How to Remove Lash Extensions 4 Ways

Wondering how to remove lash extensions at home? You’re in the right spot! Eyelash extensions give you the appearance of having longer, fuller lashes and have become all the rage.

With lash extensions, you don’t need to apply fake eyelashes every day, and you wake up looking ready to take on the day! But what about when you’re ready to take them off or you have some stragglers remaining?

Eyelash extensions are attached to your individual lashes, and since your natural lashes grow and fall out at different rates, your extensions will also fall off at different times. This means you’ll probably have just a few extra-long lashes left by the end if you don’t refill your extensions.

When this happens, you might have the urge to start pulling the remaining extensions off, but wait! Make sure you know whether you can do eyelash extension removal at home and how best to do it!

How to remove lash extensions

Can You Remove Your Eyelash Extensions on Your Own at Home?

The answer is yes, you CAN remove eyelash extensions at home, but it’s not the best choice. The best way (and safest way) is to go to a professional lash artist.

Extensions are usually attached with surgical-grade glue, so it’s best for your natural lashes and your eyes to see someone trained in the removal process. They’ll have the proper equipment, know how to remove the lash adhesive, and make sure bacteria isn’t spread around your eye, which is already a really sensitive area.

And really, the price isn’t all that terrible. It’s better to pay and have them taken off professionally than to try home removal and damage your real lashes!

Trying to remove your false lashes on your own can also lead to risk of irritation to the eye or the buildup of excess oil, which can cause breakouts on the sensitive skin around your eye. Yikes!

Eyelash extensions

What Not to Do When Removing Eyelash Extensions

If you can’t set up an appointment with a licensed professional or are set on removing your extensions at home, be very careful. Don’t pick the extensions off, as this can cause bacteria and germs from your fingers to spread to your eye. Picking your lashes can also damage your natural lashes and stunt their natural growth.

Picking, pulling, or messing with your lash extensions can break your actual lashes. This could cause you to lose some of your lashes entirely — nobody wants bald spots!

It will take your natural eyelashes months to grow back to their original length. Your lash extensions will grow out and shed as your natural lashes grow, so don’t pull them!

4 Ways to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

1. Steamy Showers or Facial Steamer

If you’re going to remove your extensions in the comfort of your own home, there are some best practices you can try that may help you to safely get your lashes back to an all natural state!

First, try taking a hot shower or using a facial steamer. (Find my recommendations for facial steamers here!) The steam from the hot water will help to loosen your lashes and help speed up the process of them falling out.

Just be sure not to pick or mess with your lashes in the shower! This can still cause damage. This steam method is simply to speed up the fall out process, so be patient!

Don’t expect your fake lashes to fall out after one steamy shower, especially if your lashes were put on with a strong adhesive.

Lash tools

2. Oil-Based Cleanser or Makeup Remover

Using an oil-based facial cleanser or oil-based eye makeup remover can help dissolve the eyelash extension glue. Use the cleanser or makeup remover as the first step in your cleansing and gently rub the oil in circles to loosen the lash glue.

You won’t see results instantly, but if you make this a daily habit, you’ll start to see the adhesive bond on your extensions become loose.

3. Eyelash Glue Remover

You can also use an eyelash glue remover. Eyelash adhesive is like superglue, so having a specifically created dissolver will truly help you successfully remove your extensions at home. There are gel removers and cream removers.

Use a cotton ball with the dissolver on it to help loosen the glue and extensions and place it directly on your natural lash line. Just make sure you are careful and keep the lash remover out of your eyes to avoid irritation.

Lash glue dissolver is really only recommended for use by a professional. However, if you do choose to go about this method, have one of your friends or family members help you out.

The dissolver can be very hazardous if it gets in your eyes, and, if left on too long, it can irritate your eyes.

4. Oils

If you paid attention to your stylist during the lash application process, you may remember them telling you never to use oil-based makeup remover. That’s because oils break down the glue, but that can be helpful when you’re trying to remove the lashes! After washing your face and steaming it (or taking a hot shower), warm some oil.

Coconut oil will work best, but you can use olive oil or baby oil instead. Then, dip a cotton swab in the oil and place it on your eyelid for five to ten minutes. After the oil has lost heat, gently wipe your eye with the cotton pad.

Let the oil sit on your eyelids for a bit, then gently wipe them again. You should see your lashes start to fall out. Of course, be very careful and do not pick at your faux lashes or you could accidentally pull out your own lashes.

Even with the risks, using oil can be an effective method of removing your lashes at home.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is generally the safest type of oil to use because it will keep your natural lashes healthy as it removes the glue and extensions. However, olive oil does not work quickly, so it will take at least a couple of daily sessions to fully remove your extensions.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is nourishing and works quicker than olive oil. With coconut oil, you may be able to remove your lashes in one session.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is another alternative. Since baby oil has a mix of many types of oils, you’ll only need to leave the cotton pad on your eyes for a few minutes to see results. It’s very fast-acting! Be very careful that this oil doesn’t get in your eyes.


You can also use vaseline to remove your lashes as it will help to dissolve the lash glue. Get a pure vaseline, dip a q-tip in, and run it along your lashes. But, be very careful and go easy with the vaseline! If not used properly, it can damage your eyes and lashes.


If you use any of the methods above to remove your faux lash extensions at home, you’ll want to practice good aftercare to protect your natural lashes.

It’s worth investing in a lash serum to help nourish and condition your natural lashes. Using a lash serum will help with any moisture that was lost from having lash extensions.

If you’ve had enough of lash extensions for now, consider getting a lash growth serum. This will help your natural lashes grow and gain volume.

You can also get a lash cleanser. Using a cleanser will help keep your lashes healthy and prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria.

No matter what method you use to remove your lashes, be very gentle with your eye area when applying makeup. Try not to put much pressure on your eye and continue to make an effort to not rub the area.

Whether you’ll be heading back for another appointment or are taking a break from extensions, practicing good aftercare will help restore your lashes back to a healthy, natural look.

While there is no perfect solution to removing your lashes at home, you do have some options to try. The main takeaway is no matter what you do, be very gentle and careful! And if all else fails, schedule an appointment with a professional as soon as possible!

Not sure whether you want lash extensions or a lash lift? Read my blog post all about them!

If you’re staying away from false lashes for a while, try a heated eyelash curler! And make sure you clean your makeup brushes regularly!


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