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19 Adorable Summer Pajamas for Toddlers

When I started looking for summer pajamas for my 2 toddlers, I quickly realized there wasn’t much still available! (Rookie mom move trying to find summer pjs at the end of May apparently!) To help other moms who need so summer pajamas for toddlers, here are 19 fun picks for both boys and girls!

Summer Pajamas for Toddlers

Summer Pajamas for Toddlers

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1. Animal Print Pajamas (Old Navy)

Animal Print Pajamas (Old Navy)

These are so whimsical and cute! These are perfect for the girl who loves rainbows AND dinosaurs!

2. Watercolor Floral Pajamas (Target)

Watercolor Floral Pajamas (Target)

It doesn’t get any more cute or any more on trend with these tie dye/watercolor pajamas! These are definitely some of my favorites. Would also work great for the fall!

3. Construction Site Pajamas (Target)

Construction Site Pajamas (Target)

I love these pajama sets that are mix and match with long and short lengths. The fun orange and blue trucks are perfect for any boy who loves watching construction in the summer months.

4. Starry Night (Burts Bees)

Starry Night (Burts Bees)

Mixing patterns is my favorite – so naturally I am drawn to these stars and strips pajamas! I have several Burts Bees products and really like this brand.

5. Glow in the Dark Fitted Pajamas (Nordstrom)

Glow in the Dark Fitted Pajamas (Nordstrom)

Surprise your little one with these glow in the dark fish pajamas! The only downside – it might keep your child awake all night with the excitement of the glow!

6. Zebra Stripe 4 Piece Pajamas (Amazon)

Zebra Stripe 4 Piece Pajamas (Amazon)

Another mix and match pajama set that I love! The zebras are so fun. Great for your child who loves to visit the zoo!

7. Huckle Beary Pajamas (Amazon)

Huckle Beary Pajamas (Amazon)

These pajamas from amazon have a funny bear on the bottoms which will make your little one want to put them on for their nighttime “hibernation!”

8. Dream Under Stars Pajamas (Amazon)

Dream Under Stars Pajamas (Amazon)

If your family loves to camp these are the pajamas for you! Bring these on your next camping trip. Even when not camping, your child can be sleeping “under the stars” in these pajamas!

9. Dinosaur Pajamas (Amazon)

Dinosaur Pajamas (Amazon)

I love these pink pajamas with a cool dinosaur on it! These simply make me smile, and your dinosaur loving child will smile too.

10. Watermelon Pajamas (Hanna Anderson)

Watermelon Pajamas (Hanna Anderson)

Few things remind me of summer as much as watermelons. Capture the summer vibe with these whimsical watermelon pajamas and your child will be sure to have sweet dreams!

11. Sea Animals Pajamas (Hanna Anderson)

Sea Animals Pajamas (Hanna Anderson)

These adorable pajamas feature sea creatures and nature! These would be so fun to bring on a beach vacation. If your child loves the water or animals be sure to check these out!

12. Unicorn Pajamas (Hanna Anderson)

Unicorn Pajamas (Hanna Anderson)

I love that these unicorn pajamas are not pink! These unique pajamas have a more realistic looking unicorn on a beautiful creamy orange background.

13. Dinosaur Pajamas (Amazon)

Dinosaur Pajamas (Amazon)

More dinosaurs! I love the cartoon feel that these dinosaur pajamas have. These are great for a little one who loves Dinosaur Train or going to the museum!

14. Solid Color Pajamas (Amazon)

Solid Color Pajamas (Amazon)

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a plain pair of pajamas. One thing I love about these is they will go with so many other pajamas – can’t find the cute dinosaur or unicorn top? Grab this one and your child will still feel like they “match!”

15. Airplane Pajamas (Old Navy)

Airplane Pajamas (Old Navy)

Does your child point out airplanes every time they see one? Check out these super cute, yellow airplane pajamas! These will be your child’s favorite in no time!

16. Rainbow Pajamas (Tea Collection)

Rainbow Pajamas (Tea Collection)

I am obsessed with these rainbow pajamas that have a simple, childish print. These pajamas seem to have longer sleeves which your child may prefer!

17. Sea Turtle Pajamas (Tea Collection)

Sea Turtle Pajamas (Tea Collection)

I love these blue sea turtle pajamas! You have to look close to see the turtles, so if your child isn’t really crazy about turtles but loves the color blue they will love these pajamas!

18. Tank Pajamas (Tea Collection)

Tank Pajamas (Tea Collection)

These butterfly pajamas for a little girl are some of my favorites. We love keeping an eye out for butterflies in the warmer months and your daughter will love sleeping with them on their summer pajamas!

19. Mermaid Pajamas (Carters)

Mermaid Pajamas (Carters)

Of course, we can’t miss these amazing mermaid pajamas! I love that they come with an extra pair of shorts. The ruffles on the top are my favorite!

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