How to Wear a Bandana 8 Simple Ways – VIDEO!

Who else is loving the bandana trend? It’s perfect for hiding dirty hair, covering up postpartum hair loss and spicing up any do.

Today I want to share 8 easy ways how to wear a bandana!

How to Wear a Bandana - 8 Simple Ways (Including a VIDEO!)

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One of my absolute favorite trends right now is bandanas! Bandanas are a super inexpensive way to accessorize an outfit.

You can tie them around your neck, in your hair, around your wrist or on your bag. The options are endless!

Below is a video tutorial of 8 of my favorite ways to wear a bandana!

1. Classic Neckerchief

how to wear a bandana around your neck

My favorite way to wear bandanas is the simple classic neckerchief. Skip the necklace and throw on a bandan!

This is perfect for throwing on over a solid tee and distressed denim and elevating any outfit! You can quickly grab any bandana and wrap it around your and off you go!

To create the long rectangle look to the bandana:

  1. Fold the bandana in half to create a triangle.
  2. Fold point in to the center.
  3. Continue folding until you have one long strip an inch or two wide.

How to tie the neckerchief:

  1. Put bandana around your neck with ends in front.
  2. Tie your bandana in a double knot leaving a few inches in between the knot and your neck to allow it to hang.
  3. Enjoy!

2. Choker

bandana wrapped around neck

Have a higher neck shirt and don’t want to wear your bandana neckerchief style? Wearing it as a choker is perfect option!

This is another easy option how to wear a bandana, let’s get to the steps.

How to tie the choker look:

  1. Put middle of the bandana in front of your neck.
  2. Criss cross the ends behind your hairline.
  3. Bring ends back to the front.
  4. Create a double knot leaving just enough room for the bandana to move (and not choke you ha!).

3. Classic Triangle

woman wearing faux leather shorts black bodysuit and red bandana

Don’t mistake this simple way how to tie a bandana with a cowboy’s costume! This is a fun, classic way to tie your bandana.

How to tie the Classic Triangle:

  1. Start with your bandana folded in a triangle.
  2. Bring ends together behind your head.
  3. Swing them around to the front (for easy tying).
  4. Double knot the ends at the very ends.
  5. Turn it around once again so the knot is at the back of your neck.

4. The Girl Scout

bandana worn girl scout style

Pretty much the opposite as the classic triangle!

How to tie the Girl Scout:

  1. Start with your bandana folded in a triangle.
  2. Put middle of the banana behind your neck with the ends in the front.
  3. Double knot the ends at the very end.

5. Knotted Headband

bandana headband

Ok ladies who don’t like to wash your hair OR losing hair post having babies, this option is for you! I lose so much hair at my temples and this a great way to hide that!

How to tie the Knotted Headband:

  1. Start with bandana in a rectangle shape.
  2. Put middle of the bandana at the nape of your neck.
  3. Bring ends together near your hairline.
  4. Double knot the ends slightly off center.
  5. Tuck each end in underneath the bandana.

6. Headband

bandana worn as a bandana

Pretty much the knotted headband with one extra step!

How to tie the Knotted Headband:

  1. Start with bandana in a rectangle shape.
  2. Put middle of the bandana at the nape of your neck.
  3. Bring ends together near your hairline.
  4. Double knot the ends together tight.
  5. Remove the bandana.
  6. Turn it around so the knot is in the back.
  7. Slide it on your head!

7. Around Your Ponytail

bandana tied in hair

Bandanas are truly the best for spicing up just about anything! Have a boring ponytail? Change it!

How to tie your bandana around your ponytail:

  1. Start with your hair in a ponytail and the bandana in a rectangle shape.
  2. Tie the bandana around your ponytail holder (you can double knot it if you want).

8. The Wrap Bun

Wrap your bandana around your bun

This is my new favorite way to wear a bandana! It’s unexpected and so fun.

How to Tie a Wrap Bun:

  1. Start with your hair in a low bun and the bandana in a rectangle.
  2. Wrap the bandana around the bun.
  3. Keep wrapping, pulling it tight with each wrap.
  4. Double knot it when you don’t have much fabric left.

My go to bandana is this Madewell bandana. I own it in 5 different colors (including the one in this post). They wash well and are beautiful!

There you go! Eight of my favorite ways to help you know how to wear a bandana. Which one was your favorite?

Be sure to check out my 9 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hair to make sure you’re not doing any of these easy to do habits! (I’m still working on breaking a few of them!)

Thanks so much for reading and sharing!


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  1. Hello! I have the same exact scarf! But how do you put it in a rectangle shape and make it long enough to tie around your head?? Mine is waaaay to short to do that but we have the same one! Thank you 🙂

    • Did you follow the steps at the top? Fold it in half to make a triangle and then fold the small side in to the longest side to form a rectangle! Does that help?


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