Baby Registry Checklist (+ Free Printable) by a Mom of 3!

*This baby registry checklist was first published June 2018 and updated July 2020. Pregnant or adopting? Trying to figure out what you need for your baby and clueless and overwhelmed on where to start? Here’s a detailed baby registry checklist from a mom of 3 along with some product recommendations to get you started! Download … Read the full article

7 Things Nobody Tells You About Having a Baby

So, you’re having a baby. CONGRATS! Babies are amazing. Being a mom is the BEST! There’s so many wonderful things about becoming a mama and all that comes with with. But there’s a few things you must know about having a baby and entering into motherhood. Especially if you’re pregnant and happen to be getting … Read the full article

Tips for Flying with Babies

Looking for tips for flying with babies? I’ve got you covered! Traveling with a baby can be super intimidating. The “firsts” for most things with your first child are all super intimidating but there’s nothing like being trapped in the air on an airplane to make even the most confident parent a little nervous. I … Read the full article

My Baby K’tan Review | Pros + Cons

One thing is certain – there are a TON of baby carrier options out there. How do you know which one is a good fit for you? Today I’m going to share all about the Baby K’tan! I’ve used a Baby K’tan with all 3 of my babies at all different stages and have absolutely … Read the full article