How to Wear Paper Bag Pants: 5 Ways to Style Them

Paper-bag pants aren’t going anywhere! They are super versatile, add some interest, and draw the eye to your waist so you always look your best. 

Looking for ways how to wear paper bag pants outfits? Today I’m sharing 5 easy-to-wear outfit ideas for everywhere from work to brunch to your next date night!

What Are Paperbag Waist Pants?

This style of pant has a high waist that is typically cinched with a belt or tie, with some gathered or extra fabric at the top that creates a sort of ruffled waist. Paperbag trousers come in all kinds of fabrics — from those better for professional wear to those perfect for a comfy look, but they all have that key silhouette of a high, somewhat ruffled waistline

5 outfit ideas for paper bag pants

These cropped paperbag jeans are a great option for your first paper bag pants outfit since they can be worn both casual or dressy and even great for all seasons!

5 Perfect Paper Bag Pants Outfits

5 Perfect Paper Bag Pants Outfits

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1. Everyday Outfit – White tee, Bandana + Gladiator Heels

Everyday Outfit - White tee, Bandana + Gladiator Heels

Pants | Tee | Shoes | Bandana

I love this look for an everyday outfit! All you need is a simple white t-shirt (or any solid color plain tee will do!), a fun colored bandana and a pair of funky nude colored sandals.

The bandana gives this simple outfit a fun pop of color and these paper bag jeans dress up an otherwise simple “t shirt and jeans” outfit.

You could also turn this into a casual look with some cool sneakers (or just your favorite white sneaker)!

Check out this post for how to wear a bandana around your neck or this one for 8 different ways to style your bandana!

2. Dressy Paper Bag Outfit – Ruffle Black Top, Heels + Chanel Bag

Dressy Paper Bag Pants Outfit - Ruffle Black Top, Heels + Chanel Bag

Pants | Top | Bag | Bracelets

Paper bag jeans can absolutely be dressed up. Choose a fancier top like this black ruffle top and a pair of heels.

For this outfit I chose to keep things sleek with a black top, bag, and heels. Black steps these jeans up to the next level of dressiness.

3. Work Outfit With Paper Bag Pants – Cardigan + Heels

Work Outfit - Cardigan + Heels

Pants | Top | Cardigan | Bag

Are paper bag pants professional? They can be!! If you can wear jeans to work this outfit is perfect for you! Paper bag jeans look great with a cardigan and a cute button up top tank top.

Make sure that the cardigan isn’t too oversized as the jeans have a wider leg. I like to tuck in a top in order to elongate the legs and really make the cardigan shine.

4. Edgy Outfit – Graphic tee + Leopard Heels

Edgy Outfit - Graphic tee + Leopard Heels

Pants | Tee | Shoes

Who doesn’t love a graphic tee shirt? I love pairing a black and white tee shirt with a pair of unique shoes like these leopard printed heels.

Having a fun pair of shoes in your closet can really jazz up a regular tee shirt and jeans outfit. You could also take these shoes and wear them with the first outfit above for a completley new look!

5. Casual Paper Bag Pants Outfit – Sweatshirt + Sneakers

Casual Outfit - Sweatshirt + Sneakers

Pants | Sweatshirt | Shoes

You can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt and jeans! I recommend wearing a sweatshirt that isn’t too baggy in order to tuck it into your jeans.

I like this bright sweatshirt that is casual enough to feel cozy but pretty enough to feel put together. Pairing this with some converse all stars makes this outfit ready for wearing to the grocery store or out for a casual lunch with friends!

**Head to this post to learn how to clean white Converse sneakers!

Are paperbag pants in style in 2020?

Yes! One look around at stores or on Pinterest and you’ll quickly see they are everywhere! They come in a variety of types from denim to wide leg to even athleisure style!

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5 Perfect Paper Bag Pants Outfits

Be sure to head over to my 9 different ways to wear leggings for even more style tips! If you are looking for some fun ways to wear accessories, I have a video of 8 different ways to wear bandanas and 7 different ways to wear blanket scarves. Have fun making new outfits!


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