Christmas Activities for Kids With The Beginner’s Bible

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Christmas is coming! If you have kids and are looking for ways to walk through the Christmas story with them, listen up! I’ve created a 7 day Christmas activities for kids guide to easily talk about the Christmas story both through stories and activities in partnership with The Beginner’s Bible!

Christmas Activities for Kids With The Beginner's Bible

I love Christmas and love it even more that we have kids. I love reading the Christmas story with them and help them understand the reason for the season in a fun way.

Christmas Activities for Kids 7 Day Guide

This year I’m partnering with The Beginner’s Bible to bring a 7 day Christmas Activities for Kids guide! This is very similar to the Easter guide I shared this year for Easter.

A week of Christmas activities for kids

How it Works

Each day I’ll give you a story to read along with an activity (or two) and some coloring pages. Depending on the ages of your kids the activities may be a bit too old or too young so use them if you want but you definitely don’t have to.

I also have a “family fun” prompt! You can pick and choose which one you do or when you do them. It’s just a way to encourage you to have some fun as a family this Christmas season!

You can do this 7 days in a row, pick and choose 7 different days to do each section or even pick one item to do each day (i.e. one story one day, a few coloring pages one day, etc)! There’s no right or wrong way to do this so use it as it best fits your family.

Each “day” has coordinating pieces with the story, activity and coloring page so just keep that in mind if you skip around!

Books Included

The Beginner's Bible

I highly recommend picking up The Beginner’s Bible for your kids. It is a super simple way to read Bible stories to your kids in a way they’ll understand it.

Woman reading Beginner's Bible to two kids

The Beginner’s Bible has become a staple in our house with our kids wanting us to read from it daily! Our oldest even insisted we bring one to his preschool so he could share it with his friends there.

Other books we love that would make great stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts are:

Girl reading Little Lamb's Christmas

Activity Kit

You’ll need to download and print off the activity kit. Zonderkidz so graciously sent over all of these free downloads for you to do these activities with your kids!

Download it here…

Coloring Kit

Another thing you’ll need to print off is the coloring kit. The nice thing about these is you can print them off again and again and let your kids color with crayons or makers, paint them, etc! The options are endless.

Ok, on to the guide!

Day 1

Beginner's Bible with worksheets: An Angel Visits Mary
  • Read: The Beginner’s Bible – An Angel Visits Mary (Luke 1: 26-38)
  • Activity: 1. An Angel’s Job, 2. Yes!, 3. God is Good
  • Coloring: 1. Mary & Angel, 2. Mary Praying
  • Family Fun: Bake cookies

Day 2

Beginner's Bible with worksheets: Baby Jesus Is Born
  • Read: The Beginner’s Bible – Baby Jesus is Born (Luke 2: 1-7)
  • Activity: 1. Let’s Go to Bethlehem, 2. Jesus is Here, 3. The C Sound
  • Coloring: 1. Traveling to Bethlehem, 2. Mary, Joseph and Jesus
  • Family Fun: Mail cards to family or friends

Day 3

Beginner's Bible with worksheets: Shepherds Visit
  • Read: The Beginner’s Bible – Shepherds Visit (Luke 2: 8-20)
  • Activity: 1. Far, Far Away, 2. Number 6
  • Coloring: 1. Shepherds, 2. Angels in the Sky
  • Family Fun: Go for a drive to see Christmas Lights

Day 4

Beginner's Bible with worksheets: Simeon and Anna Meet Baby Jesus
  • Read: The Beginner’s Bible – Simeon and Anna Meet Baby Jesus (Luke 2: 25-38)
  • Activity: 1. Makes a Difference
  • Coloring: 1. Baby Jesus
  • Family Fun: Drink hot cocoa

Day 5

Beginner's Bible with worksheets: The Bright Star and Three Visitors
  • Read: The Beginner’s Bible – The Bright Star & Three Visitors (Matthew 2: 25-38)
  • Activity: 1. Stars, 2. Follow Him, 3. A Good Gift
  • Coloring: 1. Wise Men, 2. Jesus Talking to Wise Men
  • Family Fun: Have a Christmas movie night

Day 6

Beginner's Bible with worksheets: An Angry King
  • Read: The Beginner’s Bible – An Angry King (Matthew 2:13-23)
  • Activity: 1. Angry King Herod & 2. Finish It
  • Coloring: 1. King Herod, 2. Angel
  • Family Fun: Decorate a gingerbread house

Day 7

Jesus Is Born book, sticker book and Learn Your Letters book
  • Read: Jesus is Born Book
  • Activity: Learn Your Letters
  • Coloring: A Christmas Celebration Sticker & Activity Book
  • Family Fun: Family game night

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Be sure to check out all the amazing books that The Beginners Bible and Zonderkids has here!

I hope this helps you easily go through the Christmas story with your kids and make some wonderful memories together.

Merry Christmas!


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