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Tips for a Better Bedtime Routine for Kids

If your kids are like mine, big transitions like the start of a new year at school can be hard. They’re nervous, you’re nervous and simple routines like bedtime routines can be thrown to the wayside.

When we notice bedtime getting more difficult (and in return, kids getting more tired!), we take a good hard look at our bedtime routine and make sure it’s working for us.

If you want some ideas on a good bedtime routine to help encourage good restful sleep for your kids, here’s some things that we do.

100 bedtime devotions

Really quick, before we get into the tips, this post is sponsored by The Beginner’s Bible! We’ve been using The Beginner’s Bible and many of the books they make since our oldest was born.

Their books are an easy to way to share the Bible and stories from the Bible with our kids in a way that they’re able to understand it. If you want a way to start sharing God and Bible stories with your kids, start with one from The Beginner’s Bible!

Tips for a Bedtime Routine for Littles

bedtime routine for kids

1. Go to Bed Around the Same Time Each Night

One thing that helps us so much is going to be around the same time every night. Obviously we aren’t super strict about the exact minute but we try to stay within 15-20 minutes of our kids’ bedtime.

Just like adults, kids do better with a schedule! If you try to go to bed super early one night you likely end up lying awake just trying to fall asleep. Or if you stay up super late you’re likely going to be more grumpy and groggy the next day.

Same thing happens for kids. If they’re going to bed around the same time every night they’re likely going to fall asleep eaiser.

2. Encourage Waking up at the Same Time

Just like going to bed at the same time helps create a good bedtime routine, having your kids wake up at the same time also is important! Getting up too early won’t give them the right amount of sleep.

We use the Hatch lights to let our kids know when it’s time for them to get up. We set the schedule on the app and the light is orange/red when the kids are supposed to stay in bed and turns blue/green when it’s time for them to wake up.

hatch light

It’s really helped us with preventing the kids from getting up super early because they know that the light will turn when it’s time!

3. Read a Book Before Bed

Our kids love the calming activity of cuddling up together and reading them a book. Our oldest is now starting to read to our younger two which is so fun!

We find that it helps the kids wind down better and there’s less stalling as we’re putting them today because they got quality time with us right before heading to bed.

One book we love is The Beginner’s Bible 100 Bedtime Devotions. It includes a Bible verse for us to read and one we oftentimes try to memorize as a family. It also includes a short Bible store that’s shared in a way that kids can understand.

100 bedtime devotions

The Beginner’s Bible is known for their fun, colorful illustrations in all of their books. This Devotional has an illustration on each page that goes along with the story.

It ends with a bedtime prayer prompt that also ties in the story.

It’s a great way to begin to talk through the Bible with your kids and incorporate a bedtime prayer in an easy to understand way.

4. Hygiene

When it comes to brushing teeth, flossing, bath, etc., do the same thing each night! Again, having kids know what to expect helps bedtime go so much easier.

This also helps you to prevent your kid from “needing” to get out of bed to try to to go potty, get a sip of water, or whatever else they need.

When our kids need a reminder about what our bedtime routine is, I use a bedtime routine chart for them! I made one a few years ago and use it when our kids are having trouble staying on task at night. Sometimes having a thing to “check off” helps them do what they’re supposed to do!

bedtime checklist

Want your own checklist? Get it here:

    5. Room & Bed

    Another thing is to keep your child’s room dark and cool if possible. Use light blocking curtains to help keep the room dark especially during the long summer days.

    Also ensure that you child has a stuffed animal or blanket they like to sleep with! This helps them to feel a bit more secure and safe when you leave the room.

    I hope these tips help you with creating a positive bedtime routine for your kids. I highly recommend checking out The Beginner’s Bible 100 Bedtime Devotions! It’s a great way to close out the day and enjoy some time with your little one.

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