6 Things I Said I’d Never Do as a Parent

Before you were a parent I’m sure you had a long list of things that you saw other parents do that you would NEVER do.

And then you became a parent.

And you quickly realized that the things you were judging other parents are things you do now.

Here’s a few of mine!

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1. Have some screen time.

Let’s all admit it. We all vowed to never let our kids be even close to a screen until they were at least 12.

And then we got pregnant with our 2nd when our first was 7 months old. Or we live in the tundra where the air hurts your skin when you go outside for about 6 months out of the year. Or we realized that our child is not going to die if they watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Little Einsteins every once in a while.

2. Wear crocs.

Those horrible plastic shoes with holes in them are the worst. Our kid will ALWAYS wear adorable toms or smallbirds or chucks.

But then somehow a pair of Crocs show up in your house and you realize they’re so easy to get on and off. They survive puddles, mud, and the park. They’re lightweight.

And now they’re always on our kids feet (evidence here on IG).

3. Eat in the car.

No, we will NOT be that mom that apologies to anyone who gets into her car for the absolute disaster their children made in the backseat. Our kids will love the car and never be hungry immediately before heading to Target.

And then one time we gave them a snack and realized how amazing it is to keep your child quiet and happy enjoying their snacks while we drive to mom’s haven, Target. And now let’s just thank the inventor of the car seat protector because at least it helps a little (?).

4. Wear character tees.

Our kids will always look stylish and cool, like a mini Bruno Mars or TSwift.

But then your kid falls in love with a character. And then they somehow end up with a tee with that character’s face on it. Where did that tee come from anyways?!

And sometimes fighting your kid on what to wear outweighs the ugliness of the character tee they love.

My kid loves Mickey Mouse (if you couldn’t tell by his Mickey Mouse themed 2nd birthday party) and somehow one ended up in his closet (seriously I have no idea where his first tee came from).

I ended up buying him a cute tee and a pair of sweats (because he loves Mickey and how can I resist his “please Mama?!”). He’s resorted to sleeping with his sweatpants so at least those aren’t worn that often anymore.

5. Eat anything out of a box (or pouch).

Our children will only eat homemade, from scratch meals every single day for the rest of their lives.

(Ok you food bloggers out there might actually abide by this one.) For the rest of us we realize the beauty in mac n cheese (hey, it’s organic!), fruit and veggie pouches (like these Inspired Start pouches) or bagged (organic) goldfish. It’s called balance.

6. Go crazy when your child says “mama” 5 million times a day.

We waited years for someone to call us mama (or mom or mommy) and a whole year before that little adorable child of yours could actually say your name. Bliss.

And then that saint of child decides to say “mama, mama, mama, mom, mommy, mama, mama” they ENTIRE 30 minute drive to grandma’s house and you just about lose your darn mind.

Ok now don’t leave me hanging on this one. Do you do any of these? What are other things you vowed you’d never do? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing!


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12 thoughts on “6 Things I Said I’d Never Do as a Parent”

  1. Ha! I think all moms can admit this has happened to them…and if they say they don’t do these kinds of things, they’re lying! Haha. I especially loved the crocs bit. I can totally relate!

  2. Did the author hack my brain and write this article from my subconscience?
    Get preggers with my 2nd when my first was 7 months… check.
    Realize the value of Crocs… check.
    Fall in love with character tees… check.
    Go crazy when my toddler says “Mommeeeeee!” the ten thousandth time… check. ?

  3. Haha this is literally the ghost of my parenting future! I have all six of these ‘rules’. My little is only four months old and I’ve already broken the screen time rule. What can I say sometimes when the only thing that makes the baby stop crying is a glimpse of the tv a minute or two is spent in silence while he stares at the tv. Obviously I fight it but desperation takes over. Can’t wait to see what other compromises this inheritantly stubborn momma makes.


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