12 Best Bubble Machines Kids (& Moms) Will Love

It’s summertime! Summer brings warm weather, pool time, beaches, vacations, and best of all, afternoons spent in the backyard. Isn’t that what childhood memories are made of?

For many kids and families, this involves games of T-ball, sidewalk chalk, or running around playing with a bubble machine.

Bubble machines are some of the most exciting and fun (not to mention hands-off!) ways to play with kids in the backyard, and they are great for summer days. They can be used for so many activities and events — holidays, parties, weddings, and even performances that kids put on for school.

If you’re looking for a great bubble machine for your family this summer, here are some options for a fun addition to your backyard games. All of these are kid-friendly, easy to use, and work indoors or outdoors.

12 Best Bubble Machines for 2023

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1. Zerhunt Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine Durable Automatic Bubble Blower, 5000+ Bubbles Per Minute
  • Can Generate More Than 10000+ Bubbles Per Minute
  • 6 Spinning Wands
  • 2 Speed Level
  • Super Built-In Motor
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03/07/2024 01:34 pm GMT

While this one does not have a kid-themed design, this one can produce more than 5,000 bubbles per minute. Touted as useful for parties and holidays, this is a first-rate top bubble machine to consider.

There’s a 12.5 ounce reservoir and 6 spinning wheels and 2 levels of speeds to help keep the bubbles flowing. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about running out of bubbles.

It can last a really long time, keeping the fun going for hours on end without kids asking for a refill every few minutes!

2. Bubble Guns

JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns with 2 Bottles Bubble Refill Solution
  • Bubble Guns Kit includes 2 Bubble Guns, 2 Bottles of 148 ml (5 oz) Bubble Solution and AA Batteries.

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03/08/2024 10:49 am GMT

For those with kids on the move, this is a great choice and one that has a very fun, kid-friendly design.

This machine is battery-operated. All you have to do is connect the bottles full of the solution to the bottom of the gun and go!

This little guy can produce more than 800 bubbles a minute. Perfect for toddlers and kids, this fun and portable little activity can go everywhere you go this summer.

3. Automatic Bubble Machine 4500 Bubbles Per Minute

KINDIARY Portable Bubble Machine with 5000+ Bubbles/min
  • Amazing Output: Generate more than 5000 bubbles per minute with 6 spinning wands, 2 speed levels and power dual motors; Blow tons of colorful bubbles faster, higher and farther even indoors without wind
  • Dual Power Options: Powered by 6 C batteries (not included) or plug-in with the included AC adapter, offering maximum convenience for you and let you enjoy the bubble machine indoors and outdoors
  • High Capacity: 380 milliliters (about 12.8 ounces) capacity m

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This fun baby blue and lilac bubble machine comes with a handle for easy transport. It can produce up to 4,500 bubbles per minute, and there are two speeds.

You can either plug it in with a power cord or use batteries, making it simple to use outside or right off the patio.

It’s a good option for parties, with six spinning bubble wands. It has a built-in motor and 12.8 ounces of capacity, creating hours of fun for your kids every day.

This is my pick for the best bubble machine! We own this one and my kids love it! It’s great entertainment and it’s super durable.

4. Kidzlane Bubble Machine

Kidzlane Bubble Machine for Kids | 2 Speed Bubble Blower Toy
  • 8 Speeds
  • Makes 500-1000 bubbles per minute
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, not included
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03/08/2024 11:29 am GMT

What is it about animal shapes that makes everything instantly more exciting for kids? This bubble machine is shaped like a dolphin.

An 8 ounce bottle of solution is included, and there’s an easy on/off switch and a light electronic motor that keeps it churning bubbles for hours. This one is great for children from toddlers to elementary school age.

It can produce 500 to 1,000 bubbles per minute depending on the speed you choose. It has 10 spinning wands, and it is an entertaining activity for anyone looking for a little bit of backyard fun.

5. Fubbles No Spill Bubble Machine

FUBBLES NO Spill Funfiniti Bubble Machine

The Fubbles No Spill Funfiniti Bubble Machine features our No- Spill Design, which means more play and less mess. Not only is this machine no spill but it holds up to 20oz of solution so you can blow bubbles for an hour straight with no refilling required!

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03/08/2024 11:54 am GMT

Fubbles is one of the best bubble brands in the business and ones we’ve been using for years! All you need to do is fill the base with solution, turn it on and away you go!

This features the Fubbles classic no spill design so you can enjoy the bubble fun without the mess. This takes batteries that aren’t included.

6. Wireless Remote Control Bubble Machine

Theefun Bubble Machine, Wireless Remote Control Bubble Blower Machine with Over 800+ Bubbles Per Minute

Equipped with large high velocity fan, high performance rotor and 16pcs bubble wands, 18-22 rpm rotating speed, the bubble machine can generate over 800 bubbles per minute. 750ml high capacity of the liquid tank make it is not necessary to add bubble liquid in several times, so you can enjoy uninterrupted bubbles leisure time!

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03/08/2024 12:14 pm GMT

Control your bubbles even from afar! This bubble machine comes with a wireless remote control so you can start and stop the fun with the push of a button. With the ability to blow more than 800 bubbles per minute, this is a great plug-in one that can be used for parties, birthdays, or even weddings.

It’s good for indoor and outdoor use with an AC adapter, and the remote control is easy to use. You can use the remote control within 10 meters.

This is one of the more unique options for individuals who want a bubble maker that has the ability to turn on and off without you needing to trek all the way across the backyard or venue.

7. Duckura Leaf Blower Bubble Blower

Duckura Bubble Leaf Blower for Kids

Our bubble toy comes with 3 bottles of 4oz non-toxic bubble solution, last for longtime playing and creating dreamy bubble atmosphere. 

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03/08/2024 12:28 pm GMT

If you have a child who loves to help out with the yard work, this is a great pick for them! Let them use their bubble leaf blower while you use your real one!

With three AA batteries installed, you can keep this running for hours. Just refill the bubble solution (3 bottle of 4oz solution is included) as needed to have bubbles on demand all day.

8. Bubble Machine – 2000 Bubbles per Minute

Bubble Machine for Toddlers 2000+ Bubbles Per Minute

Each fill of bubble solution provides 15 minutes of bubble blowing time, keeps kids happily busy for long periods time.

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03/07/2024 11:39 am GMT

With a cute design that looks like an underwater submarine, this bubble machine can produce a stream of 2,000 bubbles per minute. It creates the perfect atmosphere for any event. The bubbles come out of the device at a slight upward angle. You can place it anywhere, even on the floor!

All you have to do is insert three AA batteries and fill the bubble solution. (Two bottles of bubble solution included.) It is a beautiful little bubble machine that you can use every day during the summer, and the design makes it all the more charming and fun for children.

9. Bubble Bazooka Machine

Purple Bubble Gun with Lights/Bubble Solution
  • Bubble makers includes: bubble gun x 1, bubble solution x 2, battery x1, charger x1, plate x1.
  • Upgrade 69 holes bubble machine guns with colorful light, full of power, make bubbles crazy and kids have fun. Can blow thousands of bubbles at the same time.

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03/07/2024 11:38 am GMT

These fun bazooka bubble guns will send out thousands of bubbles out of 69 different holes. It’s colorful lights will add to the bubble fun!

Just put in the batteries, fill the solution tray with bubble solution, dip in and go! You will need to keep the tray close so you can continue to dip your device into the solution to keep creating bubbles but it’s easy to do and use!

10. Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine
  • Includes 4 Oz. Bottle Of Gazillion Solution: The Hurricane Bubble Machine Comes With An 4 Oz. Bottle Of Top Secret Gazillion Bubble Solution
  • Easy To Operate: Pour The Solution Into The Reservoir Attached To The Bubble Machine To Continuously Feed The Wands Creating A Storm Of Bubbles

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03/07/2024 11:34 am GMT

Nicknamed the Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine, this is not just any ordinary bubble maker machine. This one is the real deal and one of the top bubble machines!

This comes with a 4-ounce bottle of bubble solution, and it is simple to operate. It can produce thousands of bubbles, and it comes in the same wheel bubble wand design.

It is an award-winning bubble machine and requires six AA batteries. With its power, it’s no wonder why it has so many great reviews and noted as one of the best options!

11. Bubble Lawn Mower

Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble-N-Go Deluxe Toy Bubble Lawn Mower with 4 oz Bubble Solution

Just push the mower and have fun with bubbles in seconds! No batteries required. As the mower is pushed, it releases tons of incredible bubbles into the air.

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03/07/2024 11:34 am GMT

This machine is different than the other bubble machines listed — it offers toddlers a chance to move around and push their very own toy mower. This fun giraffe-shaped machine has a handle that toddlers can maneuver that produces the bubbles.

This one requires no batteries, just pour in the solution, and let your kid walk around. The pushing will get the bubbles to begin to flow. It also has fun lawn mower sounds that your kids will love.

It helps toddlers practice walking and gives them a fun incentive for doing so! This one has a bottle of solution included.

*Find other baby walking toys here!

12. Portable Bubble Machine

KINDIARY Bubble Machine, Automatic Seal Style Bubble Maker Blower, 2000 Bubbles Per Minute

Unlike other integrated bubble machines, the water tank of this bubble machine can be easily removed using the release button; Moreover, the design of the spout makes recycling leftover bubble liquid easy and convenient

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Lastly, this entertaining machine is different from all the rest! With the ability to produce between 500 bubbles and 2,000 bubbles, this bubble machine comes in two sizes. There is a detachable tank for easy liquid recycling, making this a quick cleanup as well.

With two blowing wands, this is a great tool to use for your kids and to choose between more bubbles or a longer run time. The bubble machine itself is only 7 inches tall, but it’s still very powerful. It also gives you the choice to have two different sizes!


Are bubble machines safe?

In general, yes, bubble machines are safe. Most are made with durable ABS plastic for superior toughness and rust protection. Always be careful when using things that are plugged in when children are involved.

Which bubble solution is best?

Most regular bubble solutions from the store are just fine to use. You can also mix your own solution! Always be sure to use soft water rather than hard water for better bubbles.

Do bubble machines make a mess?

Yes, they can make a big mess! Always be careful to keep them straight and not tip them one way or the other so solution doesn’t spill out. Always empty the bubble machine when you’re done using it to prevent spilling when not in use.

Introducing a bubble machine for your home and for your family is an exciting activity that will keep the dreaded summer phrase, “I’m bored,” out of your house.

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