9 Funny Maternity Shirts (for Lots of Laughs!)

Pregnant and looking for funny maternity shirts? As your belly gets bigger there’s no hiding it. So why not liven things up and cause a laugh or two!

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re out at Target picking up a few things and a well meaning stranger comments on the size of your bump. Or asks when your due date is. Or worse, asks if you’re currently in labor (been there!).

Why not liven up the situation a bit and make things a bit more fun! There’s nothing more fun than wearing a silly pregnancy shirt.

Today I’ve rounded up 9 funny pregnancy shirts to wear while you’re pregnant!

9 Funny Maternity Shirts

9 funny maternity shirts

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1. I’m So Crafty I Make People

Whether you’re a DIY queen or a Pinterest fail kinda girl, this I’m so crafty funny pregnancy shirt is will definitely cause a laugh or two!

2. I Miss Wine

Love wine? Missing it? This funny I Miss Wine shirt is perfect for a night with the girls! It comes in 2 colors.

3. This Is My Last One

This one should stop anyone from asking you questions! I think this one is especially fun to wear if you have other kids. This shirt would also be perfect for a fun maternity photo shoot!

4. Hoping It’s a Puppy

Ahh, the ever present question….”are you hoping for a boy or a girl?” This tee shirt hilariously answers that question!

This shirt also is a nod to those crazy pregnancy dreams of giving birth to crazy things like puppies or butterflies!

5. Preggers

If you are the type of person who wants everyone to know you are pregnant this shirt is perfect for you.

I love this shirt especially for those earlier months when you are showing but it isn’t overly obvious you are pregnant.

6. You’re Kicking Me Smalls

funny maternity shirts

This one makes me laugh and I would definitely wear this if I was pregnant again! I love the look of this simple gray shirt.

7. Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds

silly maternity shirts

This shirt is perfect for the third trimester when you have a bigger bump going on! I love the color of this shirt and the whimsical look. This would be a fun shirt to wear for a maternity photo shoot with watermelons!

8. naps and snacks

funny pregnancy shirts

Who doesn’t love naps and snacks? And especially while pregnant! This is a fun shirt that would also be great to wear during those tiring newborn days.

9. It’s Not a Food Baby

funny maternity shirts

Black is one of my favorite colors for a graphic tee! This is another perfect shirt to wear for those earlier months when you are definitely pregnant but it isn’t obvious to others.

This would be a great shirt to wear for a pregnancy announcement photo!

I hope these funny maternity shirts made you laugh and hopefully when you wear one you’ll be able to make other people laugh too! Pair them with your favorite maternity leggings for an easy yet perfect maternity look!

I also have a maternity style for summer post for some great ideas to dress the bump during warm summer months and a 2nd trimester style post!

And be sure to check out some of my favorite mama shirts for after your baby arrives!

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