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Austin Fowler Diaper Bag Review

This winter I met the adorable Steph who created the stylish and organized diaper bag from Austin Fowler. Well, fast forward to a few weeks ago when I got my hands on my very own stylish and organized Austin Fowler diaper bag! YAY!

Holding a classy organized diaper bag by minneapolis brand austin fowler in long free people sweater and leopard flats.

Steph sent over a Savannah (insert ALL the heart eyes) and I immediately transferred Roy’s stuff (cuz babies need a lot of stuff).

Diaper bags are literally as important (if not more) than any other handbag you’ll ever buy so I wanted to share a full Austin Fowler diaper bag review for you!

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Austin Fowler Bag

Austin Fowler Bag Review - Baby kisses carrying a blue and tan organized diaper bag by minneapolis brand austin fowler

One thing I love is knowing the “why” behind brands get started. Being able to spend some time with Steph, the owner, was so fun because I was able to learn so much about her company!

She shared all about how she started her company creating the most organized and adorable diaper bags after her twins were born.

Organization and style were key to her in a diaper bag and she couldn’t find anything that didn’t end up being a black hole of chaos within minutes of filling it so she created her own!

hanging with a toddler carrying my classy organized diaper bag by minneapolis brand austin fowler

And I feel her pain when it comes to the mess that the inside of a diaper bag can be! I can only imagine what the chaos will look like when baby #2 arrives and we have 2 sizes of diapers, bottles AND sippy cups, baby toys AND toddler toys. It’s going to get crazy fast.

That’s exactly what Steph experienced when she had her twins! Immediately she had doubles of everything and was constantly struggling to find simple things in her diaper bag. So she decided to create her own!

Enjoying my toddler with a classy organized diaper bag by minneapolis brand austin fowler

Organization Bags

Inside the bag are 6 bright pink removable pockets with labeled zippers. If you have ever taken a peek into our linen closet or storage room you will know my love affair with my label maker (yes, I’m a bit crazy).

Having that included in my diaper bag was absolutely amazing! Having pockets for “diapers and wipes”, “snacks”, and “books and toys” you can only imagine how happy I was.

Our current bag is a lot smaller and more flimsy than the Austin Fowler diaper bag so it felt really big the first time I carried it but I know when baby #2 is here I’ll be extra glad for the additional space (not to mention the organization!).

austin fowler bag -a classy and organized diaper bag

If you’re a mama looking for a better option for your diaper bag or a soon to be new mama on the hunt for the perfect bag, be sure to check out Austin Fowler!

And they’re always coming out with new styles, new prints and new products so there’s sure to be something you’ll fall in love with.

Austin fowler bag

{all pics taken by Brooke Aho}

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As always, thank for reading!

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