of printed pajama sets.

If you and your kid enjoy wearing bracelets, Maisonette sells a pair of lovely rainbow heart bracelets that symbolize a mom-and-daughter bond. Short dresses, midi dresses, and maxi dresses are also aplenty.

Mom matching daughters in Maisonette Celeste and Celine smocked dress
Celeste smocked dress for girls / Celine smocked dress for women

12. Rylee + Cru

Cute text tees, shorts, boxy pullovers, Rylee + Cru offer twinning pieces for the easy-going, laid-back, and casual mommy and kid. Statements like “peachy,” “bloom” or “choose happy” are scrawled across T-shirts, which evoke a cool look.

They also have a collection of adorable overalls, swing dresses, and even tiered maxi dresses.

Woman in overalls from Rylee + Cru
Skipper overalls for women
Girl wearing Skipper overalls from Rylee and Cru
Skipper overalls for kids

13. Little Mia Bella

Another brand for the stylish mom who wants the same look for her kids, Little Mia Bella offers an assortment of outfits that are fit for any type of occasion. Be it a fuzzy matching fall cardigan, or a tie-dye twinning maxi dress, or a flowy polka-dot maxi dress, they have it.

Little Mia Bella has bright light rompers and dresses for summer warm, comfy sleepwear, hooded plaid vests, and pullover sweaters for fall. So whatever season or state you’re in, you can find something adorable for your mommy-and-me look!

Mom and daughter in matching plaid cardigans
Shop “Mommy & Me” styles at Mia Belle Girls

14. Roller Rabbit

The fabric that Roller Rabbit uses for their collection of mommy-and-me outfits gives them an edge over the competition. With the fit and flow of their dresses and tops, the brand has a whiff of sophistication and femininity.

Wear these pieces to barbecues or a garden party or your family photo shoot. Friends will compliment you on the clothing line’s use of gorgeous pastel colors and dainty prints. Striped tops, seersucker dresses, jumpsuits and floral dresses. They also sell cute identical pajama sets for parents and children.

Striped seersucker dress for girls
Seersucker dress for girls
Striped seersucker top for women
Seersucker top for women

15. Lilly Pulitzer

When it comes to dresses, Lilly Pulitzer has plenty of choices for anyone who loves vibrant colors. Mommy and daughter (and even baby!) will delight in the bold colors and prints the brand is known for! You can get matching dresses in almost any style — shift dresses, tunic dresses, stretch dresses, maxi dresses, and halter dresses. 

Lilly Pulitzer’s fun twinning outfits also extend to rompers, tops, shorts, and leggings. All sharing the same vibrant exotic blooms. They also have a collection of similarly printed knotted headbands.

Lilly Pulitzer matching mommy-and-me dresses
Women’s short sleeve swing dress / Girl’s swing dress

16. Something Navy

Something Navy offers lovely twinning and coordinated pieces for mom and daughter. Some of the clothing items reflect a more grown-up style, but they somehow still look adorable on little girls.

They have a gorgeous and crisp white ruffled top for mommy that matches a crisp white dress for the daughter. They also offer a variety of ruffled matching styles, including maxi dresses and shorts. As a bonus, Something Navy also offers a touching Mama pendant necklace.

Something Navy ruffled white top
Something Navy short sleeve ruffle top
White ruffled girls dress
Something Navy ruffled dress

17. Ivy City Co.

Find sophisticated dresses galore in Ivy City Co.! What’s exciting about their mom-and-me collections is the quality. A mix-and-match of bohemian city girl items, the pieces at Ivy City Co. delve into the feminine sensibilities of a stylish mom who wants to look great with her daughter.

They have stunning eyelet dresses that can cause a double-take when mommy and daughter are out in the city. Find the perfect matching outfit for your Sunday best, special occasions, photos or a big trip!

Matching eyelet dresses for mom and daughter from Ivy City Co.
Girl’s eyelet dress / Women’s eyelet dress

Mommy-and-me outfits are timeless. It’s a fun way to dress up and build on that special mother-and-daughter bond. And you better start now before your kid gets strong opinions about their personal style!

These options will make for lasting memories and potentially some of your favorite family photos.

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