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Amazon Finds March 2020

I love seeing what people find on Amazon! There’s SO many different things that it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Here’s a few of my recent Amazon finds that I’ve really loved!

9 Amazon finds for March 2020

Amazon Finds March 2020

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1. Crayon Box

Clear crayon box with lid

I love this Crayon Box for so many reasons! It fits all of the random crayons lying around. Penelope (2.5 years old) can’t open it but Roy (3.5) can.

It’s small enough to fit in our craft table or even throw in a bag for an outing!

If you’re tired of messing around with crayons all over your house or trying to get them back into the cardboard box, GET THIS!

2. Brush Cleaning Mat

Makeup brush cleaning mat

Dirty makeup brushes are not only gross but they can also be a source for breakouts (trust me, I know!).

I am so bad at cleaning my makeup brushes and when I do it with just my hand I don’t feel like they get super clean! This Brush Cleaning Mat is super easy to use AND it gets my brushes so clean!

At under $5, it’s totally worth it!

3. Dot Markers

Pack of dot markers

The kids use these Dot Markers at school all the time and I finally picked up a set for at home! They’re a great option when you don’t want to pull out all of the paints and brushes and deal with spilt watercolor water.

Bonus, they’re washable so I don’t mind if Penelope uses them too!

4. Visual Timer

Visual timer

Roy is a pokey kid (as I imagine lots of toddler kids are) so we bought this Visual Timer to have him “compete” against the timer!

We’ve changed the narrative to “you have to get dressed before the timer goes off” to “let’s see if you can beat the timer” and this has helped a ton!

5. Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits book

Atomic Habits is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. (I also shared about it on this Amazon round up post!)

This book is such a quick read, is full of a ton of information about practically changing habits and is full of great ideas and examples.

If you’re into self help books or just want to learn how to have better habits, I highly recommend this book!

6. 54 Scrunchies

Pack of 54 scrunchies in various patterns

I bought this set of 54 Scrunchies (that’s under $7!!!) for my niece and Penelope for Christmas! My niece is in elementary school and the joy on her face when she opened up this gift was priceless.

I use these in P’s hair daily AND I actually use them myself! I use them at night to put my hair in a high bun so it doesn’t get too flat overnight, when I’m working out or even for every day ponytails!

They don’t cause breakage, come in literally every color and are great for toddlers, tweens, adults and everyone in between. 😉

7. Rubber Plant

Rubber plant in face vase that holds glasses
Rubber plant

I’m definitely not one to get my plants on Amazon but I wanted to try it out! Rubber Plants are super hardy plants so I thought this was a good option to try it with.

It did not come packaged up very well and it was the middle of winter so I wasn’t holding my breath for it to last. Surprisingly it not only lasted but it’s thriving!

It was a chance worth taking in this case!

8. Leave In Conditioner

Spray bottle of So Cozy Kids Curl Leave-In spray

I bought this Leave In Conditioner for Penelope recently and it’s quickly becoming our favorite product for her. It sprays super easy, smells amazing and makes her curls so bouncy!

It helps so much with keep her hair detangled. I spray it on most evenings to help prevent a ton of knots and do a few quick sprays in the morning to freshen it up.

P doesn’t necessarily have curly hair but there’s some curls at the bottom so I don’t think this is strictly for people only with curls!

9. Charcoal Bags

9 Koolerthings charcoal bags

I bought these Charcoal Bags, immediately put on in our diaper pail (which was horrid), waited 5 minutes, smelled it and immediately became a charcoal bag believer!

This multi pack is great for everywhere from kids rooms to shoes to your car…anywhere that might hold a not so pleasant smell!

So there you have it! My most recent Amazon purchases that I’ve been loving! Which one do you want to try out?

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Happy shopping!

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