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Manicure Vs Pedicure – Difference, Similarities & Benefits

What is the difference between a manicure and a pedicure? And what are the similarities?

Some people think that they’re the same thing. But, there are some major differences!

Before you head out to the nail salon, or start doing a manicure or pedicure at home, let’s chat about what the difference is between a manicure vs a pedicure.

We’ll also share some of the health benefits of getting regular manicures and pedicures because guess what, there are!

Here’s what you need to know about these two popular beauty treatments.

Manicure Vs Pedicure

Manicure Vs Pedicure - Difference, Similarities & Benefits

What is a Manicure?

A manicure involves trimming, shaping and polishing fingernails. That said, an at-home manicure can be just as effective if done correctly using proper tools such as nail clippers (manicurist grade), cuticle pushers (to push back your cuticles) and nail files of different coarsenesses to shape your nails in various ways from square/oval to round/squoval).

If you have time on hand then it would be great idea to use an electric file to achieve that smooth, shiny finish. You can check out exactly how to use a manicure system here!

Manicures are done using nail polish as well, depending on your preference. A professional manicure can give you long-lasting color and shine due to their unique training in the art of application.

simple pink manicure

What is a Pedicure?

Typical pedicures involves cleaning, shaping and polishing your toe nails. Like a manicure, at-home pedicures can be just as effective if done correctly using proper tools such as nail clippers (manicurist grade), cuticle pushers (to push back your cuticles) and nail files of different coarsenesses to shape your nails in various ways from square/oval to round/squoval).

Check out what’s in a pedicure system and how to use one here!

Difference Between a Manicure and a Pedicure

So, what is the difference between a manicure and pedicure? Well, for starters they are two different treatments. The most obvious difference is a manicure is done to the fingernails while a pedicure is done to the toes.

The focus of each treatment is also different. For instance, a manicure usually involves trimming and shaping of nails, a cuticle treatment and application of nail polish. A pedicure treatment involves the same process plus other treatments such as a foot soak, removal of dead and dry skin with a foot file or pumice stone, use of mask and exfoliating foot scrub.

Similarities Between a Manicure and a Pedicure

However, there is a common thread between the two treatments. The main aim of getting either nail treatment is for your nails to look and feel great. For this reason, you can expect that both a manicure treatment and a pedicure treatment will leave your fingernails and toes looking spectacular.

A manicure or pedicure will help rid your nails of any imperfections, which ultimately leads to healthier looking nails. While getting a manicure or pedicure is considered to be a luxury, there are many health benefits of having your nails cared for by someone else – as well as the fact that you’re giving yourself a treat.

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure Treatment

black and white nail art
dot manicure

There are many befits of pedicure and manicure treatments!

1. Remove Dead Skin

A Manicure and pedicure incorporates an abrasive exfoliating agent that helps remove dead skin cells from your nails to make them look smooth, shiny and healthy. 

2. Reduce Ingrown Nails

Having regular manicures or pedicures by a professional manicurist or nail technician can help reduce the risk of ingrown toenails by improving the health of your nails.

If you experience ingrown toenails on a fairly regular basis, this is probably caused by dead skin build-up around your nails. By removing the dead skin through exfoliating and a trimming away length from the nail to remove sharp edges, the risk of ingrown toenails can be reduced significantly.

3. Skin Benefits

Mani-pedi treatments are an effective way to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. The hand massage and foot massage involved helps increase blood circulation, the regular cleaning helps prevent fungal infection and your skin will be smoother!

4. Nail Strength

Manicures and pedicures can strengthen weak nails by improving blood flow to them. Trimming, filing and shaping helps to reduce the risk of breaking your nails.

ombre pink manicure

Find more pink and red manicures here!

Types of Manicures and Pedicures

There are different types of manicure and pedicure treatments. Those no right or wrong one as this is all personal preference!

Gel Manicure / Gel Pedicure

Gel manicures and pedicures are a relatively new type of treatment in the nail care industry, but they’ve gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to their durability. As the name suggests, a gel manicure is a this type of treatment involves coating your nails with gel for added strength and shine.

They use a UV light or a LED light to harden the nails. If you’re after long-lasting color then gel polish is probably the option for you. However, it’s good to note that people with brittle nails may not do well with this type of manicure.

Regular Manicure / Regular Pedicure

A regular manicure or pedicure is the more traditional option. This involves soaking nails in warm water, shaping and trimming nails and polishing them with a base coat, regular polish and a top coat. If you want to let your nails grow out for a while, this may be the treatment for you because it’s not too involved.

*This is also perfect for doing at home. I love using Olive & June’s manicure system for this!

French Manicure / French Pedicure

A French manicure is a simple look created by applying white tips to the end of your fingernail and a pale pink to the base of your nail. It’s pretty easy to do at home yourself, and only requires you to have regular weekly manicures so that you can keep the tips looking fresh (otherwise they’ll start looking chipped).

French pedicures are simply French manicures for toes, so if you like the idea of doing something a little bit different with your nails then this could be an option.

There’s also many other types of manicures and pedicures such as dip nails or artificial nails.

Overall, a manicure and pedicure is one of the best ways to make a great first impression with your clean, healthy nails! So the next time you head to the nail salon or pull out your nail polish at home, you’ll now know the differences between a manicure and a pedicure and the benefits of both!

Now be sure to head to my Olive & June review post to check out my favorite nail polish!

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