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How to Wear the Viral Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Trends come and go but one trend that has been around for longer than I thought is the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag trend! I got my first Lululemon bag a few years ago and have been in love every since.

It was originally made for working out, like most of Lululemon’s products are but when celebs like Camila Cabello and Kristen Bell started to wear it out and about, it quickly became a best seller with good reason! This crossbody bag is made out of water-repellent fabric, has an exterior zippered pocket as well as an interior pocket to hold your phone, credit cards, hand sanitizer and lip balm (or lip gloss) and anything else you need on the go!

With it’s adjustable strap, all the different colors it comes in and the fact that it can hold all my essentials makes the Lululemon fanny pack the perfect accessory to just about any look I create. Lulu has even come out with different versions of the Everywhere Bag with a mini bag, a larger size bag, a puff bag and even a quilted velour style. 

If you find yourself wearing it the same way every day, I wanted to share some different ways to style it. While the most common color is a black Lululemon belt bag, I have a limited edition color. Regardless of the color, these looks can be worn with any bag you have!

How to Wear a Lululemon Belt Bag 

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1. Leggings and Sweatshirt

lululemon belt bag worn with black leggings, grey sweatshirt and new balance shoes

Leggings | Sweatshirt | Bag | Shoes

Probably the most classic way to wear your Lulu cross-body bag is with some black leggings and a sweatshirt! While mine look like real Lulu they’re actually just lookalikes (at a fraction of the cost). The color of your bag will determine the color of your clothes, but I went with a very neutral black and grey add some variety of colors in my shoes! Casual outfits like these are the easiest way to style Lululemon bags.

2. Lounge Set

woman wearing a lounge set with white sneakers and a lululemon belt bag

Set | Bag | Shoes

Lounge sets are super on trend right now and no better way to wear them then with your belt bag! This laid-back look is super trendy yet super cute. I added a pair of white sneakers that can truly be paired with anything and let the bag have a moment.

3. With a Dress

woman wearing a denim dress, knee boots and lululemon belt bag

Dress | Boots | Bag

Just because you’re wearing a dress doesn’t mean you can’t wear a belt bag! Luluemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag is truly a versatile accessory and a great option for an easy access hands-free belt bag no matter what you’re wearing. I love the punch of color it adds to this look!

Check out this look with sneakers!

4. Jeans and a Scuba Sweatshirt

woman wearing lululemon crossbody bag and lulu sweatshirt and jeans

Jeans | Sweatshirt | Bag

Ok, again, this is actually a scuba dupe but it’s so close you can’t even tell! This casual look has an elevated look with this popular bag. Swap the jeans for cargo pants and you’ve got an even more styled look!

5. Leggings, Sweatshirt and Vest

woman wearing lululemon belt bag, leggings, sweatshirt and vest

Leggings | Sweatshirt | Vest | Bag | Shoes

As the weather gets cool, you’ll want to add on another layer. This vest gives you such a sporty look in a chic way. One thing I love about this bag is that the adjustable belt strap makes it easy to wear over multiple layers when needed.

6. Printed Sweatshirt

woman wearing leopard print red sweatshirt and lulu dupe bag


One final things, I wanted to share a bag that is very similar to Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag but is actually just a lookalike. This one is from Amazon and a really great way to try out small bags like these without spending upwards of $38-$48 on a bag.

7. White Tee

woman wearing jeans, crossbody bag and white tee

White Tee | Bag

One final way to wear your belt bag (and one more dupe) is with a simple white tee! This is perfect paired with jeans or shorts for spring time through summer. This cheetah print bag is also a family favorite – my daughter picked it out for her to wear so now we have to share!

What color you end up getting and how you end up styling these bags will depends on your personal style but I really hope this helped give you a few fresh ideas on how to wear your Lulu bag!

One final thing to note – there’s been a lot of talk about what shoulder you should wear this TikTok-loved waist bag on and there’s no right or wrong reason! You can wear it on your left shoulder or your right, nobody will care! Just do what feels most comfortable to you.

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