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Roy’s Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Theme

Look for Mickey Mouse birthday ideas? Look no further! Today I’m sharing all about our Mickey Mouse (and bus) birthday party for our now 2 year old.

mickey mouse balloon decorations for birthday

We have a Mickey Mouse fan in our home so when Roy turned 2 we threw him a Mickey Mouse theme birthday party! He actually really loves school buses too so we added in a few school bus elements as well!

Two year old birthday can be hard to know what to do with them. You want to do something fun but since they’re only 2 I never want to spend a ton of money or do something super extravagant that they’ll never remember!

On Roy’s actual birthday was a ton of fun with a visit to the fire station and his favorite park and of course donuts with Grandpa and pizza. 🙂

I shared all about inexpensive things to do for a toddler on their birthday here if you need some ideas.

A School Bus + Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Theme

mickey mouse birthday cake and ears and tee

Roy’s has been pretty obsessed with Mickey Mouse and school buses so I decided to do both for his birthday. (Random, I know but whatever, he’s 2.)

When it comes to Mickey Mouse birthday decoration ideas, you can go crazy! One thing that saved me a lot of money is doing things more based on color instead of just Mickey or school buses.

I don’t like to buy too much decor that is specific to one theme, I decided to do a ton of red and black and yellow. Those colors are perfect for a school bus and Mickey Mouse birthday party!

mickey mouse birthday cake and ears and tee

A DIY Mickey Mouse Balloon Garland

I looked at getting Mickey Mouse balloons but to make an even bigger impact, I decided to make a Mikcey Mouse balloon arch!

I absolutely love the look of balloon garlands and thought it would be a great way to make a big impact!

diy red black and yellow balloon arch for mickey mouse birthday

Turns out, making one was super easy! I picked up this balloon decorating strip and a bunch of red, black and yellow balloons. You could buy different size balloons but I to keep things easy for my first balloon arch I just bought multiple bags of the same size.

When my sister and brother-in-law dropped off my nieces and nephew, I convinced them to blow up a bunch of balloons to speed up the process.

diy red black and yellow balloon arch for mickey mouse birthday

An hour later, the arch was done! We all decided it was amazing and all birthday parties from here on out will include one (assuming I have help blowing up the balloons).

If you get the same size balloons simply blow up a bunch of them super small, a bunch regular size and a bunch extra big. That helps break up the look a little bit.

mickey mouse balloon arch red, yellow and black balloons (1 of 1)-2

I’ve since done numerous balloon arches (like one for Penelope’s 2 year old Minnie Mouse birthday party) and picked up this electric balloon inflator from Michaels to speed up the process a bit. It was the best money I’ve ever spent!

Want to make your own? Check out my how to make a balloon garland post for all the details!

More Decor

I let my nieces and nephew decide where pretty much everything went. (When you have free help you disregard them messing up any “Instagram worthy” photo and give them free rein.)

mickey mouse birthday decor

Streamers and signs were hung, banners were strung and school buses were placed pretty much everywhere.

I found these little buses on Amazon and my nieces and nephew had a blast putting them all over the house.

school bus decor for themed party


The Food

Roy loves pizza so we went the easy route and order a bunch of pies for the party. We definitely ordered too much but better have too much than too little, right?

For dessert we had a birthday cake with Mickey Mouse and a school bus on it. We also had cupcakes and a build your own ice cream sundae bar.


My parents birthdays are within a few days of Roy’s so we always include them in the celebration.

Admittedly it’s heavy on the Roy celebration and not so much my parents (sorry Mom and Dad!). But since my whole family gathers together, we did a bunch of fun family photos with the whole crew!

Tips for your own Mickey Mouse birthday party

1. Use red, black and yellow decor.

Streamers, banners, balloons – they all scream Mickey Mouse and you can reuse them for other parties!

2. Pick up some Mickey ears.

Mickey and Minnie ears are fun for photos and also for dress up through the year. This pack of 20 Mickey and Minnie ears from Amazon are less than a dollar a piece!

3. Get the whole family Mickey tees.

I know, I know, character shirts are silly. But kid birthdays should be silly. And the photos above are always fun when you all get into it!

Check out this post for some fun Disney themed graphic tees!

4. A few small Mickey decor items can go a long way.

I bought just a few Mickey specific things that really helped tie in the Mickey theme.

There you have it! A school bus and Mickey Mouse birthday party. What do you think?

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Do you mind saying where you got the cake from? My son is turning 2 this month and I’m trying to have a cake made. Funny thing is he loves mickey and school buses also. Any help would be great!



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