How to Tuck in A Shirt – 4 Easy Tucking Styles

Do you keep seeing beautifully tucked shirts on your impeccably styled friends? When it relates to the way we wear our shirts, we have so many different options and ways to wear them.

But let’s be real, the effortless-looking types of tucks that you commonly see women wearing on their shirts are not as simple as they look! Depending on the type of shirt you own, you may need to use one tuck method over another.

If you’re wondering what tuck to use and when, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect article. We’ll go over a few of the most common types of tucks, how to wear them and how not to wear them.

Before we start, it’s a good idea to understand situations when it’s appropriate to tuck your shirt and when you should try to avoid tucking your shirt.

When to Tuck or Not Tuck Your Shirt

Whether you should tuck your shirt or not depends on the type of shirt you own. Some shirts are designed to be shorter or fitted and will not look good tucked in. Loose or bulky shirts and sweaters may not be appropriate for tucking in. However, longer, fitted shirts tend to do well tucked in. 

The type of pants you wear will determine if you should tuck or not tuck your shirt. If you’re wearing any type of high-waisted pants or skirts, tucking in will create a beautifully tailored look.

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However, if you’re wearing a low rise or loose-fitting pair of pants, it may not accentuate your figure or keep the tuck. Some reasons you might not want to tuck in your pants could be if you’re wearing leggings or if your pants have a specific band at the bottom. Sometimes, your outfit will flow better without a tucked shirt.

The event your attending will usually help determine if you need to tuck in your shirt or not. There are many situations when you could wear your shirt either untucked or tucked, and it will still look good.

If you’re attending a formal event or job interview, it’s best to go for the tucked look. It presents you as a professional, and attendees will take you more seriously.

On the other hand, a tucked shirt may not work well if you’re going to a casual event as it may look overdressed. Always check the suggested attire for an event to determine if you should tuck your shirt in or not.

How to Tuck in A Shirt – 4 Easy Ways

how to tuck in your shirt 4 easy ways

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1. Front Tuck/Half Tuck

The front tuck is the most versatile tuck you can choose from and works with almost any type of top, and neckline, including slim-fit shirts. It’s popular, easy, and takes essentially no time to complete.

Tucking in your shirt makes your body look less like a line and instead pushes the eye to your waist. It creates a casual, effortless look. The front tuck is defined as hiding the front part of your shirt’s hem by tucking it into your pants while the backside remains untucked.

how to tuck in a shirt

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This can be the entire full front half of your shirt or just a corner of it. Both are really beautiful!

When to Wear a Front Shirt Tuck

Using a front tuck is an easy way to make an oversized shirt look fashionable and define the waist area. It can also be used for thin tops that may look awkward with high-rise or mid-rise pants and skirts. Front tucks are usually paired with jeans.

When to Not Wear a Front Tuck

If you’re going to a formal event, the front shirt tuck may be too casual looking. You should try to avoid using the front tuck with any type of long tunic or chunky sweater. The front tuck will create lumps within your shirt fabric and bunch up when tucked in instead of emphasizing your waist.

How to do a Front Tuck

How to do a Front Tuck
  1. First, you want to make sure if you’re using a blouse or tight shirt that it is adequately ironed and free of any wrinkles.
  2. Gather the front of your top’s hemline and use your other hand to open a gap in your pants of choice. Push the hem into the open opening of your pants.
  3. Ensure that the hem is pushed flat against you and that it’s not bunched up or creating an unattractive pouch at the bottom of your shirt.
  4. If you want the front tuck to look a little looser, pull gently on the tug to achieve the look you desire.

2. Full Tuck

full tuck

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The full tuck is a classic for any type of dress-up party, formal occasion, your typical workday, or during a job interview. It has a classic look that can instantly add class to your wardrobe. The full tuck is when your entire hem is not showing because it is completely tucked away. It creates the illusion that your outfit is one flowing piece.

When to Wear a Full Tuck

A full tuck is excellent to use with any type of high waisted bottoms such as high-waist pants or high-waisted skirts. It presents a tailored look without the additional cost. Formal events are a great place to wear a fully tucked in shirt.

When Not to Wear a Full Tuck

If you are wearing low waisted pants, you should avoid using a full tuck. The tuck will usually come undone with low waisted pants and does not sit right. If you’re wearing a chunky top, it won’t tuck in properly or all the way. (Try a front tuck for a chunky top, like a sweater).

How to Do a Full Tuck

How to Do a Full Tuck
  1. First, you want to make sure if you’re using a blouse or tight shirt that it is adequately ironed and free of any wrinkles.
  2. Gather your top’s hemline and use your other hand to open a gap in your pants of choice. Push the hem into the open opening of your pants.
  3. Ensure that the hem is pushed flat against you and that it’s not bunched up or creating an unattractive pouch.

3. The Loose Full Tuck

Similar to the full tuck, you can use the loose tuck if you still want to tuck in your shirt but need a less dressy version. You always want to follow all the same rules of a full tuck, including pairing it with high-waisted pants.

However, loose tucks will not work a skin-tight shirt. The main difference between a loose tuck and a full tuck is the extra space a loose tuck gives to present a more casual look.

How to do a Loose Full Tuck

How to do a Loose Full Tuck
  1. You want to begin by ensuring that your shirt is ironed and in a presentable condition before starting to tuck. If it’s not ironed or straightened, the tuck will look sloppy.
  2. Tuck in your shirt completely. The easiest way to do a front tuck is to start at the backside and work your way around to the front. If you find that your shirt is still not tucking in all the way, try to pull up your pants over your shirt to create a fully tucked look.
  3. Once you have it tucked in, raise your shoulders like your shrugging to create a little extra room.
  4. If you’re going for the loose tuck, raise your arms all the way over your head to create the loose tuck look.

4. Knotted/Tie Tuck

The tie tuck is easy and fun to do. It’s perfect for a casual beach day or dinner with friends. It’s a laid-back alternative to the front or full tuck. Tie tucks look great with long t-shirts and can be used to create a makeshift crop top.

The tie tuck is made by creating a knot with your shirt that usually sits to the side. It helps create a clean look that shows off your body shape instead of wearing a bulky or long garment.

When to Use a Knotted Style or Tie Tuck

Knotted t-shirt

The tie tuck is perfect to use with thinner material shirts. Long tunics work well with this type of tie. The tie tuck adds a playful vibe to your outfit. It’s perfect to use at a casual event, like a farmer’s market or an outdoor sporting event.

When Not to Use a Knot

A tie tuck should only be used with thin and long materials. You should avoid using the tie tuck if your shirt is too thick, if your tie creates a huge long knot, or if you have too short of a shirt. The tie tuck is not ideal in a professional or formal setting.

How to Do a Knotted Tee or Tie Tuck

How to Do a Knotted Tee or Tie Tuck
  1. First, you want to gather all of your fabric onto one side of your body with one hand.
  2. Keep twisting the fabric until it feels nice and tight.
  3. Wrap the fabric around your fingers. Pull the fabric completely around and under to go through the hole you just created.
  4. Next, pull it through to create a knot. Pull both ends if you want a tighter knot. If you prefer a looser knot, pull the knob of the knot.

How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

The tricky part of having your shirt tucked in is that it can be styled perfectly at home, and then when you’re out and about, it comes undone and looks sloppy. So how do you keep your shirt tucked in?

If you want a smooth full tuck look, the best, most foolproof hack is to wear a body suit. There are so many cute ones these days, and they’re comfortable! The top will stay in place and give you a sleek silhouette without having to keep sticking your shirt back in your pants or skirt all day!

For those of you who are very serious about keeping your shirts in place (like if you wear a uniform or if it’s important for your job to be very put-together all the time), you can get some ideas from professional men who wear shirt stays. They are elastic straps that attach to the bottom of your shirt and connect it to your socks or a garter to keep the shirt smooth all day.

Tucking your shirt is easy with our step-by-step tips and instructions. Knowing the right tuck and how to do it will save you time and energy while ensuring your outfit is always on point and appropriate for your outing.

Comment below your favorite way to tuck your shirt.

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