40 Gift Ideas for His 40th Birthday (for Men!)

Your husband is turning 40 this year! That’s a big birthday to celebrate — and it can be a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect gift to mark the occasion. Let me help!

I’ve come up with 40 gift ideas for all different types of interests, from tech to sports to cooking. Some are products, and some are ideas for you to plan!

You know your husband best so you know whether he’d love a surprise with lots of people around or a gift he can use on his own for years to come. Look through my suggestions, and let me know your best ideas in the comments.

40 Gift Ideas for His 40th Birthday (for men!)

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1. A Surprise Guys’ Trip

For Rishi’s 40th birthday, I worked together with two of his best friends to plan a surprise weekend getaway for the three of them. No kids, no wives, no planning for him to do! I sent him to Austin for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, something he would never get to go do if he went with me and the kids.

Start planning early so you can coordinate with his pals, book a hotel and flights, and come up with some ideas for him to do. Then you can either surprise him with the plans on his birthday or, if it works out, send him right then and there!

2. Record Player and Records

Record player with speakers

A record player is such a cool gift because it can be a really special, meaningful gift, but also one that the whole family can enjoy. You could even use it to play music if you’re throwing a small party too!

Start his record collection with some of his favorite music. You could try to find live albums of bands he loves to see in concert or choose nostalgic music from high school or college. I love the idea of finding a record that he would love from each decade of his life!

3. Pour Over Coffee Stand

Pourover coffee stand - wood base, brass arm, glass funnel

One thing all 40-year-olds have in common: they’re tired. So coffee is the perfect gift!

I’m mostly kidding, but if you have a husband who loves a high-quality cup of coffee or loves to tinker around in the kitchen, a fancy pour-over coffee stand would be a fun gift.

This one, made of brass, walnut and glass, looks like it belongs in a cool coffee shop. You can adjust the height of the Hario V60 glass pour over to fit whatever mug or decanter you’re using.

4. Personalized Milestones Map

Art - triangle mountains cut out of different maps

A 40th birthday is a good opportunity to look back on all the places he’s been in his life, both physical places he’s traveled and his many big and small accomplishments. Help him with his trip down memory lane!

This piece of custom art lets you choose three to eight places to include. The maker then turns a map from each place into a mountain. You can choose cities you’ve traveled, towns where big life events happened, or places that have meant the most to him throughout his life (think hometown, college, annual summer vacations, honeymoons, etc.).

5. Luggage

3 different size pieces of luggage in dark blue

Kickstart his next 40 years of adventures with a new set of luggage. It’s a practical gift that also promises lots of fun as you plan trips together.

This set of Samsonite luggage is hard-sided but expandable, has spinner wheels and comes with three different sizes. Pick a color you like, too, because you know you’ll be making him share!

6. Guitar Lessons

Guitar, case and accessories

Whether your husband already knows some chords or is a complete beginner, guitar lessons are a fun idea for a 40th birthday present. He’ll learn a new skill, feel at least 10% cooler, and be able to serenade you.

If your husband is a music lover or has ever mentioned wishing he could play an instrument, this is a winner. Add in a new guitar to really put this gift over the top!

7. Arcade game

Pac-Man arcade game

Make all his friends jealous — and make your house the favorite hangout — with a full-size arcade game! I love this gift idea for a video game enthusiast or any guy who’s nostalgic for all the time he used to spend at the arcade growing up. But now it’s better — he’ll never run out of quarters.

8. Room Makeover

A man’s home is his castle, right? So make sure he has a space in it that is designed just for him. Spruce up his home office, give him the home gym he’s always wanted, turn the garage into a game room — whatever would make his smile biggest.

9. Beverage Fridge

Beverage fridge with glass doors

The perfect present for any craft beer or wine lover, this beverage fridge will keep your husband well stocked and ready for any party. He’ll be ready to host in style, whether it’s poker night, the big game, holidays, or just a date night for the two of you.

This fridge can hold 21 bottles or 128 cans, and you can separate your wine and other beverages because the two compartments each have their own controls.

10. Peloton

Peloton stationary bike

You know I love my Peloton and the whole Peloton community! If your husband has been looking for a way to get a good workout year-round without worrying about weather or gym memberships, a Peloton bike or treadmill and membership is perfect.

Not sure if your husband would enjoy it? Read my Peloton review.

(Need a promo code? Use SMPC9C for $100 off any accessories!)

11. Custom House Painting

Watercolor painting of a house

If your husband is a sentimental guy, commission a custom house painting of his childhood home, your first house together, or any other house that holds memories for him. You could even get a painting of a meaningful building from college or other spot that was important in his life.

Look through Etsy to find a style from an artist you like, and choose between hand-painted or digital options.

12. Connected House Equipment

Smart lock

Techie husbands will appreciate having everything in the house under their control with the swipe of a finger. Options include smart plugs, smart lights, smart thermostats, and my favorite, smart locks!

Lock and unlock your door without a key, and give access to anyone from dog walkers to housekeepers to family members, even if you’re not home.

13. Rent Out a Movie Theater

Surprise your husband with his favorite movie in a private theater! You can make it an intimate date for just the two of you or invite all his friends for a memorable party. Quote along since no one else is in the theater!

If you really want a unique experience, see if there are any private drive-in movies in your town.

14. His Favorite Toy Growing Up

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures 1988 Original Series

Milestone birthdays can make you think back on your childhood and feel nostalgic for things you used to love. If your husband has mentioned favorite toys he had growing up (or if his parents can tell you), see if you can find them online.

Imagine the surprise on his face when he opens up an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or He-Man action figure!

15. My Life Story Journal (or Storyworth)

My Life Story So Far journal

Give him the chance to talk about himself and tell his own story. A journal with prompts about his life so far will help him appreciate the 40 years he’s lived so far and be something he can share with you and your kids.

If you think he’s more likely to answer digitally than in a written journal, Storyworth is a great option. You can tailor the questions to what you know about him, and he’ll get weekly email prompts for a year. At the end of the year, you can turn the answer into a book about him.

16. Scratch-Off Map

Poster Map of USA with some states in bright colors and the rest in gold scratch-off material

Whether he’s traveled a ton or just wants to travel more, a scratch-off map can give him the opportunity to think back on all the places he’s been and motivate him to keep exploring. You can get him a United States map if you’re conquering the States or a world map to expand his travel ambitions even further.

How many can he get scratched off by the time he’s 50?

17. Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

Radio with antenaa and 3 knobs

This one’s for the guy who likes to build things with his own two hands (or would like to if he knew how!). If he follows the instructions, he can have an FM radio with Bluetooth capabilities and auxiliary and USB ports by the end of the project.

Could you just gift him an already-built radio? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?!

18. Ooni Pizza Oven

Ooni pizza oven

Your belly will thank you for this present to your husband! Ooni portable pizza ovens are the coolest gadget for guys who like to tinker around in the kitchen or at the grill (and those who like to eat!). There’s gas-powered and wood-powered ovens for 12-inch or 16-inch pizzas — whatever fits your life and your appetite better.

19. Food From His Favorite Faraway Restaurant

Two deep-dish pizzas - one wrapped in plastic

Lots of popular restaurants ship items nationwide now! If your husband moved away from his hometown or has fond memories of a certain restaurant from his younger days or a great vacation, order his birthday meal or dessert from there. It may not be the same as sitting down to a hot meal in the restaurant, but you won’t have to wait for a table!

Ship a frozen Chicago deep-dish pizza from Giordano’s, meats and more from Katz’s Deli in New York, barbecue from The Salt Lick in Texas, and more. Check out Goldbelly to find restaurants that may not have shipping options on their own website.

20. Camera

Canon DSLR camera and accessories

Memories are probably on the birthday boy’s mind with this big day. Help him capture more memories going forward!

A decent camera is something every grown man needs. It can be a great hobby whether he likes taking photos of nature, architecture or just your family and friends. Whether he needs an upgrade from his smartphone camera or from a lesser model, a digital SLR camera is a good bet.

21. Leather Handwriting Keychain

Leather keychain that says "So much love" Kristen

Here’s a sentimental give for a guy who likes to keep reminders of his loved ones close. This keychain can be customized with whatever handwritten message you like, either yours, your kids’ or even a loved one who has passed.

22. Decanter

Glass decanter

If your guy is a little bit fancy (or wishes he was) or is building out his bar cart, this beautiful decanter is the perfect addition. He can serve wine or liquor from it and impress friends and family.

23. 3D Printer

3D printer

What can he do with a 3D printer? What CAN’T he do?

This is a techie’s dream gift, with so many possibilities to print. With a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and thousands of reviews, this is a great place to start even if you don’t know what you’re talking about!

24. Pasta Maker

Silver pasta maker

If your husband has mastered all his favorite recipes, it’s time for a pasta maker! He can roll his own pasta to add to his repertoire.

The Atlas 150 can cut three types of pasta, but you can buy 12 accessories to cut even more. I’m a fan of any kitchen gift because it means tasty food for the gift-giver! Who says his birthday can’t be a gift for you too?

25. Signed Copy of His Favorite Book

Copy of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Your husband’s favorite book probably means a lot to him — books have the power to transport us to a different time in our lives and teach us new lessons each time we read them. If he’s got a book that he loves, see if you can find a signed copy or a first edition of it for his 40th birthday present.

Both the thought and the effort will be greatly appreciated!

26. Subscription Box

The gift that keeps on giving … every month! There are so many different subscription boxes out there, that you are sure to find one that fits your husband’s specific interests. One of the best parts of a subscription box is that you don’t have to know a lot about the interest; experts will be choosing items your husband is sure to love.

You can pick subscriptions for basically anything: coffee, international snacks, beef jerky, clothes, fishing lures, socks, etc.

27. A Big Party

Of course a party is a great idea! A big birthday warrants a big celebration!

Be sure to think of exactly the type of shindig your husband would enjoy. Would he like a theme? Does he like huge groups or more intimate settings? How does he feel about surprises vs. helping with planning?

As long as there’s great food and great friends, it’ll be a gift he’ll never forget.

28. Frame TV

You’ve no doubt seen Samsung’s frame TV advertised, but there’s a reason people love it so much. It’s beautiful and acts as both high-quality TV and a piece of art.

His 40th birthday is a great time to spoil him and upgrade the focal point of your living room or bedroom to something more luxurious!

29. Tech Dopp Kit

Leather zipper bag with cord holders and space for mouse and headphones

Help him keep all his cords and tech safe and organized on his commute or when he travels. A tech dopp kit is practical and looks great!

30. Cooking Class

I love the idea of gifts that teach the recipient a new skill or jumpstart a new hobby! A cooking class could be fun just for him or for you both to do as a date night. And at the end, you get to eat!

You can sign up for an in-person class through somewhere like Sur La Table, or find tons of online classes to do from the comfort of your home if you think he’d prefer that.

31. Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Maker

He can make all kinds of coffee drinks for you, I mean, himself with this Nespresso machine. It can make single and double espressos with a touch of a button and comes with a milk frother for hot or cold milk.

32. Sports Tickets

Experience gifts are the best, especially if your husband is a guy who doesn’t like a lot of clutter lying around or buys himself everything he needs. If your husband is a fan of a sport or a team, buy some tickets to a game (or up the ante with season tickets!) and then make a night of it or send him with a friend.

33. Massage Gun

Massage gun and alternate heads

Great for sore muscles as well as normal aches and pains, this massage gun will make your husband feel 10 years younger! This is a great gift for someone who doesn’t always take time to relax.

It has seven interchangeable heads and five intensity levels for everyday stress relief to taking care of deep tension.

34. VR Headset

White VR headset and accessories

I don’t know a guy alive who wouldn’t want to give virtual reality a try! He’ll be the envy of his friends with this Oculus VR headset.

It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require you to buy any other equipment. Just unwrap it and you’re ready to go!

35. Notes From All His Friends

By the time you’re 40, you probably have friends spread all over the country or even world. It may not make financial sense to fly them all in for a party, but you can at least have them remind your husband how special he is!

Have all of his most-loved friends write notes or send videos recapping funny memories, complimenting his character and sharing warm wishes. Get started on this gift a month or two before his birthday if possible to make sure everyone has enough time to get the messages back to you.

36. Classic Nintendo

Classic Nintendo

You can’t go wrong with this classic game system from his childhood. Super Mario Bros., anyone? Buy an old Nintendo and see your husband revert back to his younger self.

Just make sure you buy some great games with it and don’t expect him to have much free time for a while as he remembers how to beat each level.

37. Power Tools

DeWalt set of 10 tools

This is a great time to get his power tool collection started or upgrade some of his older machines! New tools means he’ll be able to take on more projects around the house instead of hiring them out or start building things just for fun. Maybe throw in some safety googles and ear protection while you’re at it.

38. Sky Diving

Check your husband’s bucket list. Is there anything on it that you can help him tick off this birthday?

If your husband has always wanted to do something exciting and adventurous like sky diving, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, etc., go ahead and book it for him! You could also schedule some time at an indoor sky diving place if you’re not sure he’s ready to take the big leap.

39. Solo Stove

Solo Stove fire pit

The Solo Stove is an awesome backyard fire pit. It’s smokeless and portable and has a slick streamlined look.

Gifting your husband with one is also gifting him with countless nights of friends around the fire and family memories making s’mores.

My husband bought himself one this past summer and it’s been in heavy rotation for everything from burning the fallen sticks in our super old trees to s’mores with the kids!

40. Leather Jacket

Men's leather jacket

Start his new decade with a nice jacket that he’d never buy for himself (but will love to see himself in)! A classic leather jacket will last him years and years, keep him warm, and get lots of compliments.

Looking for more ideas for what to get your husband? Check out my gift guide for men or get some ideas for a fun date night!


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