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Black Turtleneck Outfit Ideas – 10 Ways to Style It

A black turtleneck is a timeless staple during the winter months. But nobody wants to feel like Steve Jobs and wear the same black outfit every day. Turtleneck sweaters are great simple basics, but that means they’re versatile! 

If you’re in a style rut or just looking for a fresh way to wear your black turtleneck, keep reading. I’m sharing some ideas — everything from the casual look to dressy outfits — so you can get more use out of what’s already in your closet and rock your look with confidence.

Let’s get to it!

Black Turtleneck Outfit Ideas

black turtleneck style

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1. Black Skinnies and Cardigan

Woman wearing black turtleneck, black skinny jeans and green cardigan

Black Turtleneck | Black Skinny Jeans | Cardigan | Boots

Throwing on an oversized cardigan (especially a bright one for that pop of color) over your black turtleneck sweater is the easiest way to style it for everyday wear. The skinny black pants balance out the oversized top so you still look fashionable but without too much effort.

2. Faux Leather Joggers & Denim Jacket

Woman wearing black turtleneck, denim jacket and faux leather joggers

Black Turtleneck | Faux Leather Joggers | Jacket | Sneakers

Both black turtleneck tops and faux leather joggers can be dressed up or down. I went the casual outfit route by pairing them with white sneakers and a fun denim jacket.

3. Leggings and Oversized Puffer Vest

Woman wearing black turtleneck, leggings, boots and puffer vest

Black Turtleneck | Leggings | Puffer Vest | Boots

If you need a little extra warmth, layer an oversized puffer vest over a fitted black turtleneck and black leggings. It’s a great way to stay warm during transitional weather. Wear this look on a hike, running errands or to the soccer field.

If you need waterproof boots, I’ve got you covered.

4. Burgundy Pants & Puffer Vest

Woman wearing black turtleneck, burgundy pants and vest

Black Turtleneck | Burgundy Pants | Puffer Vest | Boots

Your puffer vest can be part of a bit more polished look too! Swap out your leggings for some rich burgundy pants and black leather boots.

5. Long Shacket

Woman wearing black turtleneck, long flannel jacket and booties

Black Turtleneck | Skinny Jeans | Long Shacket | Boots

The turtleneck style is just asking to be part of a layered look! And of course one of my favorite ways to layer is with a shacket. This long coat is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe and to your black turtleneck top.

6. Blazer & Skinny Jeans

Woman wearing black turtleneck, skinny jeans and blazer

Black Turtleneck | Skinny Jeans | Blazer | Boots

If you’re looking for a tailored look for work or a business meeting, wear an oversized blazer over your black top and balance out the silhouette with black skinny jeans. It’s an easy way to make office wear look chic without being the nerd in the turtleneck!

Find more ideas for styling a blazer and jeans here!

7. Burgundy Pants

Woman wearing black turtleneck, burgundy pants

Black Turtleneck | Burgundy Pants | Boots

There are endless ways to style your top if you have fun pants in your closet! Let your pants do the talking for your outfit with a deep jewel toned pair with a basic black turtleneck. 

8. Oversized Vest

Woman wearing black turtleneck, black skinny jeans and oversized vest

Black Turtleneck | Skinny Jeans | Boots | Vest

If you’re going to add an extra layer to your fitted turtleneck and skinny jeans, I love the way oversized items look. This cool oversized vest is the perfect complement to your outfit. Instantly more stylish and interesting.

9. Faux Leather Wrap Skirt

Woman wearing black turtleneck, faux leather wrap skirt and booties

Black Turtleneck | Skirt | Boots

There are lots of chic ways to wear black turtleneck outfits. Take it out to date night with a leather midi skirt. In the cooler months, go with a heeled boot; in the spring and summer, dress it up with a pair of heels.

10. Burgundy Pants & Denim Jacket

Woman wearing black turtleneck, burgundy pants and denim jacket

Black Turtleneck | Pants | Denim Jacket | Boots

You can make new stylish outfits even with pieces that have lived in your closet for a long time. You just have to put them together in unexpected ways! This oversized denim jacket goes perfectly with my burgundy pants and turtleneck.

I hope this gives you some fresh ideas for an old favorite! Stay warm and stylish, friends!

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