Toddler Unicorn + Dinosaur Activities

Looking for activities to do with your toddler? I’m in the same boat!

Our kids absolutely love doing fun activities so I’ve created a handful of crafting, counting and exercise activities in both unicorn and dinosaur themes!

1. Coloring Pages

Let’s start with the classic. Coloring pages! You can’t go wrong with a simple coloring page!

Whether your little likes crayons, markers or paint (or print them off 3 times and do all 3!) this will easily keep your kids occupied for at least 2.5 minutes.

Kids coloring unicorn and dinosaur pages

Some of my favorite things to say when they tell me that they’re finished is that they should use “just one more color” or “see if you can fill in the ENTIRE” sheet!

I must say this often enough because I’ve heard Roy (my oldest, age 3) tell Penelope (my middle, age 2) “mom likes it when all the colors – she really loves color!”. He’s learned well ha!

Kid coloring dinosaur coloring sheet
Kid coloring unicorn coloring sheet


  • Coloring page
  • Crayons/Markers/Paint

All you need to do is download the pages below and print them off!

Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorn Shine download

Dinosaur Coloring Page

Dinosaur Roar download

2. Cutting + Glue Activity

On to a more messy craft! Depending on the age and skills of your toddler, you may want to precut some of the pieces for this activity.

My kids are in the stage of both learning to cut and use glue so this craft is perfect for them!

I gave the kids green, yellow and blue colored paper for the dinosaur and pink, purple and yellow paper for the unicorn. You can do the same or let them pick what they want!

Tissue paper on dinosaur sheet

Honestly my goal for these was to let the kids imaginations run wild and not create the “right” way to make the craft and have them copy it.

In my mind I thought they “should” put the green on the dinosaur, blue on the cloud and yellow on the sun for the dinosaur and pink and purple in the unicorn’s hair and yellow on the horn but they had other ideas!

Tissue paper craft on unicorn sheet

They even decided to fill in the spaces with crayons which was perfect! The more hands off you can be with crafts the better, in my opinion. Especially when your kids aren’t going to school like normal!


  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Colored Paper
Glue, scissors, construction paper and unicorn coloring sheet
Scissors, construction paper and dinosaur coloring sheet

1. Glue

When it comes to gluing, you can use either a glue stick or regular glue.

2. Scissors

This a great activity for little ones learning how to cut since you can allow them to cut whatever shapes and sizes they want for this project! There are no rules!

If your child isn’t yet scissor savvy and you want to be more hands off just let them tear the paper!

3. Colored Paper

I used simple construction paper but feel free to use tissue paper, wrapping paper or any kind of paper you have on hand.


  1. Print off printable.
  2. Color print off.
  3. Cut (or tear) colored paper.
  4. Glue sheets on paper.

3. Counting Activity

Toddlers of all ages can get into counting! If they’re proficient in counting you can work on adding or subtracting by combining the different rows.

Unicorn counting sheet with Lucky Charms

I gave the kids lucky charms and had them count the unicorns with marshmallows and dinosaurs with the cereal. When they finished they could eat it all!

These are a great way to make snack time educational haha! Use whatever food you planned on giving them in a bowl and fill the sheet.

Dinosaur counting sheet with cereal

This is the same as above, simply download and print and use however you’d like!

Unicorn Counting Printable

Unicorn counting printable download

Dinosaur Counting Printable

Dinosaur counting printable download

4. Animals on a Stick

Do you have tons of leftover crepe paper from parties at your house? Same here. This is a fun way to use some up!

Animals on a stick: Unicorn and dinosaur craft with crepe paper

This activity will be different depending on the skill level of your kids. Older kids can do the whole thing themself while younger kids may need quite a bit of help.

Younger kids can definitely do the coloring and potentially glueing. You could even have them practice cutting a large outline of the animal you’re working on (rather than close to the line).

Unicorn craft on a stick

We love crepe paper activities and this one is so fun!


  • Printable
  • Scissors
  • Crayons/Markers/Paint
  • Crepe paper (or construction paper or napkins)
  • A straw, spoon (that’s what we used), pencil, etc
  • Glue
  • Tape


  1. Color animal head using anything you want!
  2. Cut out animal head.
  3. Cut strips of crepe paper.
  4. Glue crepe paper to animal head.
  5. Tape (or glue) animal head to stick

Unicorn Heads

Unicorn download

Dinosaur Heads

Dinosaur craft

5. Exercise Activity

Let’s be real, when you have toddlers at home you’ll do anything to get those wiggles out!

If they’re not reading yet you’ll need to help them out with this but I’ve learned I can really benefit from some activity myself so I don’t mind doing it with them!

Simply cut out the cards below (I do both sets) and lay them out flat on the ground. Let each kid take turns pulling a card and do whatever is listed!

Let your kids decide how they interpret each one and let their imagination go wild.

Do as many rounds as they want! Pretty soon they’ll be able to recognize what activity they should do depending on what animal is shown!

Unicorn Activity Cards

Unicorn activity cards

Dinosaur Activity Cards

Dinosaur activity cards

If you want to make things easier, here are all 5 printable in one download!

All 5 Unicorn Printables

All 5 Dinosaur Printables

And if you want more fun toddler crafts, be sure to head here for my FREE coloring pages for the whole family!

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