Maternity Fashion – 2nd Trimester Style Tips

*updated May 2019 to share maternity fashion ideas now that I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby!

I know I’m a little late when writing this (as I’m currently in my 33rd week of pregnancy with my first baby), I wanted to be sure I shared a few of the things I learned about pregnancy style especially for your 2nd trimester!

The 2nd trimester was a bit interesting because my belly didn’t officially “pop” until 17 weeks in so I had another month of looking like I had a large Dairy Queen blizzard (which I actually had probably just done…).

I so badly wanted it to pop and then when it finally did I didn’t know what to do with it! Anyone else feel that way?

Maternity fashion tips for your second trimester - from a mom of 3!

(Side note: I struggle with pregnancy. If you’re feeling completley over being pregnant like I am, here are 7 perks of pregnancy to help you love the stage you’re in!)

Although everyone’s bodies are different, here are a few tips and tricks I learned in my second trimester.


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Tip 1. Invest in pieces that will grow with your body that aren’t maternity!

Maternity fashion - fancy pregnancy outfit for wedding

{This is a non-maternity dress from Anthropologie that I can wear post pregnancy that I wore for a wedding!}

Being pregnant is temporary and if you’re like me, you don’t want to waste money on clothes that will only work for a short time.

I love dresses and have found lots of great non-maternity dresses that work while I’m pregnant!

I’ve found with all 3 of my pregnancies that Anthropologie has great options for non-maternity dresses that fit the bump and are great for post-pregnancy! I’ve bought numerous dresses each pregnancy from there and still wear them!

Also look for flowy tops and cardigans or even long t-shirts with some stretch!

Tip 2. Invest in a few good maternity staples.

Tips for maternity fashion - invest in the staples!

{I’m wearing a pair of maternity pants from H&M and non-maternity tank + jacket and of course, these amazing leopard heels.}

While you don’t need to go out and buy a ton of maternity clothes, you will need a few good pairs of pants, basic tees and camis (in my opinion).

Look for at least one good pair of jeans in the style you normally wear and a pair of black leggings. Check out this post for the 10 best maternity leggings. I have two pairs of these maternity leggings (as well as their postpartum leggings that I loved with my 2nd baby). They are prone to pilling though so be warned! I just don’t wash them nearly as much as my other clothes.

blanqi maternity leggings - great for 2nd and 3rd trimester

**If possible, try someone else’s pants before buying you’re own! It’s helpful to see if you like the over the belly or under the belly style better! I bought a pair of under the belly pants and feel like I’m showing everyone my booty when I bend over and absolutely live in my pair of over the belly jeans that my neighbor gave me. But I’ve have some friends who hate the over the belly style! Figure out what you like and stick with it.

My normal camis/tanks worked for most of my 2nd tri but after I finally broke down and bought a couple maternity styles I was so much happier. Don’t agonize over this purchase. Just do it. 😉

Tip 3. Buy a bra that fits (your girls might grow during this tri!)

My boobs have grown a full cup size already and this baby isn’t here! I have small boobs to start with so this is totally new territory for me!

One tip a friend told me is to buy nursing bras early. You can wear them both during pregnancy and after the baby comes! There is a chance that your boobs will grow again after your baby is actually here but after your milk regulates they’ll likely go down again. They’re always fluctuating!

I absolutely love these Bravado nursing bras for nursing! I also got one of these Bravado basics bras which was a good inexpensive option but it isn’t as great for coverage and quality.

On a side note, learning how to dress my now large (for me) chest has been a whole new challenge!

Tip 4. Shop your closet!

I shared this for the first tri and it’s just as important now. Maxi dresses, stretchy pants, flowy tops, long tees and tanks…all of these things are absolutely perfect for your changing body!

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have stop wearing all of the clothes you already own. Some may just need a bit of modifications! 😉

Tip 5. Maternity Rubber Band Trick

Maternity rubber band trick hidden under a long top!

{I’m doing the maternity rubber band trick here with a belly band over it and non-maternity tops!}

I didn’t know this was a “thing” until my sister showed me well into my pregnancy.

You can wear your regular pants months into your pregnancy with using a hair tie or rubber band to keep your button more or less closed!

I always wear a belly band over the top of my jeans to hide the rubberband. It also keeps things covered up in case my top creeps up! I feel a LOT more comfortable when I’m wearing a belly band when I do this trick.

maternity rubber band trick

I hope this helped you master your own pregnancy style and feel confident in your ever changing body! Most importantly, wear what makes you feel good and comfortable!

Be sure to check out my hospital bag checklist to make sure you have what you need (and leave what you don’t at home!). This is what I’ll be bringing with me as I deliver my 3rd baby so you can certain it’s been fine tuned after each baby! 😉

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to follow along on Instagram for more fun!

Maternity Style Ideas for staying stylish during your 2nd trimester of pregnancy


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